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Why Metal Barns Are So Crucial to Florida Farms

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20 May 2022

Metal Building Homes

Florida’s Agriculture

Coming in at nearly 9.7 million acres, Florida is home to a massive agricultural sector that significantly contributes to the state economy each year. The state has a warm, tropical climate that allows many different crops to prosper. From tomatoes to citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, Florida growers generate roughly $7.9 billion in crops annually. So, if you've recently enjoyed vegetables such as cucumbers, bell peppers, fresh watermelon, or sweet corn, there's a strong chance it came from The Sunshine State! Florida ranks 15th in the US regarding farmland and 2nd in vegetable production! So, it's no surprise that many farmers and agricultural installations rely on metal barns to stay at the top of their game. In this article, we'll look at some of the many reasons farmers trust these versatile structures to protect their crops, equipment, and livestock.

Agriculture and the Challenge of Florida’s Weather Conditions

If you’ve ever visited Florida or spent more than a few minutes browsing the Weather Channel, you've most likely seen the violent weather patterns that strike Florida regularly. Thunderstorms, hailstones, flooding, tornadoes, and even hurricanes regularly batter the state. And for farmers, that can make it challenging to grow successful crops. High winds generated by storms and hurricanes can disrupt crops, causing temporary and long-term damage. However, for most seasonal or annual crops, the damage can be minimized. However, for fruit-bearing trees like those that produce oranges and grapefruits, these storms sometimes cause extensive damage that takes years to repair. High winds damage limbs and fruit, and flooding can allow the soil to become oversaturated, causing treefall and rampant devastation to younger fruit-bearing trees that don’t possess as large of a root structure. Unfortunately, there’s no way to protect many crops and orchards once a storm has rolled into town. However, prefab metal barns and steel structures are a popular way of protecting equipment, harvested crops, and livestock from the same natural weather events. These structures are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions Florida offers. And while no building is genuinely tornado-proof or hurricane-proof, farmers trust metal barns to hold up against almost anything.

What Makes Metal Barns So Versatile?

No matter the application, you can bet money that a metal building will handle it well. These structures can handle any job, from small equipment buildings to enormous steel warehouses. Don't believe us? Look at how these flexible structures help out around the farm!

1. Livestock Shelter

In Florida's summer heat, you'll need ample shelter if you hope to raise animals. Livestock will need a cool place to bed down during the hottest parts of the day. And with a metal structure, you can provide your animals with the shelter they need to stay cool from the heat.

2. Supply Storage

Orchards and farms require tons of supplies to operate on a day-to-day basis. Soil, fertilizer, seeds, harnesses, and farm equipment must be adequately housed away from rain and harsh UV rays. A metal storage building provides all that protection and then some. These buildings offer a level of customizability that gives farmers the room they need to keep their stuff safe.

3. Agricultural Equipment Storage

Modern farms aren’t just a few fields to plow! The average Florida farm size is roughly 205 acres, and to tend that much acreage, you'll need plenty of large-scale equipment! And if you're utilizing large tractors, plows, and combines, they'll need to be stored when not in use. Metal barns and buildings make fantastic equipment storage buildings, providing you the room needed to protect these critical investments from the elements.

4. Crops

Once harvested, many crops will need to be stored until they can be shipped out to production facilities or supermarkets. Without metal buildings, these foodstuffs would rot and decay, rarely making it to your dinner table. However, many agricultural businesses use larger refrigerated facilities to keep their food products safe until they reach the public.

5. Farmhouses

These structures aren't just haylofts anymore! In fact, our metal barns can make wonderful farmhouses! These buildings can be finished out with electricity, plumbing, and all the things you need to transform a structure into a fully-livable home!

Why Our Florida Metal Barns Are Worth the Investment

When searching for a new metal structure for your agricultural needs, it pays to do the research and invest in a company that delivers premium products that last. And that’s where Probuilt Steel Buildings come in! We’re proud to offer Florida farmers and residents products that are strong, versatile, and built to last for years with minimal upkeep. But the best part that separates our structures from the competition is their customizability. Easily change your building’s paneling, trim, roofing styles, colors, windows, doors, and more! These extensive options allow you to cater your building to your exact needs!

Probuilt Steel Buildings is Florida’s Number One Provider of Agricultural Metal Buildings

Florida is a verdant region of the US responsible for generating a significant amount of the country's fruits and vegetables. The farms responsible for producing these crops amount to roughly 9.7 million acres! And to work that amount of acreage, farmers need plenty of help! And that’s where Probuilt Steel Buildings come in! We’re proud to provide a wide range of steel structures to suit any need or purpose. From residential workshops to enormous commercial horse riding facilities, we have the expertise to deliver a product that’s resilient, cost-effective, and engineered to last for decades. So, if you've been contemplating the purchase of a steel structure or one of our metal barn kits for your farm or agricultural company, you're in the right place! Our dedicated building experts will help you design, customize, and realize an agricultural building that's perfect for you! Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818 and start designing the metal building of your dreams!

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