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Home / Blog / The Wonders of True American Smoked Barbecue on a Gas Grill

The Wonders of True American Smoked Barbecue on a Gas Grill

3 years ago

Ask any man in America about their pride and joy, and you get one of three answers: their car, their boat, or their grill. Americans throughout the country love to barbecue, and they're very proud of it. Frankly, they should be; American BBQ is one of the few delicacies known throughout the world for their cuisine praise. Unfortunately, BBQ is not necessarily a year-round treat.

In the winter, when it's time to protect it from the cold weather, many grillers do little more than just throw a tarp over it. However, nowadays, a lot are investing in gas grill metal storage sheds to ensure their grill comes out the next summer unscathed. For years, Probuilt Steel Buildings has been there to help you select the perfect steel shed for when you're not burning brisket. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality metal buildings at the most affordable prices possible.

But before pursuing a metal building of your own, there are some key things you should know about storing a gas grill in the winter.

  • Step 1: Getting It Clean

The first step before you even get it near the shed is making sure it's clean. Leaving bits of burnt food and oils can lead to some pretty unsightly grill grates. You'll want to wipe them down thoroughly, letting them sit in soap for hours. Beyond the grates, wipe down all the other parts of the grill with the right cleaning product to keep it looking clean, shiny, and pristine.

  • Step 2: The Propane Tank

Even if you're taking your grill indoors for the season, the propane tank should remain somewhere outside. Tighten the valve shut to prevent any leakage and wipe it down. Sitting outside all summer probably means there are some spider webs to clear. Disconnect it, and use the plastic cap to cover the fittings.

  • Step 3: Avoiding Moisture

The primary purpose of storing your grill in the winter is to keep it away from moisture. Moisture leads to rust, and after prolonged exposure, it can render your grill unusable. Rusted grates can ruin food, and rusted valves will interfere with the gas flow.

There are many different ways to protect your grill from moisture, such as:

  • Using a Grill Cover

This is the simplest solution. There are cloth and tarp covers of all sizes available at the local hardware store that will do the job. It's a good idea if you're only putting it away for a few days, but it doesn't solve the problem for a whole season.

The main issue with a grill cover is that it only covers the top, leaving the bottom exposed. After rain or snowstorm, the water beneath evaporates and leads to moisture. You don't want the bottom of your grill looking like an ancient sunken pirate ship.

  • Storing Under a Roof

A grill cover is better than leaving it out naked, but it's not a permanent fix. The better option is to get it under a roof. There, it will stay dry, and there'll be no chance of water or snow buildup underneath.

Here are three terrific options that could easily store your grill in the winter:

1. Storing in a Metal Carport

Technically, putting your grill under a metal carport means leaving it outside, but it protects it from rain or snow. It's also incredibly convenient. If the winter winds up being mild enough, you would be able to pull it out for a quick meal without any hassle.

2. Utilizing a Storage Shed

A lot of grillers use their backyard storage building to store their barbecues. Since there's little yard work to do in the winter, it's a comfortable place to store it if you have the room safely.

3. Storing in a Metal Garage

If you love your barbecue and have the room on your property, some grillers that pride themselves on their technique have added a metal garage specifically for their grill, and it's a great idea. A metal garage is large enough to store a grill and any other equipment you don't use in the winter. And compared to the wood competition, if you could call it that, they're surprisingly affordable.

Save Your Grill From The Cold Today!

The evidence is clear: it's just smarter to store a gas grill in a metal building during the winter. Their affordability, as well as their durability, make them perfect for protecting the things you love, keeping them pristine for when you actually need them.

Probuilt Steel Buildings prides itself on customer satisfaction, and our fast and free delivery will have your metal storage shed or garage in no time at all. If that's not enough, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to install. So call us today at (877) 754-1818!

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