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Metal Barn Prices

The modern barn is more than dusty storage for tractors; you want a sturdy building designed to accommodate crops, livestock, machinery, and more! You shouldn’t waste time or energy on pest damage or wood rot ever again. Buy a steel barn and enjoy low maintenance durability for decades!

Your perfect barn is waiting at Probuilt Steel Buildings, where steel buildings are customized every day to fit the personal needs of every client. Get a stylish, clear span barn, with energy-efficient panels, for a fantastic price – order today!

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Factors That Affect the Price of a Steel Barn

A metal barn is far more cost-effective than traditional wood structures. However, there are many factors which influence the final price:

• Size: How much space will you need? How much storage? Will you be keeping your tractors inside, or in an adjacent lean-to? It’s essential to consider your space needs before you begin designing and purchasing!

• Custom Options: Do you want decorative gables on the roof ends? What about J-trim, which adds that extra polish to the finished building? You should explore all the incredible custom options in the Probuilt Steel Buildings inventory!

• Consider the Add-on Features

1. Doors & Windows – From French Doors to Walkouts, we’ve got every access and window style you could want! Design your building for convenience and fill it with natural light.

2. Roof Style – Probuilt Steel Buildings offer three styles of roof: regular, A-frame, and vertical. Each offers increasing levels of durability and resilience, and each model is recommended for certain climate conditions. Talk to one of our building specialists to see which is right for you!

3. Colors – We offer over a dozen beautiful colors to suit every taste! You can also choose two-tone wainscoting options.

4. Gauges – 14-gauge is a typical standard for metal buildings, but you may want to consider a thicker 12-gauge for a sturdier structure. The gauge you choose for the metal roofing and siding is up to you, too.

5. Insulation – Energy-efficient metal buildings are easily insulated. Our crews can install insulation for you, and you can enjoy low energy costs for years to come!

6. Additional Bows and Trusses – If you live in an area with extreme weather, we have the components to reinforce your building to handle high winds and heavy snow loads. Our building specialists are happy to discuss design options with you.

• Geographical location – Your location may affect the final price of your building, depending on the building codes that govern design and construction. If you have questions, our experts have answers!

• Dealer/Manufacturer – How does your dealer/manufacturer choice affect the price? Probuilt Steel Buildings is more than a roadside salesman; we work closely to provide the best possible prices to our customers!

Types of Metal Barn Available at Probuilt Steel Buildings


The regular roof barn is recognizable for its lovely, curved edges. This roof is the most cost-effective in our lineup because it requires the least steel reinforcement. Regular roofs are recommended for mild weather climates.


The A-frame, or “boxed-eave”, roof is a more traditional shape, reminiscent of the standard American house. It is engineered to withstand high winds, up to 140mph!


The vertical roof is the strongest barn in our inventory, reinforced with a ridge cap and hat channel. The vertically aligned panels direct snow and debris directly to the ground. It is certified to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.


Also known as Continuous Roof Barns, these lovely buildings feature long, sloped roofs that blend seamlessly with other structures. They are still divided into three interior sections, but there is no raised central portion visible on the outside. This style is sleek and modern, while still offering enormous potential for versatile use.


A Carolina Barn features a raised center often associated with the historic barn style. These barns retain a charming aesthetic while providing the durable security of galvanized steel!

Benefits of Metal Barns

How does a metal barn benefit you? First, your purchase is an investment that saves money both initially and long term. Metal buildings are more cost-effective than timber, which has more than doubled in price during the past few years! Metal buildings also hold their value for longer, and don’t require costly renovation. Most metal buildings last for fifty years or more!

Second, you won’t find a construction material that protects you and your belongings better than steel. Steel is ductile and handles high winds and earthquakes better than wood or stone. Steel is fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and mold-resistant, so it can face floods, wildfires, and any other extreme weather with ease. Not only that, you’ll find that insurance companies offer lower premiums on metal buildings because they are so durable!

Third, a metal barn is easy to insulate. Metal barns are so energy-efficient that very little insulation will make them climate-controlled, and most metal buildings enjoy 30% lower energy costs than traditionally-built structures. Invest in the planet and in yourself with a metal barn today!

Your Metal Barn: Use it for Everything!

• Residential storage – Don’t let that clutter overtake your home! Your new metal barn has professionally sealed storage available. Keep the holiday décor, the sports equipment, and your crafts in the security of your new custom barn.

• Farming/Agriculture – An energy-efficient interior is a perfect place for your livestock and your crops. Keep your favorite tractor safe within your new custom metal barn.

• Greenhouse – Customize your metal barn with a wall of windows and layout the trays! Your sprouts will love the warmth and security of your new metal barn.

• Workshop – Keep your tools and projects safe in your custom metal barn. Clear span interior space allows you ample room to work and store all your passion projects!

• Office – Need a quiet space to focus? Your new metal barn can be the perfect home office! It’s easy to insulate metal walls, and you can customize the layout to suit you!

• Riding Arenas – Clear span architecture gives you all the space you need for training, dressage, and more!

Farmers and Ranchers Prefer Metal Barns

Farmers and ranchers prefer metal barns. Why? First, for economic reasons. The agriculture workers of America operate on slim profit margins. A metal building is cost-effective and a long-term investment that maintains its durability and low maintenance for years. Metal buildings are easily customized and expanded as needs change, making them the perfect choice for small or big enterprises.

The second reason is versatility. A metal barn can accommodate riding arenas, crop storage, or a machine-repair workshop. The clear span interior allows you to make and remake your floorplan to suit the seasonal demands of your farm or ranch. Your design can have extra windows for a greenhouse or overhead doors for access! Create a guest suite for your onsite trainer or a home office! The fact is custom options from Probuilt Steel Buildings make a custom metal barn the best possible choice for you.

Metal vs. Wood

When you think of a barn, what comes to mind? Is it a dusty, wooden structure with creaking doors? Wood barns need constant upkeep, with re-staining and pest inspections and renovations to combat wood rot. Do you imagine that your barn must be the same?

You deserve the best that modern architecture has to offer! Metal barns are low-maintenance, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Steel is fire-resistant and pest-resistant, providing better interior air quality than wood. Metal buildings enjoy lower insurance premiums than traditionally-built structures and lower energy costs. When you consider the savings, both initially and long-term, there’s simply no comparison. A steel building is far more economically responsible!

Metal buildings are also more environmentally responsible. They are created without the use of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable. When you purchase a metal building from Probuilt Steel Buildings, you’re investing in your future and the future of the planet!

Overall, metal buildings are the superior choice!

Metal Barn Kits Price

You want a metal barn kit; let’s talk pricing! A metal barn kit from Probuilt Steel Buildings is a customized structure, so every bottom line will be different. Our prices are affected by the size, gauge, and other options. Your final price will reflect your building’s design, so talk to one of our friendly building specialists today! We are committed to creating the building you want at a price you’ll love!

Probuilt Steel Buildings Offers Affordable Metal Barns

You can have it all! Probuilt Steel Buildings offer the most competitive prices in the metal buildings industry!

Our fantastic financing and rent-to-own programs are available to every valued customer. Buy your metal building from Probuilt Steel Buildings and take advantage of our stellar customer service and personalized pricing. Your building will be designed to suit your needs and your budget! Call us today at (877) 754-1818.

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