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Why Florida Need Metal Buildings

3 years ago

Florida is known for many things. From Disney world to sunsets on the beach, Florida is a famed tourist state. While Florida is in many senses a vacation paradise, it is also home to some of the most extreme weather the U.S. has to offer. Florida may need a better building system. Metal buildings are rising in popularity all across the state.

Is this a mere coincidence, or are metal buildings the answer to Florida’s destructive weather? Do metal buildings meet the strict building codes in the state? What benefits do metal buildings present, and are these benefits enough to become the most common building type in Florida?

Here, we’ll go in-depth and reveal just how effective and efficient metal buildings are and how they stand up in the sunshine state.

Never Underestimate Mother Nature

As stated earlier, Florida experiences some of the most varied and destructive weather there is. Florida experiences tornadoes, hurricanes, frequent heavy rain, waterspouts, lightning storms, and every once in a while, they’ll throw an earthquake in just for an eclectic mix. Florida weathers just about every way Mother Nature has to act up.

Weather causes a lot of damage in Florida every year. Just what kind of destruction are we talking about? Hurricanes can generate winds of 74 MPH up to 157 MPH and beyond. That’s enough force to drop trees and telephone poles, destroy framed homes, and knock out power for weeks. And that is just one of the natural disasters that ravage Florida.

Why Are Florida’s Building Codes So Strict?

Florida has some pretty strict building codes; this much is certain, but why? There is always a need for construction because of the damages that storms do every year. Buildings need to be built to higher standards to survive harsh weather and limit the amount of damage that needs to be fixed.

Building code is strict on several metal structures, from metal barns in Florida to metal garages in Florida. Metal buildings in Florida are FBC approved, which means that a metal building you install in Florida will be as close to stormproof as possible.

How Does a Steel Building in Florida Stack Up to Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are something of a staple in Florida. From June 1 to November 30, people are on high alert, wondering whether or not a tropical storm will rear its ugly head. With hurricanes so prominent, you want a building that can handle that weather. Metal delivers that. Steel garages in Florida and many other Metal building types are built to weather the storm.

Durable, as well as fire, rust, wind, and collapse-resistant, these metal buildings are designed from the ground up to survive all but the most intense of storms. If you put up a metal building, you can rest assured that, in all likelihood, it will be there for a long time.

How Else Can You Benefit from Metal Buildings?

If you think it must be expensive to install such a sturdy and reliable building, you would be wise. You would also be wrong. That’s right, and it is actually relatively cheap to build with metal. With a metal building, you are truly getting the best bang for your buck.

Paying less and getting a sturdier structure, You can’t ask for better than that. Because of the strength of steel, there is no limit to how long you can make your metal building. This allows you to buy precisely the space that you need.

Metal buildings are customizable, allowing you to set your space up however you need. The open floor space and high ceilings will enable you to maximize the space you paid for. There is no wasted space. You can even add to your completed metal building quickly and cheaply if you find yourself needing to expand.

What are the Best Steel Buildings in Florida?

The best metal building for your property in Florida frankly depends on your own specific needs and wants, where you’re building, and what the respective building codes are for the property you’re building on.

Outlined below are some of the options for metal buildings available and what they’re typically used for.

• Metal Carports

Steel carports are simple structures. They are open structures designed to protect your vehicle from weather and other potential sources of damage. • Metal Garages This enclosed metal structure is designed to house your vehicles, equipment, storage items, and other belongings to keep them safe, secure, and dry.

• Metal RV Covers

This is more or less a larger version of the metal garages. These larger structures are built to house your RV, large boat, or other significant investments and keep them safe and protected from weather conditions.

• Steel Barns

Steel barns are an upgrade to more traditional wooden structures. Far stronger than wood, steel barns will give your animals and equipment the best protection we have to offer even in the worst weather.

• Utility Carports

This versatile structure can be used for parking or storage, depending on your needs. It’s an excellent option for small businesses looking to house their utility vehicles.

• Storage Buildings

Increase your storage capacity and property value in one swoop. This structure is built to your specifications and designed to maximize storage capacity with an open floor plan and high ceilings.

• Commercial Metal Buildings

These are the massive buildings used by the likes of Walmart as warehouses or the military in hangars. These buildings are virtually indestructible and cheap to install.

• Metal Building Homes

You can even build your home out of metal! Bring all of the benefits of metal to your house with a custom design built to the needs of you and your family.

• Custom Metal Buildings

If you need custom metal buildings built to your own specifications, then look no further than Probuilt Steel Buildings. Whatever your needs may be, Probuilt Steel Buildings can get you a metal building quickly and cheaply.

What’s the Bottom Line?

When it boils down to it, metal buildings are trending to become the future of Florida. With its’ wild weather and strict building code, the state needs an upgrade. Withstand the storms and maximize the power of your dollar by choosing to build with the most durable and cost-effective material. Once you have chosen metal, choose Probuilt Steel Buildings.

Probuilt Steel Buildings provides top-quality metal buildings in Florida and throughout the country. Offering always fair and affordable pricing on our completely customizable metal buildings, along with free delivery and installation, makes Probuilt Steel Buildings your go-to for all things metal. Contact Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818 and get a quote for your own custom FL metal building!

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