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What You Should Know About Metal Building Trusses

4 years ago

If you’re considering investing in a metal building, you probably know the tremendous benefits they offer, especially when compared to traditional buildings. Chances are, you’re familiar with their customizability, durability, longevity, strength, sustainability, and more, all at budget-friendly prices. In other words, you know that steel buildings are the most cost-effective option on the market, but do you know the specific design features that help provide and support these advantages? For a more in-depth dive into the structural engineering that helps make steel buildings so incredibly durable and strong, you should know about one of the key building elements that they sport—steel building trusses!

Trusses Have History

If you’re totally unfamiliar with what trusses are, you’ve come to the right place. These integral building elements have been around for centuries—a testament to their timeless strength and vital nature. At their core, trusses are essentially triangles. This shape provides incredible strength, balanced weight distribution, and the ultimate foundation on which build. When you take the triangle and incorporate it into a larger structure such as a beam, you get a truss. Even more importantly, you get a lighter structure that is just as strong as one made from solid material. The use of triangles in trusses is nothing new. Historians have discovered trusses ancient as the Egyptian dynasty. The Romans were also renowned for their use of trusses in their architectural pursuits. From massive buildings to boats and bridges, trusses have been used for centuries to instill strength into structures of all types. Their usefulness continues to this day thanks to their strength, efficiency, and convenience.

Metal Building Trusses – What You Should Know

We know what you’re thinking—the history lesson was cool, but what about now? Well, we’re glad you asked! Trusses are used frequently today thanks to the many advantages they inherently offer and thanks to the advances made in building materials, methods, and technologies.

Truss Design and Size

Not all trusses in the modern era of construction are the same. Gable, header, and lean-to trusses are all available for different purposes. The size of the truss depends on the type of truss being built. Gables trusses sport a 4:12 slope and are available in sizes ranging from 20’ to 50’, header trusses are available in 12’ to 30’ wide sizes, and lean-to trusses feature a 1:12 slope and are made in sizes ranging from 12’ to 30’ wide. Each of these truss styles and corresponding sizes is used for different applications within a building. The versatility demonstrated by metal building trusses is another reason that they are used so frequently in steel building projects.

The Strength of Steel

One of the modern innovations that elevated metal building trusses to the next level of strength and versatility is the advent of steel as a building material. Steel is an incredible material, especially for use in construction, as it is recyclable, easy to manipulate, and offers strength that would have been unfathomable only a few decades ago. This strength has taken an already impressive structure—the truss—and taken it to new highs of durability and versatility. It’s fair to say that when trusses are made of steel, it’s a bit like the dream team coming together.

Durability and Longevity

The use of steel in metal building trusses contributes more than unbelievable strength; it also makes an already durable structure even more impressive. When you invest in a new building, you do so with the anticipation that it will serve you well for years to come. Metal buildings are well-known for their longevity, and the use of steel building trusses only improves upon that reputation. With such reliability guaranteed, you can invest your hard-earn money and time with confidence, knowing that your steel building is going to endure through the challenges and years thanks, in part, to its metal building trusses.


Metal building trusses are used in a variety of building types thanks to their versatility. They are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy snow accumulation, helping buildings manufactured using metal building trusses easily meet or exceed local building codes. Despite their profound strength and weather resistance, you should always call Probuilt Steel Buildings on (877) 754-1818 to speak to an experienced metal building professional about steel building trusses when permitting is required.

Metal Building Trusses and Probuilt Steel Buildings

As one of the most established manufacturers of metal buildings in the country, the use of steel building trusses by Probuilt Steel Buildings is well-documented. With a reputation for providing top-quality buildings and delivering customer satisfaction time after time, Probuilt Steel Buildings is the go-to manufacturer of steel buildings in the United States. Call today on (877) 754-1818 to speak to a metal building expert about your steel structure needs!

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