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Home / Blog / Why a Metal Building is a Great Choice for Tire Stores and Auto Shops

Why a Metal Building is a Great Choice for Tire Stores and Auto Shops

3 years ago

The Current Market for Auto Shops and Tire Stores in the US

Historically, the automotive industry has contributed 3-3.5% of the overall gross domestic product for the United States. The industry also is a huge consumer of goods; that includes raw material, construction, machinery, etc. Without the auto industry, it might not be possible for most other manufacturing to happen in the United States.

Although there has been a slight decline in sales due to COVID-19 production delays, the industry is picking up again, and service providers’ impact was almost non-existent. The automotive service market was valued at $63 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $75 billion in 2026.

In addition, with the advancement of technology in cars, increase in miles driven per car, and safety awareness, people are driving longer, which will only increase the need for more auto services in the future.

● Employs over 1.7 million people ● Spends $16 to $18 billion every on research and development of new products ● A major driver of the 11.5% manufacturing contribution to US GDP ● In 2019, the industry produced 10.8 million vehicles, and 13.7 vehicles were sold in Northern and Central America alone.

Why Metal Buildings Are a Great Choice for Auto Shops and Tire Stores

Steel buildings are a cost-effective and efficient way to build an auto shop or tire store. Steel framed buildings allow for an open design that will give lots of space for working on cars or trucks. They are also a fast way to build compared to wood-framed buildings.

1. Space

A clear span metal building is a great way to have an area with plenty of room to work efficiently, and no other building system can offer the amount of room a steel building can. In addition, large open spaces are easy to accomplish with metal buildings.

2. Height

Auto shops and tire stores need lots of room above too. This is because they need to lift vehicles to repair them, and steel buildings can give the height required for using hydraulic lifts to raise vehicles to fix them.

3. Large Doorways

Auto shops and tire stores will require multiple large overhead doors, to be able to bring vehicles into the building to work on them. Metal building kits and designs can offer a variety of sizes, styles, and lifting mechanisms. They can also be ordered with additional wind resistance and insulation options.

4. Fast Framing

Metal building kits can arrive at the site ready for construction. The pieces arrive marked with easy-to-understand instructions and are ready to assemble. The installation time for kits or prefab buildings is around 30% less than wood-framed buildings. Some clients even prefer to do the assembly themselves.

5. Non-Combustible

Auto service buildings tend to have gasoline and other flammable chemicals inside. It is important to note that metal buildings are non-combustible. So if a fire breaks out in the building, the building itself will not add to the fire like wood-framed buildings can.

6. Damage-Resistant

Steel buildings, in general, are fairly damage-resistant. They can withstand strong winds, lightning, mold, heavy rain, and are even resistant to earthquake and hurricane damage.

7. Cost-Effective

Metal building kits have a lower initial cost-per-square-foot compared to wood frame or other building systems. Also, with good insulation, utility costs tend to be lower with steel buildings. These types of facilities also require less maintenance compared to other building systems. Finally, when you choose to use non-combustible materials, insurance costs are lower.

8. Versatility

Metal buildings and metal building kits are extremely versatile, and you can customize them to fit most needs. This works great for auto shops and tire stores that want to specialize in their services.

Common Metal Building Sizes for Tire Stores and Auto Shops

Steel buildings can come in many different sizes, but there are a few sizes that seem to work the best for auto shops and tire stores. Below are a few of the most popular sizes for automotive buildings and why they might be the best fit for you.

1) 40x60

This size of metal building is sometimes referred to as the “sweet spot” of buildings. The 40’ clear span size makes a great size, with the least amount of steel. Thus, making this size of building an economically good choice. This size also will fit in smaller commercial spaces.

2) 30x60

A 30x60 steel building is a great choice for an automotive storefront. However, there might not be a lot of room for storage at this size if that is a factor for you. Also, you can have a couple of bays for vehicles and a small storefront for customer service and retail at this size.

3) 50x80

A 50x80 building is a great choice to have more room for retail or storage space. In addition, this option gives you more ability to customize what you want, such as more service bay doors, larger retail or office space.

4) 60x100

A 60x100 building is the larger of the most popular sizes for automotive shops. This one maximizes space to service bays, offices, retail, and storage. With an array of fully customizable options, there is no limit on what this space could do for you.

5) 30x30

A 30x30 steel building is a smaller, but mighty space that can still be customized to your needs. This space can also be expanded if needed in the future. If you are just getting started and want a great place with the option to expand later, this is the size to go with.

A Prefab Metal Building or a Metal Building Kit: The Choice is Yours

Once you have decided on what size of building you would like for your automotive shop, the next choice is to decide if you want a prefab metal building or a metal building kit. Prefab metal buildings are nice, and they are built to your specifications. Customizing where you want doors and windows helps create the building that will work best for you, such as where you want the service bays and an open floor plan.

Metal building kits are nice because they are pre-assembled and delivered right to the location to be built. You can choose to put the building up yourself. There is no delay in contractor issues or waiting for concrete to cure. Both types of buildings can give you a spacious place to do automotive work. And with the company's competitive pricing and available financing, you can not go wrong with either building system.

Probuilt Steel Buildings Has the Best Metal Buildings You Need for Your Auto Shop, Tire Store, or Other Automotive Service Center

Right now is a great time to build an automotive shop like a tire store or auto shop. People are currently keeping their vehicles longer, which means they are going to need more repairs over time. Metal buildings or a metal building kit, are the best option to have an amazing shop and retail area. Both the options are completely customizable to meet your specific needs.

Probuilt Steel Buildings offers the highest quality metal building kits on the market today. Probuilt Steel Buildings proudly only uses U.S. made steel for their projects, and is a leading provider of custom metal buildings across the country. Please reach out at 877 754-1818 when you are finally ready to get started on sourcing a metal building of your own.

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