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Metal Barn Kits

The USA is internationally renowned for its farming community, providing a large contribution to the American economy. If you own land that is farmed, then you are sure to need high-quality and secure barns so that your business can thrive. At Probuilt Steel Buildings, we take pride in offering the very best barn buildings to our clients. Call us today at (877) 754-1818 to find out more and learn about the various options available to you. We have helped thousands of farmers keep their business booming with our custom-made barns!


Explore Our All Metal Barns Kits

Regular Roof - Good Quality
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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Regular Roof - Good Quality
Financing Available Rent To Own Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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Vertical Roof - Highly Recommended
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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Regular Roof - Good Quality
Financing Available Rent To Own Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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Vertical Roof - Highly Recommended
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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A-Frame Roof - Better Quality
Financing Available

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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We help our customers to find the best carport to perfectly fit their needs and budget.

What We Include in Our Metal Barn Kits

When you choose barn buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings, you can enjoy access to high-quality kits that come with everything you need to get your barn up and running. The standard components included in every kit are as follows

  • Roofing panels
  • Wall paneling you desire
  • All required fastening hardware
  • All required building anchors
  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Customization features chosen by you

The Different Uses of Our Metal Barns

Barn buildings offer a number of uses to fit your needs – some of the most popular uses include:

  • Heavy equipment and commodity storage
  • Hay barns and sheds
  • Dairy barns
  • Horse stables
  • Grain storage Riding arenas
  • Riding arenas
  • Workshops
  • And many more

Use Our 3D Designer to Create Custom Barns

One of the most popular parts of metal barn purchasing is the fact that you can customize the building to suit your exact requirements. However, working out what the end result may look like is not always easy, and that is where our 3D Designer comes in handy. Simply input all your requirements, and you will be met with a 3D mock-up of the finished result to approve or to tweak.

Some of the most popular customizations that we complete for metal barns include:

  • Sizing
  • Roof styles – including a regular roof, A-frame horizontal roof & vertical roof
  • Colors
  • Doors & windows
  • Anchors
  • 12- & 14-gauge framing
  • 26- & 29-gauge roof
  • Certifications
  • And more

Ultimately, we want your barn to be everything you need, and we will offer you as many customizations as possible so that the finished result looks great and works hard for you.

The Variety of Barns on Offer at Probuilt Steel Buildings

At Probuilt Steel Buildings, we know that your metal barn needs will be different than the next customer, so we work hard to offer the widest range of options to fulfill your needs. The most commonly requested metal barn styles include:

  • Regular Roof Barns
  • A-Frame Roof Barns
  • Vertical Roof Barns
  • Seneca Barns
  • Carolina Barns

However, if you are not sure what would work well for you, then our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Things to Think About Before You Install Custom Barns

There are a number of things that you will need to properly consider before you order your new barn. These considerations include:

• Building Permits

What requirements are there in your area for buildings, and what do you need to do to get approval to build?

• Weather Conditions

What weather conditions do you experience in your area, and will you need extra tough buildings to handle heavy snow loads, high winds, or extreme weather?

• Accessible Locations

You will need to think about where your new barn will be located and how you will access it when you need to.

• Site Preparation

Each metal building needs to be placed on leveled ground, and you should consider installing a concrete pad to put the barn on for the best safety and security options.

• Resource for Water

If your barn is going to be used for livestock or as a workshop, then you will probably need to invest in a water supply that is close to the barn.

• Electricity Connection

If you need to power anything in your new barn, then you will also need to ensure that there is a local electricity hub that you can tap into for your barn.

If you are uncertain about any of these elements, then just let our team know at the planning phase, and we will work with you to find the appropriate solution.

The Benefits of Installing Metal Barn Kits

Rather than investing in a traditional building made from wood or having a metal barn installed for you, why not choose a metal barn kit? Some of the main benefits of these kits include:

• Learning More About Metal Buildings

There is nothing more satisfying than completing something new, and our barn kits are a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of metal barns.

• Installing it Whenever You Want

When you choose a metal barn kit, you can install it in your own time so that it fits in with everything else you have to do.

• Ease of Preparation

When you gather your group to help you build the barn, you will find that it is easy to prepare and organize in line with the instruction book provided.

• Deciding Connections and Everything as You Want

As you build your new barn, you will be responsible for putting everything exactly where you want it to go.

• Saving a Lot of Money

Metal barn prices are lower than traditionally constructed barns but paying for a kit is cheaper still, giving you a better bank balance and the fun of building your own barn.

The Cost of Metal Barns

Metal barn prices are not just affordable; they are lower than any other type of building construction and cost less to maintain as the years go by. If you are keen to invest in a metal barn, you can pay outright or use our finance options.

We offer financing and a rent-to-own option so that if you are unable to pay upfront, then you do not have to wait to get the barn you have been dreaming about. Just ask the team about processing your application when you call.

Trust Probuilt Steel Buildings with Your Metal Barn Needs

If you are ready to buy a metal barn and want a supplier that you can trust, then Probuilt Steel Buildings is here for you. We offer full customization service, a 3D Designer, and a team who are highly knowledgeable and very professional.

As the leading manufacturer of metal buildings in the United States, we are on hand to help any of our clients get access to the barns they need. Call us today at (877) 754-1818 and let us know what you are looking for. We will work hard to get the right building at the right price so that your business can grow.

Design & Plan The Building

You can use 3D Design Tool to Customize & Visualize your Building.

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