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Carports offer versatility and convenience. Carports are ideal for protecting your cars, trucks, boats, RVs, ATVs, and much more.

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Garages offer protection and peace of mind. Garages are ideal for protecting your cars, trucks, and other valuables.

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RV Covers

RV Covers

RV Covers offer protection and peace of mind for your recreational investment. RV Covers are ideal for protecting and storing your RV and other valuables.

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Steel barns offer versatility and convenience. Steel barns are ideal for storing farm equipment, livestock, hay, agricultural machinery and much more.

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Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

Commercial Steel building is a versatile solution for a business. Every commercial operation requires a unique set of building features, and our commercial metal buildings are designed according to use.

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Metal Building Prices

Metal Buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings are an affordable, high-quality investment for everyone! You’ll love the wide variety of metal buildings and the value they provide. A single structure can be used for many applications, from a home office to a retail space. Whether you are searching for affordable custom housing or a safe commercial structure, the metal buildings at Probuilt Steel Buildings will meet your needs. We offer spectacular customer service and incredible custom options, so don’t hesitate. Call today at (877) 754-1818!

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We help our customers to find the best carport to perfectly fit their needs and budget.

Metal Buildings: How Much Will My Building Cost

• Size: How much space will you need? How much storage? What will you store within your metal building? It’s essential to consider your space needs before you begin designing and purchasing!

• Custom Options: Do you want decorative gables on the roof ends? What about J-trim, which adds that extra polish to the finished building? You should explore all the incredible custom options in the Probuilt Steel Buildings inventory!

• Consider the Add-on Features

1. Doors & Windows – From French Doors to Walkouts, we’ve got every access and window style you could want! Design your building for convenience and fill it with natural light.

2. Roof Style – Probuilt Steel Buildings offer three styles of roof: regular, A-frame, and vertical. Each offers increasing levels of durability and resilience, and each model is recommended for certain climate conditions. Talk to one of our building specialists to see which is right for you!

3. Colors – We offer over a dozen beautiful colors to suit every taste! You can also choose two-tone wainscoting options.

4. Gauges – 14-gauge is a typical standard for metal buildings, but you may want to consider a thicker 12-gauge for a sturdier structure. The gauge you choose for the metal roofing and siding is up to you, too.

5. Insulation – Energy-efficient metal buildings are easily insulated. Our crews can install insulation for you, and you can enjoy low energy costs for years to come!

6. Additional Bows and Trusses – If you live in an area with extreme weather, we have the components to reinforce your building to handle high winds and heavy snow loads. Our building specialists are happy to discuss design options with you.

• Geographical location – Your location may affect the final price of your building, depending on the building codes that govern design and construction. If you have questions, our experts have answers!

• Dealer/Manufacturer – How does your dealer/manufacturer choice affect the price? Probuilt Steel Buildings is more than a roadside salesman; we provide the best possible prices to our customers!

Types of Metal Buildings

Metal Carports

Protect your vehicle from UV rays, ice, and debris with a galvanized steel carport! Choose from a variety of custom options for your carport; enclose your carport with gables and panels or leave it open for easy access. Your ATVs, boat, and equipment will be secure from weather beneath the steel coverage of a metal carport!

Metal Garage

Design the garage that works for you. Whether you need security for your favorite sports car or a wide, three-car space to accommodate the family fleet, Probuilt Steel Buildings has the garage for you! Customize your metal garage with extra overhead doors, windows, and walkouts. With the clear span interior of a metal garage, you can park your cars and have space for everything else.

Metal Barn

Get the best barn in the business from Probuilt Steel Buildings. Secure your livestock, crops, and equipment within a pest-resistant, fire-resistant, mildew-resistant metal barn! Our custom barns come in a variety of styles, from Seneca barns to Raised Center models. You’ll get traditional beauty with brilliant modern architecture and steel durability.

Metal RV covers

Keep your beloved RV secure in the off-season with a steel cover! Tarps and wraps trap moisture and breed mildew; keep your RV pristine with a metal RV cover from Probuilt Steel Buildings. Our custom covers can be designed for drive-thru access or fully enclosed security. Call us today!

Utility Buildings

Your best investment for a utility building is a durable, low-maintenance steel building. Our certified structures are backed by confidence warranties, and you can rest assured that they will last for decades! These flexible, versatile buildings are fire-resistant and pest-resistant, making them the perfect space for a home office, a workshop, or a gym.

Commercial Buildings

Don’t waste another cent on renting a commercial space. Own your business site with a commercial building from Probuilt Steel Buildings! Our commercial buildings are customized to meet your access and delivery needs; design yours with extra walkouts, French doors, overhead doors, and more!

