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Safe Construction Tips for Your Metal Building Installation

a year ago

Constructing Your Building Safely

In just a few short years, custom metal buildings have risen to become one of the most prevalent construction methods around. Far cheaper than wooden structures and much easier to build, these versatile structures have overtaken the residential and commercial markets.

And for some DIYers, metal building kits are a great way to take on their own building installation while saving some money in the process. But undertaking any construction project requires plenty of planning and forethought. It also will require you to observe safe practices throughout the entire installation.

After all, steel buildings are built using precise components that make them easy to assemble, but that doesn't prevent the possibility of accidents happening during construction. So, to minimize this possibility, we've put together a handy guide full of tips to keep your next metal building installation safe and efficient!

Protective Construction Apparel

They say to dress for the job you want. But how about dressing for safety? When undertaking any building project, there are certain pieces of gear that not only make the job easier but safer. You'll need to keep these handy to prevent accidents from occurring. This protective equipment includes:

1. Gloves

When working with your hands, wearing the right kind of gloves is always important. Metal building components, such as support columns and paneling, can be incredibly sharp, posing a significant risk of injury if handled without the right equipment.

Boots A metal building installation will require you to lift heavy objects like support beams and trusses repeatedly. These components can be hazardous to your feet if you don't wear appropriate safety gear, such as steel-toed boots.

2. Goggles

Eye safety is paramount! And you never know what you will encounter during a build. Sawing or cutting components can fling bits of metal through the air at incredibly high speeds. Specialized safety goggles are recommended to prevent flying bits of material from damaging eyes.

3. Hard Hats

Once again, heavy falling objects at building sites can be a significant hazard. Beams can fall from lifts or slide from rooftops, injuring folks or damaging any equipment unlucky enough to be standing underneath. Investing in safety-rated hard hats is advised to minimize the risk of major head injuries.

4. Masks

Installing insulation and sanding metal materials can kick up quite a bit of harmful particles into the air. These same particles can find their way into your eyes, mouth, nose, and lungs, causing a wide range of medical issues. Wearing a respirator is a great way to prevent these materials from entering your body during installation.

General Safety Tips for Metal Building Construction

There are several ways you can promote safety throughout your metal building installation. First, let's take a look at just a few ways you can improve your overall construction safety!

1. Keep Your Build Site Clean

Not only are messy construction sites dangerous, but they can also greatly interfere with your productivity. Components and tools will be harder to find in a cluttered environment. You'll want to keep your site free of trash, vegetation, and debris to ensure a safe, streamlined build.

2. Don’t Try to Fix the Equipment

If your equipment isn't working correctly, don't try to work on it yourself. Not only can you void critical warranties, but removing certain components, safety mechanisms, or guards can be especially dangerous for you and your fellow workers. As such, it's always a good rule of thumb to seek professional assistance to repair equipment.

3. Reduce Fall Risks

You’ll want to work as much as possible on the ground to prevent accidental falls and accidents. Only work in elevated situations when necessary and refrain from completing these tasks during inclement weather.

4. Communication Is Key

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with hired professionals or having your friends over to help out with the job; it's vital to communicate effectively. Everyone should know the goals, safety procedures, and personal protective gear required to complete the job. Additionally, you'll always want to have emergency numbers and first aid kits on hand.

5. Seek Professional Assistance When Necessary

Sometimes, there will be situations and tasks that simply can't be completed with a DIY approach. Instead of pushing forward when you're out of your depth, it will always be best to seek the assistance of professionals. For example, electricity, plumbing, and HVAC installation will likely need the touch of licensed pros.

Consider the Weather

Another safety risk is performing your installation in rough weather conditions. High winds, rain, and snow are all environments that aren’t conducive to construction. High winds can catch unsecured components, like metal sheeting, and turn them into dangerous blown objects. Rain can result in slips, falls, and major injuries.

To minimize the possibility of injury, it’s always a good practice to postpone construction during bad weather events.

Final Considerations

Metal building kits are a fantastic way to complete a project on your own and reduce your overall construction costs. However, completing the installation process independently requires taking on several crucial responsibilities. You’ll not only be required to handle the manual labor aspect of the project, but you’ll be in charge of staying under budget and observing all safety precautions.

Many folks who purchase metal buildings will prefer to sit back and let a professional installation team handle the job. It might increase overall metal building prices, but the benefits often outweigh the added cost. These licensed and experienced installers will manage the process from beginning to end, ensuring that everything is completed correctly and to the code.

Probuilt Steel Buildings Is Your Dedicated Metal Building Professionals

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So, if you’ve been searching for metal buildings for sale, you’re on the right track! Give Probuilt Steel Buildings a call today at (877) 754-1818 and let our dedicated experts help you design and plan a metal building to suit your home or business! The best coverage you’ve ever had is only a phone call away!

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