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Metal Garage Kits

If you own a vehicle, then storing it securely is essential to keeping it safe and undamaged. Garages provide a space to protect your car and also an area in which you can complete general upkeep on your vehicle, even in the worst weather. Not only are metal garages great for vehicles, but they also provide storage space for anything that you don’t need regular access to! Sound like something that could work for you? Call us today at (877) 754-1818 to find out more about metal garages!


Explore Our All Metal Garages Kits

Vertical Roof - Highly Recommended
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

Vertical Roof - Highly Recommended
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

Regular Roof - Good Quality
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

Vertical Roof - Highly Recommended
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

Vertical Roof - Highly Recommended
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

A-Frame Roof - Better Quality
Financing Available Rent To Own Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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We help our customers to find the best carport to perfectly fit their needs and budget.

What’s Included in Prefab Metal Garage Kits?

When you choose a prefab metal garage kit, you can look forward to receiving everything you need to install a durable and secure space. Each kit includes all the components required, including:

  • Roofing panels
  • Wall paneling you desire
  • All required fastening hardware
  • All required building anchors
  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Additional customizations which you choose during your ordering process

Invest in Custom Metal Garages

Custom metal garages are a great way to get the building you want without having to compromise. When you come to order your garage, you choose your roof type and then select the equipment needed for your choice. The roof styles we offer include regular roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs, and vertical roofs. But that is not all, you can also customize the following:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Doors & Windows
  • Anchors
  • 12- & 14- Gauge Steel Framing
  • 26- & 29- Gauge Roofing
  • Certifications

The result of these customizations is a garage that fits your needs perfectly and can withstand the weather variations in your area.

Get Help with Our 3D Designer Service

One of the most stressful parts of investing in a new metal garage is trying to work out what will fit and where you want to place doors and windows – that's why we now offer a 3D design tool to help you plan the perfect solution for your needs. Simply input all your requirements and get to see what the finished product will look like, allowing you to tweak and change until you are happy.

Commercial and Residential Needs All Catered for

We know that each client has different needs, and so we offer different types of kits so that your needs are met with ease:

• Residential Use

If you are looking for a garage to store your personal vehicles, then we can help. 1, 2, 3, or multiple vehicle spaces can all be designed to suit your needs, and each garage can be styled to suit your current property so that everything looks great. In addition to vehicle storage, many people invest in steel garage kits to create a space for storage, guest quarters, boat storage, workshops, and more – just let us know what you are looking for!

• Commercial Use

If your garage needs are commercial, then we can help you too! With larger buildings that have clear span structures, you will be able to get everything you need into one handy location. Many commercial businesses use steel garages as workshops, showrooms, storage, and more because they provide a versatile space that offers value for money.

The Garage Range from Probuilt Steel Buildings

As the leading supplier of metal buildings across the United States, you can be confident that Probuilt Steel Buildings has the type of garage you are looking for! The most commonly requested garages include:

  • Regular Roof Garages
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof Garages
  • Vertical Roof Garages
  • 1 Car Garages
  • 2 Car Garages
  • 3 Car Garages
  • Metal Workshop Garages
  • Side Entry Garages
  • Commercial Clear Span Garages
  • Lean-to Metal Garages
  • Utility Garages
  • Custom-built Garages
  • Garage with Storage

Each of these garage types can be made to fit the space available and come pre-fabricated and ready to install. We even offer a large range of customization options so that the end result is everything you want.

Key Considerations Before Investing in a Metal Garage

Before you decide to get a metal garage, you will need to work out what you want to use it for. The reason for making this decision prior to purchasing is so that you can get a solution that is big enough and has the right accessories installed.

You will also need to work out how many vehicles you are going to store in the garage and the location of the garage compared with the entrance of your property. Other key considerations include thinking about the weather in your area and the zoning requirements, as well as the customizations that you want to include. At Probuilt Steel Buildings, our team is on hand to help you make these decisions by providing unbiased information to all our clients.

Diversify Your Garage with More Than One Use

The great thing about a metal garage is that there is a wide range of uses for the building. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Home office
  • Game Room/Man Cave
  • Hobby Place
  • Workshop
  • Home Storage
  • Mediation Area
  • Guest House

Ultimately, how you decide to use your garage space is up to you, but you can be certain that the finished product will be in high demand because it is so versatile!

Excellent Quality Steel Garages for Great Prices

Steel garage prices are often a shock to consumers, especially when they realize that they are far more affordable than they originally thought. However, it is important to note that no matter how affordable your metal garage is, you will not be able to beat us on durability, security, and quality – making steel garages the best choice on the market.

Wooden buildings need a lot of maintenance and upkeep, whereas a steel garage requires very little maintenance in order to remain in great condition. Plus, spending on steel garage prices is not just a low-cost solution right now, but it is also one that will help you to grow the value of your land and property when the time comes to sell.

Why Garage Kits from Probuilt Steel Buildings Are a Worthwhile Investment

Choosing a metal garage kit from Probuilt Steel Buildings is the obvious choice, especially when you want a building that will withstand the test of time! Our team is on hand and ready to help you plan and to answer any questions you may have so that you can purchase with confidence. Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818 to discuss your requirements. We are here to help you get the ball rolling!

Design & Plan The Building

You can use 3D Design Tool to Customize & Visualize your Building.

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