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Home / Blog / Why Steel is the Best Material for Florida Oil and Gas Buildings?

Why Steel is the Best Material for Florida Oil and Gas Buildings?

2 years ago

Florida Oil and Gas Industry Facts

Oil and gas production in the state of Florida is a big business. The industry employs nearly 300,000 residents, both directly and indirectly, and generates approximately $13 billion in income. These jobs are valuable, with yearly salaries over twenty thousand dollars higher than the Florida average. This $23 billion industry is a significant player in the Florida economy, representing over 3% of the state’s total GDP. Production grew almost 19% from August 2020 to August 2021. These facts indicate that the growing oil and gas sector is full of investment opportunities. So how can the Florida oil and gas industry and metal buildings benefit you?

Why Steel is the Best Material for Oil and Gas Buildings

Metal buildings are the most durable and cost-effective structures for any business, and that includes oil and gas. More importantly, steel is the ultimate safety-conscious construction material, creating a fire-resistant environment for all employees. As with every business, oil and gas enterprises balance the pressures of business costs with the responsibilities of providing a safe work environment. When you invest in a steel building, you get the best of both worlds!

1. Construction Costs Reduced with Steel Construction

Business construction expenses are significantly reduced when working with steel buildings! While lumber and other materials have fluctuated wildly over the last few years, steel has remained a relatively stable commodity. Metal buildings are up to 30% cheaper than their competitors and can be constructed 50% faster than a traditionally stick-built building!

2. Reduced Insurance

Insurance premiums are much lower with steel buildings. Why? Because premiums are based on a building’s resistance to damage. Steel is naturally fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant, making it a valued asset for insurance companies and owners.

3. Lower Labor Costs

Metal buildings are prefabricated on the factory floor, precision-cut, and welded. This means that a minimal crew of experts is necessary to assemble a steel structure in as little as a day. Labor costs associated with steel buildings are far lower than traditional timber buildings.

4. Easily Expandable Steel Buildings

Custom extensions to steel buildings are easily designed and engineered thanks to the incredibly versatile architecture. Metal buildings are built with clear span frames; thus, adding additional frames is simple and affordable. Any business can effectively expand at any time.

5. Lowering Long-Term Costs with Steel Buildings

Enjoy the overall savings of energy efficiency and low-maintenance associated with steel buildings! Thanks to the pest-resistance and mold-resistance of steel structures, overall maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Metal buildings are simple to clean and maintain.

6. Energy Savings

Metal buildings are prized for their energy efficiency. With very little insulation, they can save up to 40% on energy costs when compared to wooden structures. Even better, steel roofs are perfectly aligned to support solar panels.

7. Natural Calamities Resistance

Steel structures are engineered for certification against extreme weather. Metal buildings are ductile enough to resist earthquakes without collapsing and durable enough to withstand high winds. Most steel roofs are expertly rated for a variety of wind and snow loads. Metal structures can be certified to handle any expected weather events depending on location.

Building Safe Oil and Gas Buildings with Steel

The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous in the world. Flammable chemicals and high-pressure situations contribute to an environment that has suffered from human error and miscommunication tragedies. However, such concerns can be greatly reduced. Steel buildings are engineered to provide the ultimate safety to employees:

1. Fire-Resistant

Steel is classified as Type 1 material by the International Building Code (IBC). This means that it is the most flame-resistant material available for construction. When you invest in a pre-fabricated building, you are investing in the long-term safety of your employees and your business.

2. Proper Ventilation

Steel buildings are engineered with the ventilation needs of oil and gas in mind. Our ridge vents and exhaust fans are custom built and placed for optimal airflow. Choosing steel creates an interior environment for you and your employees that will promote wellbeing.

3. Reduced Insurance Costs

Premiums for pre-engineered buildings are far lower than those given to wood competitors. Why? Because our steel structures are built for the long-term, forecast to last fifty years or more with minimal maintenance.

4. Natural Calamities Resistance

Florida hurricanes? Floods? Extreme weather is no match for the durability and strength of steel buildings. Engineered and reinforced with cold-formed steel, these structures are certified for high winds and heavy precipitation. In fact, the vertical steel roof from Probuilt Steel Buildings is expertly certified to withstand 140mph winds and snow/ice loads up to 35psf!

Buy Your Steel Building for the Oil & Gas Industry in Florida Today!

The Florida oil and gas industry is booming, and you’re ready to invest. We are here to support you! When you partner with Probuilt Steel Buildings, you’ll be backed by a committed team of professionals whose custom design will meet your every requirement. Whatever safety guidelines or machine dimensions you must accommodate, our engineers can create it. We are so confident in the durability and safety of our steel that we back every building with our standard warranties!

You won’t find better customer service anywhere in the business. Call today at (877) 754-1818 and speak with one of our fantastic building specialists. We’ll design the perfect oil and gas steel structure for you.

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