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Home / Blog / Mining Industry's Storage Solution - Why Steel Buildings are the Trustworthy Option?

Mining Industry's Storage Solution - Why Steel Buildings are the Trustworthy Option?

2 years ago

Mining & Metal Buildings

The United States mining industry is one of the pillars of the domestic economy. The nation is the world's leader in the production of beryllium, sulfur, and soda ash. America is also the third-largest producer of gold and copper. With the mining industry growing, and coal accounting for almost 50% of the electric power generated in the U.S., mining interests need tough, reliable storage. There is no better industrial storage facility than a steel building!

Is your mining operation looking for a durable facility? Are you interested in customized access and long-term ROI? Then, the commercial and industrial metal buildings engineered by Probuilt Steel Buildings are perfect for you!

Why Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Mining Operations

• Clear Span Structures

o The brilliant engineering of industrial steel architecture allows your mining operations to utilize every square foot. Clear-span structures are free of interior columns and provide optimized flexibility to any enterprise. Pre-engineered steel buildings can be installed up to 300ft wide without any columns! Your clear span building will have ample space for truck deliveries, machinery, and storage.

• Impressive Resilience

o When you purchase a metal building for your mining enterprise, you are investing in the strongest possible protection for your business. Your metal building will be engineered with commercial grade galvanized steel, certified to withstand extreme wind and snow loads. Steel buildings are forecast to last for decades!

• Fully Customizable

o Your steel building is built for you! When you partner with Probuilt Steel Buildings, you get a quality, industrial steel building that is customized to your exact specifications. Your building’s dimensions, roof style, color, windows, and doors are yours to design!

• Fast Construction

o If you’ve ever attempted a traditional construction project, you were probably plagued by delays and material constraints. The good news is steel buildings are, on average, installed 30% more quickly than their competitors! Industrial steel buildings are prefabricated in the factory, meaning that all cuts and welds are made with precision before the materials are delivered to your site. Once you have your building at the location, your crew needs only to assemble it!

• Cost-Efficiency

o Let’s consider the bottom-line ROI for you; after all, you have a business to run! Steel buildings are incredibly cost-effective. First, steel is manufactured with a zero-waste, 100% recycled global system, which keeps the market price budget-friendly. Second, installation requires considerably less labor. Third, you’ll save a lot in long-term maintenance expenses. Steel buildings are energy-efficient (you can save up to 50%) and require very little upkeep.

• Resistant to Extreme Weather

o How does your metal building prepare you for climate change? Well, steel is categorized as a Type 1 material by the International Building Code. What does that mean for you? It means that steel is the safest possible material for constructing your building! Steel is fire-resistant and pest-resistant. It is ductile, which allows it to bend under the pressure of earthquakes and resist collapse. Metal buildings are also mildew and mold resistant, so you can confidently face floods and snowy weather. Extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy ice are no match for the power of steel!

• Many More!

Probuilt Steel Buildings: The Leading Manufacturer of Metal Buildings

You want the best quality and the best prices for your mining operation, and Probuilt Steel Buildings delivers! Our steel structures are certified by experts to exceed local building codes and backed by our exceptional warranties. Whatever custom options you need, we will provide! Height, width, or multiple access points – we can design and engineer whatever you desire.

Our building specialists are committed to your ultimate customer satisfaction, so don’t hesitate. Call today at (877) 754-1818! Partner with Probuilt Steel Buildings and get the most fantastically durable metal building in the industry.

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