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Unique Metal Building Ideas That Are Worth Checking Out

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29 Jul 2022

Steel Buildings

In recent years, prefab metal buildings have quickly become one of the most popular construction methods in the industry due to their strength, cost-effective design, and customizability. They're prized for their ability to work in almost any application and are known for lasting years with minimal need for maintenance.

So, if you've thought about purchasing a metal building for your home or business, you've come to the right place! Below, we'll go into more detail about the wide variety of metal buildings and some fantastic ways they're being used!

Various Uses for Residential Metal Buildings

Believe it or not, metal buildings aren't just backyard sheds anymore! These modern structures are used in a wide variety of different ways. Let's look at a few of them!

1. Metal Guest Homes

If you've wanted to add extra space to your home or create guest quarters or a Mother-in-Law Suite, a prefab steel building is one of the most cost-efficient solutions. These buildings can be constructed and finished with insulation, drywall, electricity, plumbing, and all the comforts you'd expect from a full-livable structure.

2. Metal Garages

Repairing and maintaining your family vehicles is a tough job. It's even more challenging when you have to work on them in the dead of winter. However, with an enclosed metal garage, you’ll be able to keep them operating year-round without worrying about the temperature or weather!

3. Metal Gyms

Why spend money on costly gym memberships when you can bring the gym home to you? Prefab metal buildings make excellent gyms and fitness facilities. These structures will give you the room and adaptability for handling heavy workout equipment, weights, presses, treadmills, and just about anything else you’d want to maintain your fitness.

4. Metal Barns

Metal buildings have been a staple for farmers and agricultural specialists. These structures are prized for resisting many elemental hazards that can severely damage crops and equipment. This includes moisture, rust, mold, mildew, pests, and even temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! It makes them the perfect candidate for protecting food supplies, crops, and tools.

5. Boat Carports

Owning a boat or watercraft can be an expensive endeavor! However, with a boat carport, you can keep your investment in pristine condition year round!

6. Man Caves and She Sheds

If you simply need a place to kick back and relax, or you want to catch the most recent game, a steel building gives you the space needed to get away from it all. These buildings can be transformed into fantastic entertainment spaces, game rooms, and any family-friendly fun you can think up!

7. Garden Sheds

Do you have a green thumb? If the answer is yes, you need a garden shed to protect all your gardening equipment. From shears and shovels to flower pots and mulch, a garden shed can keep all your supplies organized and ready to go.

Uses for Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal structures are also fantastic when used in commercial settings! From retail establishments to restaurants and everything in between, these versatile buildings work for any business! Let’s take a look at how some companies are using metal buildings to improve their business.

1. Office Spaces

Renting office space for your business can be time-consuming and costly, even without navigating leases and legal paperwork. So why not build your own? Metal buildings can be completely finished to make wonderful customized office spaces of any size.

2. Airplane Hangars

Some structures, like those built using clear span technology, can be constructed without the need for internal supports. This makes them a perfect choice for larger-scale applications like airplane hangars.

3. Automobile Repair

Have you ever noticed how most automotive repair shops are housed in steel buildings? That's because they're a tried-and-true option that saves owners money before, during, and long after their purchase. These structures can be fully customized to make multiple bay repair shops and can even be outfitted for waiting areas, office spaces, and more.

4. Retail Establishments

Whether operating a storefront or running a new eatery, a metal building is one of your quickest, most cost-effective construction options. These commercial-grade buildings are designed to your exact specifications and can be built in a fraction of the time and cost compared to stick-built alternatives.

5. Warehouses

Metal buildings are a prime choice for many warehouses due to their sheer open square footage. This is useful for storing large items and heavy equipment. Recreational Uses for Metal Buildings

Housing a business and keeping your household valuables protected aren't the only things steel buildings are good at. In fact, there are a ton of recreational activities that are greatly improved with a prefab steel structure. Let’s take a look at just a few:

1. Church Event Centers

There's no more cost-effective option for places of worship and municipal gathering spots than a steel building. Due to their customizability, strength, and affordability, these versatile structures are regularly used for gathering centers, concert halls, and much more!

2. Sports Training Facilities

Since metal buildings can be designed at enormous sizes without needing internal support, they make excellent sports compounds and training centers. From football to baseball, these buildings provide athletes with the ability to practice regardless of the weather or season.

3. Farmer’s Markets

Custom steel buildings are an excellent option for local farmers and growers to display and sell their crops.

4. Picnic Shelters

Steel buildings and metal carports are the go-to choices for many picnic shelters and outdoor attractions, allowing guests to stay cool while enjoying the day with family and friends.

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