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Metal Building Homes

Metal building homes are quite distinguishable with their unique architectural innovations and structural styles. The reason behind the growing popularity of metal houses is mainly due to the affordability and durability. That is especially true compared to other homes built with wood or bricks.

If you want a high-quality and cost-effective structure, then you absolutely have to call Probuilt Steel Buildings now at (877) 754-1818 for the most competitive prices. You can expect fair and affordable rates for your steel building homes thanks to free delivery and installation.

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Why Use Metal?

Many people have asked this question. Why metal? What makes metal unique? Is steel a good building material? The short answer to all these is that metal or steel components are very incredible building materials.

One thing that drives these questions is the way we think of metal. When some speak about metal-made materials, you imagine a cold, sterile block of iron. However, that's not true! Your metal houses from Probuilt Steel Buildings are 100% customizable buildings that will reflect modern designs and boost curb appeal.

According to building specialists, steel is one of the most malleable and customizable building materials in the construction world. Furthermore, it is also cheap, durable, strong, long-lasting, and customizable to look aesthetic. That's why people would instead go for a metal building home rather than a traditional wood or brick home.

Multiple Uses for Metal Building Houses

One thing that makes a metal building house unique is its versatility and functionality. You can easily redesign your metal houses to fit another function. The process of doing this is not costly at all, and at most times, you don't require new steel components.

Here are some of the ways you can repurpose your steel structures:

1. Office space: you can easily convert a section of your property to fit your requirement for a private office space. Most people require a place where they can conveniently do office work or work on their projects. Steel homes can quickly provide this space for you.

2. Entertainment area: you can also convert your metal building home into a venue for hosting a dinner party, games night, birthday bash, and so on.

3. Storage: do you need to keep some seasonal decorations away from the little ones? Alternatively, if you need to clear out a much-needed space, you can easily convert a room in your metal building for that purpose.

4. Gym: a private gym requires just a few customization touches, and you're good to go. You only need to spend on workout equipment and set everything up in a way that benefits your exercise routine. Besides equipment, you might like surround sound for music along with better lighting.

You can call a building specialist at (877) 754-1818 for advice and recommendations for more customization or alternative design options.

Popular Sizes of Metal Building Homes

When it comes to installing a metal building home, Probuilt Steel Buildings has many options and designs to present to you. You may choose based on these designs or decide to customize and further improve the already basic metal building home sizes.

Here are some of the popular metal building homes sizes:

• 20x35 Steel Home

You can fully customize this size and any steel building homes to fit your needs and purposes. It has enough space to accommodate you and other basic home amenities. Probuilt Steel Buildings provides customization options on J-Trims, insulation, windows, color schemes, and so on.

• 30x30 Steel Home

You can fully-customize these steel homes to your tastes and needs. The size is ideal for a custom and functional steel home. It allows you to fully design and customize your structure without consulting a professional architect or designer's services.

• 30x40 Steel Home

When it comes to a 30x40 steel home, you get tons of space and optional benefits. 30x40 custom steel homes are fire-resistant, pre-engineered to be durable, and highly reliable. You have the option of including a one-car garage to the structure.

• 30x50 Steel Home

The simple logic here is that as the size improves, so does the space and flexibility. 30x50 steel homes are remarkably easy to customize and are also versatile. They are big enough to house two bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and a modern living room. Probuilt Steel Buildings also offers you the option of having a two-car garage attached to the house.

• 30x60 Steel Home

With a 30x60 steel home, it is up to you to design and customize your dream home. Probuilt Steel Buildings offers the option of 100% customization for your steel homes. Call the highly-dedicated team and experienced building specialists at (877) 754-1818 to satisfy your dream house requirements.

• 30x80 Steel Home

Again, this is another metal home that is very easy to customize. The size gives you the much-needed flexibility to allow your creative juices to flow. This metal home size is more popular for serving as a building with adjacent quarters. You can easily repurpose the additional building into a workshop, man cave, office space, shop, etc.

• 80x90 Steel Home

This is an industrial-sized building capable of housing at least a three-car garage. Professionals build this structure for strength and reliability, so you need not worry about your properties and investments' safety.

