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Home / Blog / The Art of Architecture: What Makes Metal Buildings Work So Well in Florida?

The Art of Architecture: What Makes Metal Buildings Work So Well in Florida?

3 years ago

The Art of Steel Buildings

Architecture is an ever-present facet of our society. Some architectural designs are heavily based on aesthetic value, while others concentrate on adaptability and functionality. In fact, every building you see may differ wildly from one another in terms of looks and purpose, but they remain a common facet of our everyday lives.

Some buildings might be designed with only beauty in mind. You'll often see these abstract architectural projects dotting the skylines of larger cities or gracing new state-of-the-art facilities. But sometimes, architects engineer their buildings for other purposes. These structures may be designed for floor space, longevity, or structural integrity. And just because these structures might not immediately win an award in some art gallery, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t truly magnificent pieces of art in their own right.

To illustrate this concept, one particular construction type has risen above the competition for these very reasons. Metal buildings are quickly becoming the go-to solution for many builders due to the significant number of advantages they offer. Metal structures can be built cheaper and constructed faster than wooden or concrete buildings. They're also much stronger than the competition when faced with inclement weather, and they last longer. How’s that for “art?”

Form vs. Function

For many steel buildings, their artistic merits may not immediately be seen on the exterior. However, a glance inside is all you’ll need to understand the sheer brilliance that makes steel the number one construction option for many industries. Engineers must design wooden structures to include strategically placed load-bearing supports that ensure their overall structural integrity. This requirement often results in numerous compromises and broken up floorplans that may be fine in a residential home, but aren’t preferred in barns, commercial buildings, or warehouses.

This is where metal buildings genuinely shine. Due to their modern engineering, many structures can be built at enormous sizes with little to no internal structural supports. This is how major retail establishments like Walmart, Home Depot, and Target can offer tons of square footage with very few support pillars.

Be Your Own Architect with Metal Buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings!

Not only are steel structures capable of being installed faster and cheaper than wooden alternatives, Probuilt Steel Buildings actually put you in the driver's seat of the engineering process! Regardless of size or use, you can custom-build your structure to meet your exact needs. And with a wide variety of customization options available, there's no end to the design possibilities!

These structures function well in almost any setting, from residential use to large-scale processing facilities that major corporations like Amazon regularly use.

Building Certifications

Another critical architectural distinction between metal and wooden buildings can be found in their engineering certifications. A stick-built structure will require an architectural engineer to design your structure to meet the proper building codes. However, with metal buildings like the those offered by Probuilt Steel Buildings, the engineering process is completed before the materials are ever manufactured. This ensures your building can be installed quickly with no worries as to whether it will pass inspections.

These certifications also ensure that your building is rated to withstand the wind, rain, and snow ratings in your particular area. In fact, the structures built by Probuilt Steel Buildings are certified to meet or exceed the ratings in most states across the U.S! So, no matter where you call home, your steel structure will stand firm against the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Florida: A Sunny State with Volatile Weather

To say Florida is home to bizarre weather is an understatement. And for Floridian homeowners, having a structure capable of protecting their valuables, equipment and vehicles is an absolute must. Each year, the sunshine state experiences extreme weather events that cause massive amounts of damage across the state. From thunderstorms to hurricanes, the region is no stranger to destructive forces of nature. And that's precisely why so many people turn to the sheer strength steel buildings provide.

Unlike wood, steel is a naturally flexible material that allows metal buildings to shift when faced with forces like heavy wind or seismic activity. This flexibility is exceptionally effective for steel buildings in areas like Florida.

Metal Building Kits

Sometimes you just don't have time to sit and wait for your building to be assembled. And for those with a little bit of construction experience, we offer premium metal building kits! These kits come with everything you'd find in our standard metal buildings, except you install them yourself! It's a perfect option for those with some know-how who want to avoid scheduling an installation crew.

Probuilt Steel Buildings is Your Go-To Provider of All Things Metal Buildings

If you're a Florida resident that regularly combats extreme weather in your home state, you want to invest in a metal building! Whether you need a small equipment shed or a larger industrial warehouse, these buildings are designed with strength and open square footage in mind. That's precisely why these types of architecture are so prevalent in agricultural, commercial, and industrial settings!

If you're looking for a new building that's capable of withstanding anything the great state of Florida has to offer, you want to invest in a building by Probuilt Steel Buildings. We want to be your one-stop shop for all your building needs. Our buildings are manufactured from strong American steel and designed to last for years to come.

Give our building experts a call today and let them help you design a building that perfectly fits your needs. These Steel buildings in Florida can be customized as much as you require, from the dimensions to paneling types and roofing systems! And once you're done, our specialists will transform that design into the building of your dreams!

Florida residents! Give us a call at (877) 754-1818 and let us design, customize, and install your new metal building today!

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