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Metal Building Warranties What to expect from a manufacturer

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11 Sep 2020

Steel Buildings

Any time you make a significant purchase, whether it’s a camera or a car, you want to make sure the manufacturer provides a warranty that protects you and your investment from premature failure. That’s what a warranty is, after all, a sort of insurance or guarantee that the product you are buying is of good quality and that the manufacturer stands behind it. When it comes to buying a building, the need for a warranty grows even stronger. Buildings are significant financial investments and a commitment, as you will likely use yours for years to come. As such, ensuring that the manufacturer of your metal building offers a proper warranty. So, what should you expect from the manufacturer in terms of metal building warranties? Read on to find out!

Understanding Metal Building Warranties

In order to know whether the warranty you are receiving with your metal building offers enough coverage, you first need to understand some of the elements the warranty is likely to include or not include.

  1. Important to Both Parties – Warranties are important for both the buyer and the manufacturer. The buyer can find peace-of-mind in knowing that any unforeseeable failures may be covered and fixed or replaced by the manufacturer. The manufacturer can use warranties as a testament to the quality it is offering, a tool to increase customer retention, and a method of ensuring that the product you buy isn’t just an inanimate object, it is representative of a relationship between you and it.
  2. Non-Transferable – Warranties only apply to the original owner of the steel building. This means if you did not have a hand in the buying and installation, you are not responsible for the building and will not be covered by the warranty. Even if this were not the case, the process of transferring the paperwork and ownership is not a worthwhile pursuit.
  3. Natural Disasters – Unfortunately, damage from natural disasters is not covered by warranty. On a brighter note, this is exactly what insurance is designed to cover!
  4. Beyond Control – Warranties only cover issues within the control of the manufacturer. For example, if you were to modify your building without the approval of the manufacturer, issues caused by or related to those alterations will not be covered as they are outside of the building specifications.
  5. Geography – Sometimes, warranties only apply to certain geographic areas. This could be the country of origin or even a regional area where the manufacturer’s facilities are located.
  6. Engineering Failures – Occasionally, failures occur due to incorrect information provided to the manufacturer by the building engineers. Such failures are rarely covered by manufacturer warranties, as they merely fabricated the structure based on the information provided.
  7. Owner Claims – In order for warranties to be honored, the claim will most likely have to be submitted by the owner or a properly appointed representative.
  8. Writing – When claims are made, they must be made in writing. This can be via either physical paper or electronic forms; the important thing to remember is that verbal claims do not count as legal contracts.

Important Questions to Ask

Rather than glancing at the small print and taking everything at face value, it is important to ask applicable questions to the manufacturer to better understand their warranty policies and how likely they are to stand by their product. Consider asking the following questions and formulate some others that are more directly related to your particular circumstances. • What is the length of the warranty? • Can I see copies of your warranties? • What is the financial state of the company? • How long has the company been engaged in business? • Is the warranty direct or a “pass-through” from the vendor to the manufacturer?

Buy from a Reliable, Reputable Manufacturer of Prefab Steel Buildings

When investing in something as substantial as a metal building, it is important to buy from a manufacturer that has an established reputation as one of the premier brands in the industry. Probuilt Steel Buildings is well-known as the best steel building manufacturer in the United States. Quality and customer service by Probuilt Steel Buildings are unsurpassed in the industry. With a solid reputation and industry leader in many regards, you can count on Probuilt Steel Buildings to provide you with a proper warranty. Call today on (877) 754-1818 for more information!

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