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Buy a Durable Metal Building in Florida

2 years ago

Florida Needs Metal Buildings

The history of Florida is rich with success. From agriculture to tourism, from aerospace to real estate, the economy of the state is larger than all but sixteen countries on the globe. The Sunshine State’s massive; $1 trillion annual economy offers opportunities for every kind of enterprise.

Unfortunately, Florida is also vulnerable to many kinds of natural disasters. Hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, and more are all part of the subtropical and tropical climates that spread from Key West to the Panhandle. How can a wise investor keep their property safe? Florida needs metal buildings! Steel frames are engineered to withstand high winds and heavy precipitation, plus they are energy efficient. The hot summers and wet winters of Florida will be of no match for the expertly sealed galvanized panels of a metal building. The security, durability, and flexibility of a metal building are only some of the reasons they are the best investment for a property owner. There’s more!

Florida Metal Building Kits

When you need a reliable building on a tight schedule, a prefabricated metal building is the best choice! Your custom model will be engineered, precision-cut, welded, and delivered within a matter of weeks. When a metal building kit is delivered to your installation site, it needs only bolting and anchoring to be completed. We use 12-gauge steel tubing but can upgrade to 14-gauge for your custom project. Metal building kits are affordable, efficient, and beautiful!

Metal building kits can benefit everyone. Why should you wait on the schedule of an installation crew? Grab a few basic tools and finish your office, barn, garage, or shed in a matter of days! Metal building kits are the ultimate DIY project for the handyman in your life. You get everything you need in our quality steel building kits:

• Roofing panels • Wall panels • Fastening hardware • Building anchors • Steel framing members • Custom features

Customize Your Florida Building

Use our 3D Building Visualizer to design your building! Try various custom options on your structure and choose different dimensions, doors, windows, and more! Our customization options ensure that no matter how complex your structure needs or selection of your style is, you’ll get the building you have dreamt of.

• Side Walls and End Walls

Your building dimensions are easily customized, including leg height and panel orientation! Do you need a taller sidewall to accommodate machinery or an RV? Our experts will make it happen.

• Roof Style (Regular, A-frame Horizontal, & Vertical)

Choose the roof that best suits your location and weather expectations. Regular roofs are recommended for mild weather zones, the A-frame is reinforced for high winds, and the vertical roof is certified for every kind of inclement weather. If you’re unsure which is the best choice for your location, contact one of our building specialists today.

• Wall, Roof, Trim, and Door Colors

Let your building taste shine with the custom colors in our inventory. We offer wainscoting options, veneers, and more.

• Lean-to Additions

You can have the best of both worlds! With our metal buildings, create an outdoor workspace with maximum ventilation beneath one of our lean-to additions.

• Add Windows, Walk-in Doors, Garage Doors, Insulation, and Other Accessories

Customize your access points for maximum maneuverability and convenience! Do you need large overhead doors for big deliveries? French doors for style? We’ve got everything you need.

• (12 GA), 26 GA panels and Steel Gauge

Our metal buildings have standard 14-gauge tubing, but we offer 12-gauge for commercial structures! Have a question about steel gauge? Call today!

• Other Customizable Options

Does your area experience regular hurricanes, tornadoes, or other extreme weather? Connect with our experts; they will advise on steel reinforcements and other ways to secure your building!

• And more!

Florida Metal Building Site Preparation

1) Location

Stake out the perfect place for your metal building by choosing a slightly elevated area. This somewhat elevated area will allow for drainage and keep stormwater away from your metal building. Make sure to clear more space than the building will occupy so that your crew will have plenty of room to work, and maintenance will be easier. Keep yourself aware of easements and property lines, especially if you plan to pour a concrete foundation.

2) Lay the Groundwork

Always check for existing utilities and evaluate for drainage. And, if you are planning underground utilities, you need to make sure that you have them in place before laying the foundation.

3) Prepare the Foundation

You will probably need the help of a licensed professional with a backhoe for this task. “Grading” is the process through which the soil is leveled and sloped around the edges of the installation site. If you have chosen a soil foundation, this may be essential in your soil preparation process. Your drawing layouts should have an anchor bolt setting plan so a qualified engineer can plan a suitable foundation for your structure.

4) Removal of All Barriers & Barricades

Whether you have a professionally installed concrete pad or a gravel foundation, you will require a clear site for your metal building installation. The site must be completely cleared of vegetation and debris before your building can be constructed. Sometimes, even the simplest tufts of grass and rock could disrupt the foundation of your building! You need to be sure that everything is cleared from the site before delivery day.

Permits for Florida Metal Buildings

Always begin your project with a call to your local building office. Researching before your project begins will save you a lot of headaches later!

Your designated inspector will guide you through the list of necessary permits. Some zones require a permit to be posted on site. Others may have limitations on dimensions or materials. Whatever the rules are, researching zoning requirements before beginning your project will save time and hassle in the future.

Our Metal Buildings for Florida Meet All Local Building Codes

Every building we engineer is certified by building specialists to meet Florida building codes. When destructive weather heads your way, you can have confidence that Probuilt Steel Buildings' high-quality steel frames will withstand high winds, floods, and heavy rain. Our team of highly qualified experts brings decades of experience to every project, and we back every build with our fantastic warranties so that you can face the future of Florida climate change with confidence.

Get Your Florida Metal Buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings

Florida needs the best in metal buildings, and it’s time to partner with Probuilt Steel Buildings. You deserve the very best service and the very best products at the very best price!

Our engineers use high-quality steel in every model, back every frame and panel with warranties, and create each building with care and precision. Your custom requirements are handled by professionals who care!

Our teams are committed to customer satisfaction; we won’t be satisfied until you love your Florida metal building! Our experts will ensure you have the financing you want to get your building right away. Call now at (877) 754-1818 and discover the Probuilt Steel Buildings difference today!

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