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If you’re anything like countless other Americans, you already know that storage space can be hard to come by. And if you’re not lucky, your extra ‘stuff’ can find its way from your closets and garages and into your home. But there’s no need to fear! Probuilt Steel Buildings has all the storage space you could want! Our metal storage sheds are strong, long-lasting, and completely customizable, giving you the storage space you need without emptying your wallet.

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Steel’s Natural Resistances

If you’ve wondered why steel sheds are so strong and durable, we’ve got the answer. Metal buildings are typically made from galvanized steel. This galvanization process covers the steel with a layer of zinc that makes it naturally resistant to moisture, rust, mold, mildew, and pretty much anything you could throw at it. Due to this process, your structure will not need additional coats of paint or rust proofing, unlike wooden options that require constant treatment and upkeep.

Roofing Styles for Metal Sheds

When you purchase a metal shed from Probuilt Steel Buildings, you'll have several roofing options available. These roofing types vary in aesthetics and capabilities. Depending on your location and budget, you may prefer one over another. The roofing systems available to you include:

1. Regular Roof Metal Sheds

A regular roof is a fantastic economical option that features rounded corners and horizontally placed paneling. This choice is excellent for regions that have very mild weather patterns.

2. A-Frame Roof Metal Sheds

An A-frame roof is a great mid-level option, with overhanging awnings, a sharp roof peak, and horizontal panels. It works well in regions that regularly experience high winds but minimal rainfall totals.

3. Vertical Roof Metal Sheds

Our vertical roofs are the premium roofing choice, with overhanging awnings and vertically oriented panels. This clever design allows debris to easily fall away from your structure, saving you tons of money over the years in repairs and maintenance.

Essential Things to Remember When Buying a Metal Shed

Purchasing a metal shed is a big process! And before you make a purchase, there are several things you’ll want to take into account to ensure a smooth experience.

1. Choose your building size wisely.

Before purchasing a structure, you’ll want to take special care to choose the right size for you. A good rule of thumb is to buy a structure that's slightly larger than what you need. Doing so will give you the extra room should you require more space in the future.

2. Choose the right foundation for you.

There are several foundation types you can choose from, including dirt, asphalt, and concrete pads. You’ll need to have your build site level and your foundation in place prior to the installation of your structure.

3. Check the metal quality.

Choosing the correct type of steel will make a ton of difference in the longevity of your structure. Structures built by Probuilt Steel Buildings will be made of galvanized steel, a process that makes them highly resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and even temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Other structure types built using inferior steel may rust and decay over time, but Probuilt Steel Buildings will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Customization Options Abound

When you purchase a metal shed from Probuilt Steel Buildings, you'll have numerous customization choices that give you the power to transform your building into something extraordinary. We've put just a few of them into a list to give you an idea of just how broad our array of customizations are.

1. Sizes

When designing your structure, you'll have complete control to make it as big or as small as it needs to be. For example, it can be as small as a backyard mower shed or as large as an industrial warehouse.

2. Roof Styles

There are several roof styles to choose between, including:

a) Regular Roofs

Regular roofs feature rounded edges and horizontal paneling. It's a great economical option that works in most calmer climates.

b) A-Frame Roofs

An A-frame roof has more 'house-like' features, with overhanging awnings, a sharp roof peak, and horizontal panels. It's a fantastic mid-tier choice that works well against high winds but with minimal rainfall.

c) Vertical Roofs

Vertical roofing systems are the cream of the crop in terms of protection. These roofs have overhanging awnings combined with vertically oriented paneling. This clever design allows debris to easily fall away from the structure, keeping it pristine.

3. Colors

Your metal shed doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless! By adding a splash of color, you can make your new building stand out from the crowd. We have a large assortment of colors available! And if subtlety is more your speed, you can also customize the trim, roofing, and wainscoting colors as well!

4. Doors and Windows

No enclosed structure would be complete without doors and windows. And at Probuilt Steel Buildings, you’ll be able to add as many as you need! We have several door types available, from standard entryway doors to larger garage doors.

5. Anchors

The anchor system our installation crews use will depend entirely on your chosen foundation type. For dirt foundations, auger-like anchors are screwed directly into the ground. But for concrete foundation types, our installation teams will use bolt-like anchors that are drilled into the concrete pad.

6. 14- and 12-Gauge Steel Framing

For most residential sheds and structures, 14-gauge framing is the go-to solution. However, if you live in a region that often experiences high winds and heavy snowfall, you might need to upgrade to our thicker 12-gauge steel framing.

7. 29- and 26-Gauge Steel Roofing

Much like our framing, 29-gauge roofing panels are industry standard. But if your region experiences nasty weather regularly, you might need the added support of our 26-gauge steel.

