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The Ultimate Metal Workshop Building Guide

2 years ago

Metal Workshops

Everyone has a hobby. Some task, activity, or side job that brings you joy. Perhaps you're a woodworking enthusiast or itching to build a recording space for your musical instruments. Unfortunately, these tasks often don't fit with keeping a clean, organized household. And whether it's tools, equipment, or valuables, these hobbies always seem to overflow into your daily life, causing clutter and just generally making a mess. At least until now.

In recent years, metal workshops have become one of the most popular ways of housing your hobbies. These steel structures are incredibly strong, adaptable, and highly cost-effective, giving you the freedom to craft, work, and relax on your own terms.

And if you’ve found yourself looking for an affordable structure that can handle your hobbies, you’re on the right track! Below, we’ll discuss these flexible workshop buildings, choosing the right type, and what you want to keep in mind when making your first purchase. So let's not waste any time, shall we?

Defining the Type of Metal Workshop You Need

If you're unfamiliar with the process of purchasing a metal building, the start of your journey may feel like a challenge or a slog. But that's okay! You'll first want to define what type of metal workshop you're interested in. Let's look at a few different types.

1. Residential Workshops

These are the types of structures you'd install around your home. Whether they're used as a garage, lawn equipment shed, or home office space, these buildings are classified as residential. And if you're looking for a place to house your hobbies, these types of structures are your prime choice.

2. Agricultural Workshops

While fundamentally similar to residential models, agricultural workshops are typically used on farms and ranches. Growers around the country use these structures for storing their livestock, feed supplies, and heavy equipment from the elements. They're also prized for resisting moisture, mold, pests, and fires!

3. Commercial Workshops

If your hobby has transformed into a full-time job, you probably need a commercial workshop. These structures are designed specifically to house your business and can be customized for any need or purpose. They make excellent automotive repair shops, retail stores, restaurants, and more!

4. Industrial Workshops

Though most likely used for commercial purposes, an industrial workshop provides the space you need to house large manufacturing equipment and inventory. They’re regularly used for distribution centers, factories, manufacturing plants, and warehouse spaces due to the sheer internal square footage they offer.

Crucial Things to Consider When Buying and Building a Metal Workshop

We understand that purchasing any structure is a significant endeavor. And if you want to get the most out of your structure, there are several essential things to keep in mind. These include the following:

1. Use

How do you plan to use your workshop? Will it be designed to house a woodworking studio? Or will you use it as an entertainment room or home theater? Having a good idea of how you intend to use your steel structure will do wonders for helping you choose the right one for the job.

2. Floor Space

How much room will you need? You'll want to carefully determine how much interior square footage you require to accommodate your tools, equipment, and supplies. After all, no one wants to buy a workshop only to realize it's too small!

3. Design and Aesthetics

How do you want your building to look on the exterior? You'll have access to many custom options that give you the power to tailor your metal workshop to your aesthetic desires. Want something modern? You can design it! How about a building with a traditional look? That can be done, too! The only limits are your budget and your imagination!

4. Access

Let's face it; you'll be traveling to and from your structure regularly. And that's why having easy access is essential. As such, you'll want to ensure that your structure has road access to make using it accessible and effective year-round.

5. Foundation Type

When you purchase workshop metal buildings, you'll have a choice of foundation. These foundation types vary in strength, price, and longevity and include: • Dirt/soil foundations • Asphalt or hardtop foundations • Concrete pads In most cases, if you’re constructing an enclosed workshop, you’ll want to choose a concrete pad as your foundation type.

6. Electrical and Plumbing

If you expect to use your structure regularly, it will need electricity and plumbing. During the design phase, you’ll want to choose a building site that rests near available utilities. Taking the time to do this can save you tons of money over the course of construction.

7. Lighting

Working indoors will require ample lighting. And unfortunately, natural lighting, such as windows, can only do so much. So, you'll need to design the lighting in your workshop. Will you use standard light bulbs or opt for more cost-effective fluorescent or LED fixtures? The choice is yours!

8. Storage

Will you need storage space? If you expect you'll need room for storage space in addition to your hobbies, it's best to design that aspect before construction begins. By taking the time to perform this due diligence, you can ensure that you'll always have plenty of room to keep your items and valuables safe.

9. Insulation

To use your building in the cold winter months, it will need insulation. Not only will insulation reduce moisture buildup, but it helps your building maintain a more even internal temperature. Combine that with the right heating and cooling methods, and you'll have a highly effective, energy-efficient workspace.

10. Ventilation

Sometimes hobbies can kick up dust and harmful chemicals. And that's why you'll want plenty of ventilation in your workshop. You can achieve this by passive means, such as windows and doors, or by active methods, such as built-in fans and vent hoods.

11. Price Versus Quality

There are a lot of metal building manufacturers out there. And not all of them offer the same quality products. That's why you'll want to choose a trusted provider with a history of delivering premium products and materials. Opting for cheaper options may work well in the short term but can be costly throughout ownership.

DIY Your Own Metal Workshop

If you have the DIY spirit or simply enjoy tackling home-building projects, a metal workshop kit might be an excellent fit for you! These kits come with all the components you'd find in traditional steel buildings, except you install them on your own! Not only will this allow you to skip long wait times, but it can get you a discount on your building price! Sometimes even up to 20%!

So, if you're ready to take on your own metal workshop project, call Probuilt Steel Buildings, ask about our metal building kits, and let us help!

Probuilt Steel Buildings Is Your Number One Metal Workshop Provider

For years, Probuilt Steel Buildings has prided itself on delivering quality products designed to last a lifetime but won't take a lifetime to afford. These steel structures are strong, effective, and built to work for almost any application under the sun.

Whether you're looking for a metal workshop for your hobbies or a larger industrial building for housing supplies, Probuilt Steel Buildings can deliver. So, if you're ready to start your metal building journey and take advantage of great financing options, give us a call at (877) 754-1818! Our building experts are waiting to help you envision, design, and customize a structure that works for your home office, woodshop, or recording studio!

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