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Home / Blog / How is 5G Tech Affecting the Metal Building Business

How is 5G Tech Affecting the Metal Building Business

3 years ago

Understanding 5G and What it Does

Many of us will remember the evolution of data transfer speeds even if we didn't realize what it was. We got used to 2G networks that soon became 3G networks, and then 4G, as we demanded more from our internet access. More recently, we have seen the introduction of 5G. But what does 5G actually mean?

5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile communication technology. In short, this is the most advanced type of network for transferring data. Technology experts have indicated that 5G could replace broadband and ethernet internet connections due to its speed and reliability. The potential of this technology is massive, and as it can be used for heavy-duty data transfers that 4G networks may struggle with.

How 5G is Transforming the Metal Building Industry

Everyone from metal building manufacturers to metal buildings dealers understands the power that technology brings to the industry and the prospect of change that comes with it. However, there is a wide range of ways that 5G can change the industry, including:

• Metal Building Systems Manufacturing

Manufacturing of metal buildings has already become automated in many areas. The rollout of 5G is likely to increase this and change the way that metal buildings are manufactured. With 5G being wireless, factories can do away with the ethernet cables that are usually required for the automated processes. This means factories can become smarter and more efficient in the way they manufacture metal buildings and all of the components that are required.

• Design and Construction

Keeping teams talking is a very important part of construction, even when the teams are remote. 5G offers the ability to create a network platform that everyone can use to stay in touch about the project and get information and answers as and when it is a 5G to make it easier to record and document everything.

• Completed Buildings

As consumers demand to be more involved with the planning and execution of their new property, 5G can help to provide this by sharing plans and customization options as well as giving the construction team feedback via the platform to support change for the better in the future.

5G and metal buildings

The Range of Industries That Will be Using 5G Technology

In reality, the rise of 5G technology provides many great opportunities to a range of industries because of its speed and advanced capabilities. There has been a wide range of claims made about what will become possible with 5G, and the following industries look set to benefit the most:

• Manufacturing

Heading towards a system where factories do away with traditional human-led roles and replace them with smart factories that make use of AI, AR, and IoT. These skills will be able to provide in-depth training to staff and offer gains in construction and repair services.

• Energy & Utilities

5G offers the potential to make changes in our efficiency and usage, providing us with new smart grids that will reduce electrical peaks and extend battery lives on associated devices – reducing the cost to the consumer and improving the eco-friendliness of energy consumption.

• Agriculture

Using 5G technology to organize water, irrigation, crops, and livestock will help farmers to best manage their time and improve outcomes from their efforts.

• Retail & Financial Services

Whether it is the new VR dressing rooms or the ability to complete instant transfers from the touch of a button, 5G promises a lot of exciting changes for consumers.

• Healthcare

New 5G networks will not only speed up connections but made it more possible for clinicians to access the right data required for them to complete their job without having to wait, as well as working to produce higher quality images for MRIS – leading to quicker diagnosis and more targeted treatment.

• Transport

Imagine a world where transport agencies could access real-time overviews of their fleet and use this information to manage delivery times and reduce emissions. This is the future of 5G and will change the way that roads are managed.

• Education

From Pre-K to university placements, the face of education will change with 5G. It will offer virtual field trips to any location in the world and harness the power of VR to provide training sessions to students. VR is set to become increasingly important in areas such as medicine and engineering, where precision learning will help improve skills.

• Real Estate

From virtual home viewings to better organizing rental services, 5G has a lot to offer the real estate market and will give prospective buyers instant access to any property they are interested in, wherever they are in the world!

Probuilt Steel Buildings - The Team You Can Trust

From high-quality metal buildings to staying ahead of the curve, Probuilt Steel Buildings offers it all. If you are ready to invest in a new metal building or want to find out more about the future of 5G in our metal buildings, then our team is ready to take your call.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction and will work with you to get a fully customized and finished metal building kit to your door in next to no time at all. Call today at (877) 754-1818 to get more information!

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