Metal Building Homes

You can create your dream home with our building specialists and custom options! Our beautiful interiors are free from interior columns, so you can design a floorplan to suit you and your family. Add windows and doors where they will suit you best. Indulge in elegant J-trim, gables, and frame-outs that suit your style. Even better, choose from over a dozen paint colors for your galvanized panels!

Storage Buildings

Keep your boxes and extras in the professionally sealed, energy-efficient metal storage buildings by Probuilt Steel Buildings! Our storage buildings are built 50% faster than traditionalwood buildings, and you’ll find energy costs are 30% lower. Your holiday décor, lawnmower, and more will be safe within the durable walls of a steel building.

Benefits of Metal Buildings

How will a metal building benefit you? First, steel is durable; it’s tensile strength and ductile nature mean you can rely on steel for decades! Secondly, metal buildings save time – your time! They can be ordered, fabricated, and installed in half the time of a traditionally constructed building. Third, metal buildings are fire-resistant and mold-resistant, making them the safe choice for residential or commercial interests. Fourth, metal buildings save money. Your budget will thank you for choosing a building that is constructed and maintained for 30% less than a wooden, stick-built structure. Finally, a metal building is an eco-friendly choice; it’s energy-efficient and 100% recyclable! Make the choice that benefits you and the planet! Buy a metal building from Probuilt Steel Buildings.

Certified vs. Non-Certified Buildings

Our experts always recommend purchasing a certified metal building. When you are working with a tight budget, it may be tempting to consider cutting corners and working with a manufacturer who will produce a non-certified structure. However, this will only cause more headaches in the future. For one thing, when it comes time for you to sell the property, you may be unable to secure permission from the lender because of the uncertified structureon the property. For another, non-certified buildings will not be provided warranties in the same manner as a certified metal buildings. Certified buildings are reinforced and rated for wind speed and snow loads. An uncertified building is just not worth the risk.

How Metal Building Protect You During Natural Disasters

Your future will be affected by climate change; is your building ready? Steel structures are built to withstand extreme weather! Galvanized steel is fire-resistant and mildew-resistant, so you can rest assured that wildfires and floods are no match for your new building. What about earthquakes? Steel is ductile, which means that it will flex and retain structural integrity better than wood or stone. Worried about high winds? Certified steel roofs from Probuilt Steel Buildings are expertly rated up to 140mph! Do you live in a location prone to severe winter weather? Our metal roofs handle snow loads up to 35psf!

You won’t find a safer or more durable structure than a metal building. Get your secure, custom building from Probuilt Steel Buildings today!

Consideration Before Metal Building Installation

• Purpose and Zoning

As you begin your metal building process, consult your local building office. Your municipality will have laws unique to your area, and it’s important to check your ordinances before purchase and installation. Our building specialists are happy to work with you and your local office to ensure that your new metal building complies with all codes. These laws are an important part of providing safe structures to communities, so don’t skip these important steps!

• Soil Conditions

Your property’s soil composition will have a significant impact on the long-term integrity of your building. You may wish to consult a soil engineer and consider speaking to one of our experts about foundation choices. It’s vital that your location be compacted and level before building delivery and installation. Your building needs a location that is elevated above the surrounding area to avoid moisture concerns, and it should be cleared of debris and vegetation before the installation begins.

• Directional Exposure

Another consideration is your geographic area; how much natural light would you prefer? Is your building exposed to extreme winter weather? If so, avoid allowing trees too close to the structure. How much sun exposure do you want? If you are planning on putting solar panels on your roof, consult with an engineer about the best placement and angle for your building. Considering the directional exposure of your building will have an impact on its longevity.

Metal Building Kits:The Best Prices are at Probuilt Steel Buildings

You want a metal building kit; let’s talk pricing! Your kit will come with everything you need to install your building.Your purchase fromProbuilt Steel Buildings is a customized structure, so every bottom line will be different. Our prices are affected by the size, gauge, and other options. Your final price will reflect your building’s design, so talk to one of our friendly building specialists today! We are committed to creating the building you want at a price you’ll love!

Buy Your Building from Probuilt Steel Buildings!

It’s time to get the building you deserve! Probuilt Steel Buildings offer the most competitive prices in the metal buildings industry!

Our fantastic financing and rent-to-own programs are available to every valued customer. Buy your metal building from Probuilt Steel Buildings and take advantage of our stellar customer service and personalized pricing. Your building will be designed to suit your needs and your budget! Call today at (877) 754-1818.

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