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Home / Blog / How Metal Warehouses Have Become a Popular Investment in New Jersey

How Metal Warehouses Have Become a Popular Investment in New Jersey

2 years ago

Key New Jersey Industries

New Jersey may be known as "The Garden State," but its true economic significance can be found through its contributions to the bio-pharmacy, tech, and manufacturing sectors. The state is home to over ten of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, with 40% of all new FDA approvals coming from within the state in 2021.

In addition to life sciences and biology being major New Jersey industries, manufacturing is also a large part of the region’s workforce. From textiles to chemical production and financial services, New Jersey contributes significantly to the nation’s economy. And one thing that allows these wildly varying industries to run smoothly is metal buildings. Steel structures are engineered to work in just about any application and are some of the only construction types capable of being built at such sizes.

How Metal Warehouses Have Become a Trend in New Jersey

In residential, commercial, and industrial applications, metal buildings have quickly risen in popularity. In fact, over 80% of all new commercial construction projects involve steel buildings! No matter what you need to do with a structure, a metal building can handle the job. That's precisely why they've become the go-to solution for manufacturing, technology, and pharmaceutical fields. Some designs, like our clear-span metal buildings, are engineered to need minimal internal supports, giving businesses the room they need for storage, office spaces, laboratories, and production facilities.

Why Metal Warehouses are Such a Great Construction Option

There are many reasons that steel warehouses are among the most widely used building methods on the market. We could go on for days about why they beat wooden alternatives at every turn. But let’s narrow it down to just a few select reasons why steel warehouses and metal buildings sit firmly on the cutting edge of design.

• Versatility

As we’ve mentioned, steel buildings can be engineered to suit almost any need. They’re great for small yard equipment sheds, industrial warehouses, and everything in between.

• Energy Efficiency

Since steel buildings are manufactured using precise tools and components, they tend to fit together like a finely-tuned jigsaw puzzle. This keeps cold air from entering structures, allowing them to stay warmer during the winter months. They’re also much cooler during the summer than traditional, stick-built structures.

• Customizability

No matter what design you have in mind, you can bring it to life with our 3D Building Estimator tool, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your building to suit your needs. From the roofing to the trim, these buildings can truly be made “your own.”

• Eco-Friendly

Steel buildings are far more environmentally friendly than wooden options. They’re far more easily sourced than wood and are 100% recyclable! When your building has reached the end of its life, simply melt it down and turn it into something new!

• Certified to Stand up to Any Weather

Our custom metal buildings and steel warehouses are certified to resist wind speeds and snow loads in your region, ensuring that they can stand up to just about anything Mother Nature can throw its way.

• Fire Resistance

Did you know that our steel buildings are fire-resistant up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? That's hotter than most fires burn! And while no building is genuinely "fireproof," our structures are about as close as one can get!

• Pest Resistance

A significant issue for many wooden building owners is pests. But not with the power of steel! Steel buildings offer creepy crawlies no natural food or bedding source, keeping them out of your important belongings!

How to Install the Right Metal Warehouse

Purchasing a metal building is a big decision! And since it's such a significant investment of time and money, it pays to get it right the first time. That's why you'll want to perform ample research to decide what structure type is best for you. To help you along the way, we've put together a small checklist of things that will make the process easier:

1. Finalize Your Building Designs

Aside from picking out your build site, your first step will be to finalize your building designs with our building expert team. They'll be happy to help you customize your building to suit your exact needs.

2. Prepare Your Foundation

After you've finalized your building design, you'll want to decide your foundation type. Concrete foundations will need to be placed and allowed to fully cure before installing your metal building. This will prevent any moisture buildup in the framing of your structure.

3. Check Permits and Local Codes

Another crucial aspect of constructing your new warehouse will be ensuring that your building passes all codes and you've secured the proper permits. Before installation, you'll want to contact your local building inspector to determine what regulations you'll need to cover.

4. Installation and Delivery

The final step of your new building’s journey will be the installation process. Installation and delivery costs are wrapped up in your final building price. However, if you live in an area that is remote or difficult for installation crews to reach, it may incur additional fees.

Get the Most Out of Your Metal Buildings in New Jersey Today!

No matter where in The Garden State you call home, you can enjoy our premium metal building and metal building kits. These structures are incredibly flexible and can be built in almost any size. From small sheds to enormous warehouse facilities, Probuilt Steel Buildings has the experience to deliver quality products that are made to last.

So, if you’ve made the decision to purchase a new metal building, you’ve come to the right place! Our talented team of building specialists are ready and waiting to help you design, customize and install the warehouse you've been needing! Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818, and let us make your new dream metal building a reality!

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