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How Your Metal Barn Price Is Estimated

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26 Oct 2022


For many people, purchasing a metal barn is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether they’re metal barns, backyard sheds, or farm buildings, buying any permanent structure is a massive investment that requires much research and planning if you hope to maximize your buying power.

But where does one start? If you're new to the metal building industry, understanding the nuances of the market can be pretty challenging. Knowing where to buy, when to buy, what to expect, and what is required from your structure can help you get the most out of your building while saving you money and time.

So, to help you make sense of the types of metal buildings offered, their price, and what to expect when buying, we've put together a blog that details it all. So keep reading for valuable information that will help you get the most out of your steel structure!

Different Types of Metal Buildings

From agriculture metal buildings to barns, many different steel structure types are out there. Let's take a look at just a few and their key differences.

1. Regular Roof Barn

A regular roof barn is a barn that features a regular roof system. A regular roof is your typical 'carport' roof style, with rounded corners and horizontally placed paneling. It's a great economical option that will save you money but may be limited to regions with moderate climates.

2. A-Frame Horizontal Roof Barns

Much like a regular roof barn, an a-frame horizontal roof will look more like a traditional home, with overhanging awnings, a sharpened roof pitch, and horizontal panels. It's a great mid-level option for regions with high winds but minimal rainfall.

3. Vertical Roof Barns

Vertical roofing systems are among the strongest options, providing protection over and beyond regular or a-frame roofs. This system combines the best aspects of an a-frame roof with vertically arranged paneling. This vertical paneling prevents leaves, snow, or debris from resting on your rooftop, saving you tons of money in roofing repairs over the years.

4. Horse Barns

Technically, any barn that houses horses can be considered a horse barn. However, since metal buildings are fully customizable, metal horse barns have become one of the most cost-effective ways of stabling your four-legged friends. They can be customized with washrooms, tack rooms, lean-tos, and custom doors, too!

5. Seneca Barns

A Seneca barn is a structure type that uses a continuous a-frame roof across the entire building span, including lean-tos and additions. As such, it provides your barn with a long, continuous roofline that can easily be upgraded with vertical paneling and accessories.

6. Carolina Barns

Also known as center raised barns, a Carolina barn features an A-frame roof with lean-to roofs attached at a lower level than the main roof, giving it the appearance of 'dropping down.' It's a great option that can work in many different applications.

Metal Barn Prices Are a Major Factor in Decision-making

As with any large purchase, taking the time to find the right product is worth the effort. And this is true of metal buildings, too. And, more often than not, the price of a metal barn plays a significant role in whether a potential customer chooses it. But what goes into a metal building’s price? Let’s break it down in detail.

1. Inherent Costs

When you break ground on a new structure, several varying expenses come with the territory. These include:

• Steel Prices

The price for raw steel fluctuates regularly based on demand, logistics, and transportation costs.

• Labor Costs

While many metal building manufacturers will include installation costs in your purchase, it will still affect the overall price. Choosing metal building kits and foregoing professional installation is one way to minimize these costs.

• Foundation Costs

Before you even break ground on your new structure, you'll have to arrange the construction of a foundation. And regardless of whether you choose gravel, asphalt, or concrete slab as your foundation, you'll have to foot the expenses for its creation.

• Location

If you live in a region that’s remote or difficult to access, installation fees may be included due to the added manpower required.

2. Codes and Regulations

Depending on your locality, you'll be required to secure a permanent building permit and abide by the set regulations and codes for your area. This can affect the final price of your metal barn.

3. Building Design

Another factor that can dictate the cost of your building is its size, complexity, and scale. As you can imagine, the larger the structure, the more it will cost to purchase.

4. Additional Items That May Affect Price

• Customizations Steel buildings are among the most customizable structures available on the market. However, customization options such as frame reinforcements, windows, custom doors, and premium color schemes will affect your building price.

• Insulation

While not necessary, insulation is important if you plan to use your building for more than simple storage. Insulation can reduce moisture buildup and maximize your structure's energy efficiency but will add additional costs to your building project.

• DIYing

As mentioned earlier, choosing to handle the installation yourself can save you quite a bit off the sticker price of your structure. Most building providers include installation in their pricing and will offer discounts for foregoing it.

• Additional Accessories

There’s no end to the different accessories that you can use with your new metal building. However, these options will increase the overall prices of your steel building.

How Building a Barn with Steel Boosts Farmer's ROI

There are many benefits to choosing a metal barn over wooden construction options. And this is especially true for farm buildings. So let's take a look at how these structure types can save farmers time and money.

1. Durability

Since metal buildings are forged from galvanized steel, they’ll last for decades with minimal need for upkeep. As such, when you purchase one, you can bet that it will serve you well.

2. Better Value

Since wooden construction has become prohibitively expensive, steel buildings are now one of the most cost-effective building options on the market.

3. Flexibility

You'll be hard-pressed to find an application or task that a metal building can't handle! In fact, they're regularly used for residential projects such as sheds, garages, and stables while simultaneously being popular for commercial applications like restaurants, stores, and more.

4. Safety

Metal structures are among the strongest building types, capable of handling intense winds, heavy snow accumulation, seismic forces, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit!

5. Pest Resistance

Pests can be a massive issue for farmers and growers. Insects and rodents can easily destroy structures, feed supplies, and more. But since metal buildings provide no natural source of bedding or vegetation, they won't take up shop in your building!

Boost Your Agriculture Today with a Metal Barn from Probuilt Steel Buildings

Across the US, farmers, growers, and ranchers have turned to Probuilt Steel Buildings for their premium metal buildings, accessible prices, and dedicated customer service. No one delivers the same quality structures and client satisfaction as us, and we aim to prove it!

Whether you're looking for barn buildings, metal garages, or industrial buildings, we have the knowledge to deliver every time.

So, if you’ve been thinking about making the jump to secure your own metal barn, give Probuilt Steel Buildings a call at (877) 754-1818! Our specially trained experts will help you design and visualize a structure that works perfectly for all your needs!

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