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Home / Blog / Metal Building Homes – An Eco-Friendly Choice?

Metal Building Homes – An Eco-Friendly Choice?

3 years ago

With more people working on reducing their environmental impact, the home is a great place to start. Metal homes are becoming a hugely popular choice with Americans because they not only offer an environmentally friendly option, but they also cost less than traditional buildings and will last for longer with minimal maintenance.

What Do We Mean by Sustainable Living?

When we think about the idea of sustainable living, then we are referring to reducing our impact on the environment and reducing the negative effects that are happening through climate change.

When you stop to consider the different materials we use every day and the range of energy sources that power our lives, then you will find that each one has a different impact on the environment, with some being more sustainable and others being less sustainable.

The least sustainable sources of energy are fossil fuels. They are rapidly depleting and also causing greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere, resulting in negative carbon emissions that are destroying the planet.

How Do Metal Houses Link to Climate Change?

So now you know what we mean by sustainable living, you may be wondering how steel homes can help improve the environment? It is simple, for every home that is built, a range of processes and materials are used to create the finished home, affecting the environment greatly.

To understand the impact of any home, including metal houses, you must first understand the home construction cycle:

  1. First, the materials used in construction need to be sourced through mining or harvesting.
  2. Next, the materials have to be taken to a facility ready for the manufacturing process to start.
  3. Each item is used to create the materials needed for house building – there are a range of materials needed, so there will be many different processes happening.
  4. Once manufactured, each item will need to be taken to building sites across the country.
  5. Construction teams then use the materials to build a home.
  6. The finished home will last anywhere from 50 years upwards.
  7. The house is no longer needed and is taken down via demolition or disassembly and then disposed of.

During each stage, emissions are released and have a negative impact on the environment, and so it is essential that each stage is as streamlined as possible to reduce the number of emissions released.

The Great Thing About Steel - Recyclability

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution, then steel is a great choice because it is fully recyclable and eco-friendly. In fact, steel building homes use a high percentage of recycled steel in their construction, meaning less mining and fewer emissions.

The best thing about installing steel house kits is that when the home reaches the end of its life, it can still be fully recycled and incorporated into a new metal building house!

Another Great Thing About Steel – Durability

We understand that while sustainable living may be top on your list of priorities, then you will also need to be confident that your new metal building home will last the test of time. By choosing a steel building, homes can last for many years, decades, and even centuries if it is properly maintained and well looked after. You may need to install a new roof or sidings after many decades, but this is an affordable process that will help your home to be passed on through the generations.

Metal House Kits Use Less Energy

In addition to being highly sustainable, metal house kits use less energy when they are being constructed because they come prefabricated and ready to install. Many people opt to install them on their own rather than hiring large construction crews, resulting in fewer transport emissions and less manpower being needed.

Enjoy Chemical Free Maintenance with Metal Houses

When you opt for a traditional house made from wood, then you will need to treat it each year so that it does not rot or let termites in, and this type of treatment means spraying toxic chemicals. It is a well-documented fact that these types of chemicals can be harmful to people, animals, and nearby fauna and flora, leaving us thinking that it is best to find a solution that avoids it.

Metal homes do not need this type of chemical treatment, and the panels of steel homes will last many years before they need to be repainted with harmless steel paint. This means less maintenance for you to do and less impact on the environment when the time comes to complete the maintenance needed.

Build a Well Insulated Home with Steel Home Kits

You may be under the impression that steel homes are colder than wooden ones or hard to insulate. This is fundamentally untrue, with metal home kits being able to incorporate insulation as easily as a wooden home.

Taking the time to properly insulate your new metal home will not only provide you with a cozier feel but also improve your energy efficiency, reduce your bills, and use fewer fossil fuels to keep warm. Take the time to check out all your insulation options when you order your home so that you get the best efficiency on the market.

Choosing the Right Metal Home Kits

If you are serious about living a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life, then buying metal building home kits from Probuilt Steel Buildings is a perfect first step. All our buildings are 100% recyclable and made from steel, which can be recycled over and over with no loss of strength.

In addition to providing eco-friendly options, we are also focused on customer satisfaction and take great pride in delivering our products quickly and installing them to the highest standards.

All our options are fully customizable, too, meaning that sustainable living can still reflect your individual style and offer the comfort that you and your family can enjoy. Do not wait any longer – call us today at (877) 754-1818, and get your new home designed by us!

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