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Home / Blog / Why Certified Metal Buildings are Important in Florida

Why Certified Metal Buildings are Important in Florida

3 years ago

Invest in Steel Buildings

When we think of the beautiful state of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the palm trees, sandy beaches, and rays of sunshine. However, don’t forget about the torrential downpours, extreme humidity, tornados, and hurricanes.

Florida has extreme weather patterns, and you need a building that can withstand that. Custom metal buildings are the perfect solution for this because of the long-lasting durability. Florida steel buildings also won’t break the bank and are completely customizable. You can protect your cars, ATVs, and lawn equipment, all while having a stylish building adding value to your property. Not only that, but prefab metal buildings are great for commercial properties, too.

Certified Metal Buildings versus Non-Certified Metal Buildings

There are two different types of prefab metal buildings available to the customer: certified and non-certified. However, how do you know which one you will need? How can you tell the difference?

From looking at prefab metal buildings, honestly, you can’t tell the difference. Both structures look basically the same. To find the difference, you need to look at the inside of the structure. A certified metal building needs to be engineered by professionals to withstand certain climates. Florida, for example, having such extreme weather conditions, would need certified buildings.

Prefab metal buildings with certification will have additional features it needs to withstand extreme weather conditions. That will include more hardware, additional material, brackets, screws, and much more.

Not all places require a certified building. If your area requires a building permit to install steel buildings on your property, you can easily find out if it needs to be certified or not.

Another thing to consider is that you can have a certified metal building either way! The cost of a non-certified building is a little less. However, having a more structurally sound building is most likely going to last longer, adding longevity to your purchase.

13 Things to Consider When Buying Steel Buildings in Florida

You don’t want to buy a metal building then have it destroyed when it’s in its first real thunderstorm or hurricane. Buying a certified building, when compared to a non-certified building, is an investment that makes sense.

When engineering a building for an area, the professionals test for heavy wind, the weight of snow, and other harsh weather. They need to pass specific requirements in order to be considered a safe building for an area. You wouldn’t want a building to buckle under the weight of a light snowfall when an area gets several feet each year.

To know that you are getting the best-certified building, here are some factors and guidelines to help you.

1. Galvanized Steel Frame Thickness

Both non-certified and certified buildings can come in either a 12-gauge or a 14-gauge. Typically a certified building will use the thicker option. That way, you can expect a more durable steel frame that hardly anything can penetrate.

2. Wind Rating: Mild

Both certified and non-certified metal buildings can handle mild wind. It includes wind that causes little to no damage to trees and buildings. However, certified ones can handle extreme wind, like the kinds that blow around Florida’s hurricane season.

3. Wind Rating: Minimum

A certified metal building will have a minimum wind rating of 80 mph or greater. Unfortunately, a non-certified building won’t have any testing score or rating. If you experience high winds throughout the year, certification is essential to ensure the custom metal buildings will last.

4. Snow Load: Minimum

A certified building will have a minimum snow weight capacity of 30 lbs. per square foot, while a non-certified building won’t have a testing score or rating. If you want to get your money’s worth, then invest in steel buildings with certification instead of some random handwork.

5. Wind Rating: Maximum

Prefab metal buildings have a minimum wind rating of 80 mph if the structures have certification. However, that is a minimum. The maximum amount of wind these steel buildings in Florida can withstand is a wind rating of 150-180 mph. Please keep in mind that a non-certified building will have no test score or rating.

6. Snow Load: Maximum

While the minimum snow load for a certified building is 30 lbs. per square foot, the maximum is much higher. A certified building will have a maximum snow weight capacity of 90 lbs. per square foot. Again, all non-certified buildings do not have any documentation of a testing score or rating.

7. Local Building Codes

Certified steel buildings will meet all of your local building codes, while a non-certified metal building will not. Not only will your building be unsafe, but you will not be able to use it until everything is up to code, per the county laws.

8. Engineer Rating

A certified metal building will have the engineer’s approval as certified, where a non-certified building will not. This specific rating proves the facility meets all of the safety requirements and building codes.

9. Designed for Regional Weather

A certified building will be certified to withstand the typical weather patterns in a specific region, whereas a non-certified building will not. With certified steel buildings, you won’t have to worry about strong winds or heavy rains destroying your investment. If you live in a part of the country with harsh winters, then certification is necessary as well.

10. Safety Standards

A certified metal building will meet safety standards where a non-certified building will not. Prefab metal buildings are secure, from the flooring to the roofing, and everything in-between as long as the engineers certify it. It is also fire and mold-resistant!

11. Durability Rating

A certified building will have a rating of having greater durability compared to a non-certified building. That means steel buildings in Florida can handle all types of extreme weather and still remain standing, in most cases. Not only that, but certified steel buildings can withstand all types of pests and termites without rotting.

12. Better Endurance

Durability might refer to the resistance of things such as fire, termites, rodents, and mold. However, endurance means it can withstand harsh weather for long periods. A certified metal building will have an endurance rating where a non-certified building will not.

13. Overall Protection

A certified building will have a better protection rating overall, where a non-certified building will not. Having a better rating in all categories means your custom metal building will last for decades to come, making it worth the investment.

Approved by the County? Here's What to Expect

Many areas require you to get a building permit to add any additional structure to a property. These permits are in place for a good reason. Getting a permit to build ensures that your structure is safe, not only for you but also for the people around you.

When you buy a prefab steel building, the manufacturer will ask you which state you live in. That is because certain buildings need to be certified before installation can begin in an area. The engineers must guarantee the building can withstand wind, snow, and rain for them to be safe.

If you live where prefab metal buildings don’t need certification, you should consider getting a certified metal building anyway. You will get a more structurally sound building with documentation to prove it if something goes wrong. During installation, the professionals anchor down the building with the appropriate anchors so everything is safe and secure.

Not Sure What You Need for Your Area? Ask the Experts at Probuilt Steel Buildings for Help

If you want to get a custom metal building, you need to call Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818. You can sit back and relax, knowing your steel building will last more than one summer or hurricane season. By using American-made steel, the experts at Probuilt Steel Buildings can create a durable residential or commercial metal structure. From metal carports and steel garages to RV covers and metal barns, you can expect top-quality materials at affordable rates. Financing options are also available -- call now.

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