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Home / Blog / How Steel Buildings Meet Minnesota's Extreme Conditions

How Steel Buildings Meet Minnesota's Extreme Conditions

3 years ago

Due to its location in the United States, Minnesota experiences some of the country's most extreme weather conditions throughout the country. Residents are subjected to, and persevere through, some of the most significant weather extremes in the country.

It's so cold there that, from 1981-2010, according to MPR News, the city sat as just a vast blue blob on the radar. Weather that intense demands only high-quality steel buildings to protect against the harsh winds, snow, and rain to come. There's simply no comparison for the strength and durability a metal building can provide, and at an affordable price, as well.

Weather Challenges Faced by The North Star State

Just how bad can it get for Minnesotans? There are few weather conditions by which Minnesota is brutalized.


Minnesota temperatures have historically hit as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter up to a scorching 115 in the summer. These dramatic temperature shifts can wreak havoc on materials such as wood, particularly while transitioning through freeze and thaw cycles.


Minnesota is famous for its blizzards. In January 1975, a blizzard hit that left the state devastated. Winds reached speeds as high as 80 mph, and snowdrifts were up to 20 feet tall. Almost all roads in the state were closed down, some for nearly two weeks.

But the damage 1975 caused had only just begun. Two more blizzards hit that March, this time with winds as high as 100 mph.


Wind can be just as devastating without the snowfall. May of 1998 saw a series of thunderstorms and tornadoes. Neither of which are unheard of in the area; however, these winds reached 100 mph and left 22 dead. The following year, a derecho destroyed over 600 acres of forest.

And it's only gotten worse in recent years. As recently as 2011, winds reached a record speed of 121 mph.


If you thought winds and tornadoes reaching 100 mph is severe weather, you've clearly never been to Minnesota. Tornadoes have been known to form in the state in sporadic outbreaks. In 1992, one single-day outbreak of 27 tornadoes ravaged the state, with some reaching winds up to 260 mph.

That was minor compared to some more recent incidents. The National Weather Service recorded a record outbreak of 48 twisters in one day.


Minnesota is known for its gorgeous greenery, attracting its share of tourists. But those forests are attractive to wildfires, such as the Pagami Creek fire.

It began in August 2011 after lighting struck a bog, creating a small fire. When the humidity dropped to 18 percent, the fire quickly started to spread. By September, aided by high winds, the fire burned through 16 miles in one day. In total, it burned 145 square miles of forest.

Benefits of Steel Buildings in Minnesota

When it comes to conditions like these, there's simply no substitute for high-quality steel buildings like the ones from Probuilt Steel Buildings. Apart from long-lasting, dependable durability that'll withstand harsh weather conditions, prefab metal buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings offer:

• Affordable Pricing • Built-in Resistance to Fire, Lightning, Mold, Snows, Termites, And Wind • Clear Span Floor Space • Consistent Quality • Much Faster Construction • Economical Expansion • Eco-friendly Recycled Framing • Enhanced Waterproofing • Extended Lifetime • Fast Delivery • Guaranty to Meet or Exceed All Current Minnesota Building Codes • Heavy-duty Steel Bolt-and-nut Connections • High-grade Steel Panels in Vivid Color Choices • Low Maintenance

How Much Does an MN Metal Building Cost?

Pricing for metal buildings typically varies based on the customizations and roof style you select, but steel building pricing in Minnesota has a few more variables that will impact the cost. Such factors include market demand, availability of raw material, the state of the economy, and panel size and thickness.

But in Minnesota, what's really going to determine the cost are the customizations you select. Given the weather conditions, you're likely to choose differently than in other parts of the country.

__Options that people often choose that affect the price are: __

• Walk-in Doors • Roll Up Doors • Sliding Doors • Horizontal or Vertical Slide Windows • Insulation • Fasteners • Sealants and Flashing • Trim Package • Ridge Cap • Liners • Purlins • Panels • Plans and Drawings • Roof Pitch • 26-gauge Roof and Wall Sheeting

And more!

The size and location of your building will also determine its price. The larger the building, the more expensive.

Get the Best Steel Buildings in Minnesota Today!

As you can see, there's nothing that can meet the harsh and often extreme weather conditions of a state like Minnesota than a robust metal building. The durability and strength offered go unchallenged by any other kind of material or structure, and Probuilt Steel Buildings offers the best metal buildings available at an affordable price.

Our delivery and installation are always free, and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer satisfaction, every time. Call Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818 to meet all your MN metal building needs!

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