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What To Expect From Weatherproof Metal Buildings

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19 Jul 2021

Metal Building Homes

In Florida, a metal building is a necessity. With the hot sun and humid climate, metal buildings are perfect for storing all of your belongings without worrying about rust or mold. The metal building also has an excellent withstanding capacity because it can withstand high winds and hurricanes. Read on for more info on the benefits of metal buildings.

Why Weatherproof Metal is the Way to Go

Weatherproof metal buildings are a great solution to building needs. Here is why metal building will work for your needs.

● Strong Steel Frame

Weatherproof metal buildings have steel frames that can withstand high winds and hurricanes without rusting or molding over time because of the humid and hot sun.

● Steel Roofing Panel

The steel panels for commercial-grade roofing are 26-gauge high-tensile steel. Some building systems might require lighter 29 gauge metal panels, but these are not commercial grade.

● Strong Attachment with Bolts

Metal buildings are secured with solid steel bolts designed to withstand a wide range of wind speeds, making sure your building stays on the ground where it belongs.

● Long-Lasting EPDM

The metal roofing panels are held together with durable EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) sealing washers. These allow for weatherproofing even under the harshest conditions.

● Eave Sealing System

Foam rubber strips designed to fit the roof panel. These will seal the metal building from rain and wind.

● Ridge Caps

The ridge of metal buildings usually has roofing panels meeting at a seam. Ordinary companies use a flat-rolled ridge cap to cover the area and create an opportunity for leaks. Probuilt Steel Buildings uses ridge caps designed to match the shape of the roof panels.

● Formed Base Trim

Ordinary metal building packages require a 1-1/2" notch to be made in the concrete foundation all around the outer walls. The steel wall panels then rest directly on top of this notched-out area, leading to rusting over time and water leaking into your new structure. The Probuilt Steel Buildings’ solution is that instead of having a formed-base trim attached to the edge off each side, they use one long piece running along both sides, so there's no need for any type of cutting whatsoever! This eliminates potential risks like leaks and corrosion due to contact between it and other materials (i.e., ground).

Metal Buildings Stand Up to the Harshest Weather

Metal buildings are the ideal choice for making sure your building will stand up to wind, rain, hurricanes, fires, floods, and anything mother nature can throw at it.

• Hurricanes

Metal building can withstand hurricane-force winds and heavy rain, unlike a traditional structure that could collapse if faced with these conditions. If metal buildings were to be hit by the force of a hurricane, they would not allow air or water inside them because they are sealed tightly together. In fact, you can even use metal buildings as shelters during a hurricane.

• Fires

Metal buildings are resistant to fire because metal does not burn easily, and metal building panels won't deteriorate in the heat of the flames.

• Floods

Flooding is another situation when metal buildings prove their worthiness! A metal roof will prevent water from getting inside; metal walls will be protected from the water, and metal has a high rate of resistance to corrosion.

Weatherproof metal buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings provide excellent wind, fire, flood, and hurricane protection, making them perfect for storing all of your belongings without worry!

Metal Buildings Will Stand the Test of Time

Probuilt Steel Buildings provide galvanized steel and vertical roof panels to allow your metal building to stand up to climate changes.

Probuilt Steel Buildings also provide adequate sizing and sturdy panels to provide the best possible support and quality for your metal building. Metal buildings are an excellent investment as you can use them for a variety of things. In addition, you can easily repurpose them to fit any building needs like:

• Garages • Warehouses • Mechanic Shops • Storage • Equipment Buildings • Tool Sheds

The best part is that you can increase your property value due to the metal building having a wide variety of potential uses.

Probuilt Steel Buildings Provides the Best Weatherproof Building!

Metal buildings are a great solution to your weatherproof building needs. In addition, they provide long-term solutions to assist with your building needs. Probuilt Steel Buildings is the leading manufacturer of metal carports, garages, metal barns, and custom metal buildings all over the United States. The metal buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings are of high quality, durable, and long-lasting, made from authentic US steel only.

Weatherproof metal buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings provide excellent wind protection and fire, flood, and hurricane protection, making them perfect for storing all of your belongings without worry!

Probuilt Steel Buildings also offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options for the building you need. So order a metal building today to protect what matters most to you! Contact Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818.

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