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A Detailed Guide on Metal Building Prices and Cost Per Square Foot

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31 Jul 2023

Steel Buildings

Metal Building Prices

In this day and age, finding the right price for a metal building can be difficult. Many providers offer misleading information and intentionally obscure the buying process online, making it difficult to find and compare accurate pricing.

Much of this confusion comes down to how the metal building industry works. But with a little bit of inside knowledge, you can easily find the best price for your next building. In this blog, we’ll provide you with that knowledge and give you everything you need to make an educated buying decision.

If you’re in the market for a metal building and want to maximize your buying power, read on!

Steel Building Costs Per Square Foot

One of the quickest ways to price a metal building will be to measure by the square footage. On average, a lower-end metal building with minimal customizations will range between $10 and $20 per square foot. Using this math, a boilerplate 20x30 metal building will cost around $12,000, not considering installation prep costs, permitting, and any finishing work you may desire.

On the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll have heavily configured and customized structures that are built to take on specific jobs and applications. These buildings can cost as much as $30 per sq. ft. and may require reinforced framing, paneling, and custom additions that will come with a much higher price tag.

Designing a Metal Building

As we've mentioned, a lot goes into pricing your average metal building. One such factor is customization options. Let's break down some of the custom additions and how they can affect steel building prices:

1. Dimensions

Determining the appropriate dimensions for your metal building is the foundational step in the design process. Consider the purpose of your building, the available space on your property, and any potential future expansion needs. Optimal planning at this stage can help avoid unnecessary expenses later on.

2. Customizations

Metal buildings offer ample opportunities for customization to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. While adding various features is exciting, remember that each customization can impact steel building prices. Prioritize essential customizations that enhance functionality and consider the budget implications of each modification.

3. More Windows & Doors Means More Money

While windows and doors are vital for ventilation, natural light, and accessibility, adding too many can significantly increase metal building costs. Carefully assess the required number and size of windows and doors to balance functionality and budget.

4. Unique Shapes

Metal buildings can be designed in various shapes to suit your vision. Although unconventional shapes might make your building stand out, they can also be more complex to construct, potentially driving up steel building prices. Evaluate the practicality and budget impact of unique shapes before finalizing your design.

5. Multiple Panel Colors

Selecting different panel colors can add aesthetic appeal to your metal building and make it blend harmoniously with the surroundings. However, keep in mind that special order colors may incur additional costs. Consider opting for standard color options if budget is a concern.

Extra Costs to Consider

On top of the previously standard metal building cost, you’ll also need to factor in additional expenses if you plan on using your building as a livable structure. This will include prepping your concrete foundation, insulation, electricity, plumbing, lighting, and more.

As such, you'll want to carefully weigh out your needs, desires, and a clear budget that takes everything into consideration. By planning ahead, you can minimize extra expenses that may pop up during the design and installation phase, making your metal building journey more accessible, more affordable, and stress-free.

Want to Build Something Great? Let Probuilt Steel Buildings Help!

Thanks to years of experience in the field and a commitment to delivering quality structures that last, Probuilt Steel Buildings is more than just a leader in the metal building industry.

Whether you’re looking for a small backyard garden shed or an enormous tricked-out metal garage, we have the materials, engineering prowess, and dedication to craftsmanship to make it a reality.

So, if you’re tired of searching the internet for the best metal building prices, give the specialists at Probuilt Steel Buildings a call. We’ll be happy to walk you through our design process, formulate a quote, and install a structure that will provide you with years of heavy-duty service.

Call today at (877) 754-1818 and let us be a one-stop solution for all your metal building needs.

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