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Getting the Right Carport for Your Specific Needs!

2 years ago

The word carport has origins in the french term ‘porte cochere’, which directly translates to mean a covering. The first structures that we now know as carports became popular in the early 1900s when a covered section was added to school designs in Illinois. Over time, this design became popular with residential properties, helping people to protect their cars when they were not being used.

As time has passed, carports have become a common feature for property owners in the United States, with the majority of these buildings being made from metal and offering a range of different roof styles. Metal carports may seem like a straightforward building to invest in, but there is a range of things you need to consider before you buy, including finding more about the best roof type for your needs. Let us take you through all the important factors involved in a carport purchase, giving you the confidence you need to proceed.

The Different Roof Styles for Prefab Metal Carports

One of the most obvious differences between metal carports is that they all come with different style roof options. Interestingly, each roof design has specific pros and cons, with many carport owners choosing theirs based on the ability of the roof to cope with the local climate and weather.

You will often find that the names of the different roof styles are mentioned by manufacturers, but at Probuilt Steel Buildings, we know that this is often not enough information to help you choose the right style for your needs. To give you the understanding you need, check out the three main roof styles that are currently offered:

• Regular Roof

A regular roof is one that has horizontal panels and no eaves, offering a simple way for rain to run off the roof and disperse onto the ground.

• Boxed-Eaves

A boxed-eave roof comes with the same horizontal panels as a regular roof but it also has an overhang that runs along all of the roof edges.

• Vertical Roof

Rather than having horizontal panels like the regular and boxed-eave roof designs, a vertical roof’s panels run vertically down from the ridge to the eaves.

How to Pick the Best Roof Style for Your Carport Kits

Before you start to look at carport prices and customization options, it is first important to choose the right roof style for your carport kits. The following advice should help you to make the best decision for your needs:

• Regular Roof Carports

This style of carport is a good choice for anyone that lives in an area with a temperate climate, with no extreme weather conditions. It’s a good choice and is often cost-effective, but if you live somewhere with more severe weather, then you may find that it is not a style that is approved in building codes.

• Boxed-Eave Carports

If you are interested in a boxed-eave carport, then this is a great choice if you live somewhere that only experiences moderate weather conditions. It is stronger than a regular roof option and offers greater longevity, making it a better choice overall.

• Vertical Roof Carports

If you are after the best and strongest solution, then a vertical roof carport is the only solution to consider. It is widely used in areas that are victim to poor weather, flooding, and storms, and offers strength when heavy loads of snow and rain come down.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Carport Roof

In addition to thinking about climate and strength, there are a number of other factors you will need to consider before you buy a new carport. These factors include:

• The Size of Your Car

Whether you have an RV that needs storage for 6 months of the year or a small car that you use each day, knowing the size of your car will have a real impact on the carport you choose.

• The Orientation of Your Panels

Vertical or horizontal panels will make up the design of your carport, and it is a good idea to match your roof design to the panel orientation for the strongest outcomes.

• Maintenance Needs

Whilst metal carports are incredibly simple to maintain, it is a good idea to invest in a roof style that offers a simple upkeep so that you can look after it without having to pay out for expert visits each year.

• Local Building Requirements

Each area has its own building codes that must be met in order for a building to be approved. This can include the roof style of the carport you choose, and so it is important to pick one that meets the requirements of your location.

• Future Needs

You may have a small car now or be a three-car family, but needs change as life moves forward, and it is important that your carport roof is able to support the changes you experience in order to prove useful over time. Think about how you may want to use your carport as the years go on and invest in a roof that will support these needs the best.

Ready to Buy Prefab Metal Carports? Probuilt Steel Buildings is Here!

It’s clear that metal carports have a lot to offer, including protecting your vehicles from the varying weather conditions as well as offering you additional storage and recreational space when you need it the most. At Probuilt Steel Buildings, not only do we know how to create strong and durable carports, but we also understand the need to find the right roof style for your needs.

Our team of dedicated experts has decades of combined experience and are ready to work with you to understand your requirements as well as assess the weather needs in your area so that you end up with a structure that has been built to last. Arrange your new carport with our help by contacting our team today at (877) 754-1818 – pick up the phone now and let’s get started!

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