8. Certifications

The certification process measures a structure's capability to handle wind, snow, and seismic loads in a particular region. Most permanent structures will need to be certified for building inspectors to issue a building permit. Colors

Applications of Metal Sheds

Just because they're metal sheds doesn't mean you have to use them as such! In fact, there are many different applications that metal sheds are well suited for. So let's take a dive into some of the interesting ways you can use yours!

• Backyard Storage and Metal Garden Sheds

Whether you're tending a small backyard garden or storing your mowing deck, a metal shed perfectly complements your home. These buildings work well for housing tools, gardening supplies, seeds, and much more.

• Agricultural Sheds and Barns

Metal buildings are extremely popular in the agriculture industry due to their easy customization, low maintenance requirements, and durability. These sheds are often used to protect feed, crops, and livestock from the elements and are prized for their resistance to rust, mold, and pests.

• Boat Storage

They say the two best days of boat ownership are the first and last. But not anymore! Protect your boat from harsh UV rays, wind, debris, and decay by storing it in a custom metal shed.

• Animal Shelter

If you need a place to house your four-legged friends, or if you plan to run an animal boarding facility, metal sheds have you covered, literally! Our steel buildings make excellent animal housing facilities and can be customized to suit the needs of both you and your fur babies.

• Art Studio

Metal sheds are a fantastic way to give your artistic expression its own space. They’re great for painting studios, woodworking shops, welding stations, and pretty much any art you want to create.

Other Wide-Ranging Benefits of Owning Metal Sheds

We could go on for days about the many different benefits of owning a metal shed. It’s kind of what we do! But we’ll save you the time by boiling it all down into the most important ones.

1. Easy Maintenance

Since our structures are made from galvanized steel, they’re resistant to just about everything that could damage your structure over time. As a result, you’ll need to spend very little time maintaining or repairing it.

2. Tons of Space

Extra storage space is hard to find these days. But with a metal shed, you can have all the room you'd need and then some! These buildings can be constructed to any size to store your valuable possessions.

3. Environmentally Conscious

Unlike wooden alternatives, steel is easily sourced and has a much smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, steel is 100% recyclable! So, when your structure has reached the end of its natural life, it can be melted down and transformed into something new.

4. Cost-Effective Construction

Wood prices are at an all-time high. As a result, steel buildings are a far more economical construction option than stick-built structures. They can be constructed faster and at a fraction of the cost.

5. Fire Resistance

Steel structures are resistant to temperatures of nearly 1,200 degrees. That’s hotter than most fires burn! And while no structure is truly fire-proof, a metal building will always be your best bet.

Why Metal Sheds Are More Secure than Wooden Options

When it comes to protecting your things, you expect the best. And that's precisely why you'll want to choose a metal shed over a wooden alternative. Steel will always be a more durable option, whether it's standing up to violent weather or keeping your things safe from potential intruders.

Metal Shed Kits

If you're an avid DIYer or have some handyman skills and determination, you may enjoy our premium steel shed kits. These kits come with everything you'd find in our traditional metal sheds, except you install it yourself! If you're looking for a great weekend project or trying to avoid the hassle of scheduling an installation crew, our metal shed kits might be right for you.

Metal Shed Prices

Probuilt Steel Buildings is proud to offer a wide variety of metal sheds and steel buildings at affordable prices. However, these structures are complex, and their prices can vary based on several circumstances, including:

1.Raw Steel

The price for raw steel can fluctuate based on demand, shipping costs, and even weather events that may disrupt transportation. These price variations can affect the final cost of your structure.


When you purchase a metal shed from Probuilt Steel Buildings, you'll have a wide variety of customization options. However, these customizations often require additional steel, influencing the price.


Some regions that regularly experience severe weather may need to upgrade to our thicker framing and paneling. These reinforcements require more steel and will also affect your building's price tag.

4.Installation Location

If your installation site is in a remote or hard-to-reach location, you may incur additional installation fees for the additional equipment required to complete the job. This will affect the final price of your new building.

Probuilt Steel Buildings is Your Number One Source for Metal Sheds!

You can rest assured that Probuilt Steel Buildings has your important things covered no matter where you call home. Our steel structures are incredibly durable and ready to take on any task or job. From small metal equipment sheds to large industrial buildings, we have the skills to deliver a product that's built to last.

So, if you've been thinking about purchasing a metal shed for your backyard, farm, or business, you're in the right place. We have a dedicated team of building specialists ready to help you design, customize, and realize the building you and your family needs. Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818 to start your new project, and let us keep your valuable things covered!

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