Customization and Expansion of Steel Homes

One of the things that make metal building homes unique is that they are straightforward to customize and design. As the top metal buildings manufacturer in the country, Probuilt Steel Buildings has perfected the art of making your metal building look exquisite. The company presents several customization choices to you, including building sizes, roof styles, color options, 12- and 14-gauge galvanized framing, 26- and 29-gauge roofing, anchors, doors, windows, and certifications.

You can also expand the size and dimensions of your building. If you feel the structure is getting smaller for your needs or purposes, Probuilt Steel Buildings stands ever ready to help you enlarge or add a building to the existing one. With Probuilt Steel Buildings, you can get your perfect home and perfect business space in one structure. You need to call at (877) 754-1818 to get started.

Site Preparation Before Metal Building Home Installation

Site preparation is an essential aspect of metal building home installation. How you prepare the site will determine whether your metal building home will last long and serve you well or not. A badly prepared site can lead to injury or death from malfunction and collapse.

Here are some basic steps that you should follow before metal building homes installation:

• Grade or level the site

Professionals can't install a metal building house on a slanted or irregular surface; such a platform will ruin the balance and structural integrity of your building.

• Clear the site of all obstructions

Before installation, you must clear the location of all obstacles and impediments. The installation team must have total access to all angles and areas of the site.

• Choose a fitting foundation

You should have your foundation done before installing your site. You have the option to choose between concrete, ground, and other foundations.

• Begin installation

After you complete the above steps, the installation can begin for your metal building homes.

Metal Building Home Kits

It is Probuilt Steel Buildings’ goal to provide you with the best service. The company has made an art of anticipating customer's needs and seeing them post-haste. One of those unique innovations is the provision of Do-It-Yourself metal home kits for your convenience. If you're the type that cherishes the challenge of taking on and completing a project by yourself, then here's the perfect thing for you.

Metal building home kits from Probuilt Steel Buildings are very affordable and contain everything you'll need to see installation through. You get to save money on installation and delivery while configuring your installation schedule to fit your convenience. Call Probuilt Steel Buildings at (877) 754-1818 for advice and guidance on DIY installation procedures.

Metal Building Home Prices

Probuilt Steel Buildings offers some of the most affordable steel building homes and metal home kits in the industry. This family company sees it as their responsibility to provide affordable and high-quality housing to all. Probuilt Steel Buildings also ensures that everyone, irrespective of their financial situation, can access their custom metal building homes by offering highly flexible financing options to customers.

The financial programs available include rent-to-own options and traditional financing programs. It is important to note that several external factors can affect your metal building homes' total cost. These factors include customization options, sizes, installation fees, delivery location, and so on. For more information on Probuilt Steel Buildings’ highly affordable buildings, call a sales representative today at (877) 754-1818.

Obtaining Building Permits Before Metal Building Homes Installation

Building permits ensure that your structure is safe and does not compromise your community's safety and comfort. Permits are essential to prevent accidents or building collapse. Applying for a building permit is a very straightforward process. It involves filling an application form with all the particulars of your installation.

Some of the other requirements include:

  1. A property deed with a legal description of your property.
  2. The size, dimensions, and purpose of your intended structure.
  3. Valid structural designs by a professional engineer.
  4. The location where you intend to install the steel structure.

Probuilt Steel Buildings can help you with the building permit application by providing all the necessary documents and assisting in the processing. Call a building specialist at (877) 754-1818 to get started now.

Why Choose Probuilt Steel Buildings to Buy Metal Building Homes?

Probuilt Steel Buildings is not your average metal building manufacturer or company; the dedicated team has a reputation for trust and confidence. Trust comes from providing top-quality metal buildings at the fairest prices. Confidence is from delivering 100% customized steel homes according to customer's specifications.

Take advantage of the best lead times in the industry with free delivery and installation services. In addition to this, Probuilt Steel Buildings aims to enhance customer satisfaction by providing you with the opportunity to customize your metal building homes to your tastes and purposes. You should never experience delay and disappointment when doing business with Probuilt Steel Buildings. Don't waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house that isn't everything you even want! Get metal home kits for the best steel homes today. Call Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818.

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