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Home / Blog / Saving Money on Your Metal Barn: A How-To

Saving Money on Your Metal Barn: A How-To

7 months ago

Minimizing the Cost of Your Metal Barn

If you're in the market for a metal barn for your home or agricultural project but want to keep an eye on your budget, it makes sense that you've looked around for the best available metal barn prices. However, if you lack experience in the industry, it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to get the best deal on the structure you need.

But with a little homework and a lot of know-how, you can get the building of your dreams and remain under budget in the process. And we'll help! In this blog, we'll walk through some fascinating tips on how to get the best price on barns for sale.

Tips for Shaving Metal Barn Costs

So, how does one minimize the cost of their metal barn building? Let's dive into some of the finer points:

1. Do the Homework

Getting the best price on a structure takes a lot of planning, prep, and due diligence. Work closely with trusted metal barn providers, check online resources, and compare prices and benefits offered by each. By doing this, you can focus on products that are both cost-effective and deliver the most benefits.

2. Choose Your Barn Options Carefully

Customization is one of the significant advantages of metal barn buildings. However, every added feature or modification can increase costs. To minimize expenses, carefully select the options and extras that truly matter for your agricultural buildings.

3. Plan for Future Expansions

While budgeting for your metal barn, think about potential future expansions. It's often more cost-effective to build a slightly larger barn now than to add another structure later. Even if you don't have immediate expansion plans, having the groundwork in place can save you money down the road.

4. Use a Trustworthy Provider

Choosing the right provider for your metal barn is paramount to controlling costs and ensuring quality. Look for reputable suppliers or builders with a proven track record in delivering reliable and cost-effective farm buildings.

5. Choose a DIY Option

If you're looking to save significantly on labor costs, consider a DIY metal barn kit. DIY kits come with pre-cut and pre-drilled components, making assembly more manageable for property owners with some construction experience. While assembling a metal barn yourself can be more time-consuming, it can lead to substantial cost savings on labor.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Metal Barns

As with any construction project, if you approach it with a careless attitude, you’ll likely get nothing in return but headaches. But if you know some of the typical issues you may encounter and how to address them, it can make the entire process go more smoothly. Let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid when building your structure:

1. Pouring the Foundation Before You Get the Plans

One of the most crucial steps in constructing any building, including farm buildings, is having detailed plans before pouring the foundation. Some property owners make the mistake of starting with the foundation without finalized plans, thinking they can adjust the design later. However, this can lead to costly changes and delays.

2. Ordering Your Building Without the Proper Permits

Obtaining the necessary permits is critical when building agricultural buildings like steel barns. Skipping this step or assuming that permits aren't required can result in legal issues and costly fines. As such, it's essential to check with your municipality to understand the permitting requirements for your project.

3. Buying from a Less-than-Reputable Company

The choice of the company you purchase your steel barn from can significantly impact the quality and longevity of your structure. Some property owners opt for cheaper options from disreputable companies, only to encounter problems with product quality, customer service, and warranties down the line.

To avoid this mistake, thoroughly research potential suppliers or builders. Look for companies with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality barn buildings and excellent customer service. Read reviews and ask for references to ensure you're making a wise investment.

4. Not Properly Budgeting the Entire Project Cost

One of the most common mistakes is underestimating the total cost of your metal barn project. Beyond the cost of materials and labor, there are other expenses to consider, such as permits, site preparation, utilities, and any necessary accessories or modifications.

The Cost of Your Metal Barn Project

Now that we’ve identified some crucial things to consider- and avoid, during your metal barn, let’s discuss estimating the total cost of your project. Here are the things you’ll want to ensure are covered in your budget:

1. Building Site

The cost of the land or site where you plan to build your metal barn is one of the significant expenses. Factors such as location, size, and accessibility can influence the price. Be sure to consider the suitability of the site for your agricultural buildings, as well as any necessary site preparation work.

2. Leveling Costs

Before laying the foundation, the land may need to be leveled and prepared. Leveling costs can vary depending on the terrain and the extent of the work required. Proper site preparation is crucial to ensure a stable and durable foundation for your metal barn.

3. Foundation Costs

The foundation is a critical component of any structure, including barns for sale. The cost of your foundation will depend on factors like the type of foundation and its size. Properly investing in a sturdy foundation is essential to the long-term stability of your metal barn.

4. Permits and Building Code Fees

Securing the necessary permits and complying with local building codes and regulations is an often overlooked but essential aspect of any construction project. Permit costs and associated fees can vary widely depending on your location and the scope of your farm buildings.

5. Metal Building Cost

The cost of the metal building itself is a significant portion of your budget. This includes the cost of materials, such as steel or aluminum, and any customization or additional features you choose for your custom barn. The size and complexity of your barn will also affect this cost.

6. Installation Costs

Since many metal building providers will wrap installation costs in your final building price, it pays to check with your dealer regarding their installation policies. For some avid DIYers, installing your own building can save you time and money in installation costs.

7. Utilities

Don't forget to account for utilities such as electricity and plumbing if your custom barn requires them. Installing utilities may require additional expenses for wiring, plumbing, and connections to existing infrastructure.

8. Finishing

The finishing touches to your metal barn can add to the overall cost. This includes interior finishes like insulation, walls, and flooring, as well as exterior elements like gutters, roofing, and paint. These finishing touches can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your barn but may affect the final cost.

Let Probuilt Be Your Metal Barn Guru

Whether you're seeking small DIY metal barns or designing oversized farm buildings, Probuilt Steel Buildings is proud to be a trusted name in the metal building industry, with years of experience to back it up. We engineer our structures to stand up to any environment, take on any challenge, and last for decades with proper maintenance.

We back our structures up with industry-leading warranties, certifications, and craftsmanship guarantees so you know you're getting a product that will hold its own. Top that off with flexible financing options and RTO programs that make owning a building easy, even on a budget, and you have a recipe for success.

Call Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818 and let our team help you find the building you've been waiting for. From beginning to end, we'll walk you through the design process and deliver a structure that just won't work well; it will endure.

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