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From Agricultural Buildings to Office Spaces

2 years ago

In case you haven’t heard, prefab metal buildings aren’t just backyard sheds anymore! In recent years, the technology behind these structures has improved by leaps and bounds, allowing them to work for a wide range of applications. Now, it's not surprising to see steel buildings used as agricultural buildings, industrial compounds, office spaces, and even fully-finished homes! And it isn’t just their capabilities launching these metal structures into the public eye! There is a reason people choose steel construction over other building materials. In this blog, we'll look deeper into why prefab metal barns are a fantastic choice for your next project!

Why Metal Buildings Are Your Best Choice for Any Agricultural Project

Metal structures have been incredibly popular with farmers and agricultural specialists for years. And that’s no accident! There are a ton of reasons that farms rely on these incredible buildings each day.

1. Clear Span Spaces

Some metal structures, like those engineered with clear span technology, can be built at enormous sizes with little to no need for internal supports. This provides farmers and workers with tons of uninterrupted space – perfect for housing large tractors, combines, livestock, and horses.

2. No Worry of Decay

To make your living from the land, you need tools and infrastructure that's ready to take a beating from the elements. Unfortunately, wooden buildings aren't quite up to the challenge. If given enough time, lumber-based structures are susceptible to moisture damage, rot, and decay. Steel buildings are naturally resistant to moisture infiltration, rust, and mold, ensuring that they'll last for decades with minimal need for repair.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums

Most insurance providers base their rates on the relative risk of a structure. Since steel is fire-resistant, the premiums on metal structures are often cheaper than on wooden alternatives.

4. Pest Resistance

For farmers, pests aren't just an icky inconvenience. Whether they're insects or rodents, these critters can destroy crops, cripple critical equipment, and rack up untold amounts of damage. Steel buildings, however, don’t have this problem. Metal buildings provide no natural source of food or bedding, keeping buildings free and clear of infestations.

5. Protection from Lightning

If you live in an area that regularly sees thunderstorms, having a structure that’s naturally immune to this phenomenon is a significant plus. Wooden frame buildings are prone to fire if struck by lightning, but with a properly grounded metal building, the current travels straight through to the ground, eliminating the risk of fire damage.

6. Minimal Maintenance

If you're working on a farm for a living, you don't exactly have all the time in the world to stop and perform routine maintenance on your structures. And with wooden buildings, you'll constantly be performing the upkeep. However, steel structures won't rot, decay, or break down, saving you time and money in costly repairs.

7. Easy Expansion

Unlike wooden alternatives that often require an engineer's consultation, steel buildings are designed for easy additions. This makes it far easier for farmers to expand and build upon their established structures if their farms need to grow.

8. Eco-Friendly

Did you know that steel is 100% recyclable? It carries a much smaller carbon footprint than wooden alternatives and can be reused repeatedly without any degradation to quality or strength.

9. Quick Installation

Since steel buildings are pre-designed and engineered at a manufacturing facility, they'll arrive ready to be built like a large 3D jigsaw puzzle. This allows them to be constructed far quicker than wooden alternatives. For example, where a stick-built structure might take months to build, a steel building can be completed in days or weeks.

10. Cost-Efficiency

With lumber prices soaring, it makes sense that more and more farmers are choosing steel buildings for their agricultural jobs. These structures can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to stick-built alternatives.

Why Metal Barns are Your Best Choice for Any Office Space

You'd be wrong if you thought metal barns were only useful in rugged farm settings! In fact, metal barns are quickly becoming the go-to choice for many new businesses and office spaces. Let’s take a deeper look into how these buildings are used for different types of office spaces.

1. Commercial Offices

If you're running a business and need a place for employees to handle essential tasks, you need office spaces. Far more inexpensive than costly leases, a metal barn can be finished to make excellent commercial office spaces. It doesn't matter the business sector or application; a metal barn will save you time and money.

2. Industrial Office Spaces

Large factories, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses require office spaces, too! And it can be hard to handle vital paperwork and financial tasks when forced to share a desk with large manufacturing equipment, lifts, and employees. Metal barns are a great way to give your employees and colleagues their own space to conduct business.

3. Agricultural Offices

It's hard to sign important tax paperwork on the back of a combine as it makes its way across your land. Even farms and agricultural facilities need their own offices! Prefab metal barns are a fantastic, cost-effective way to handle the most critical aspects of running your business.

4. Home Offices

Since working from home has become the norm for many Americans, it shouldn't surprise you that metal barns make excellent home office spaces. These structures provide the room and protection you need to separate your home and work life. Custom Metal Barns: A Structure Up for Any Task

No matter how you cut it, a steel barn is perfect for any type of agricultural or commercial project. From dairy barns to office spaces and everything in between, you simply can't beat these structures' capabilities. They're strong, cost-effective, and built to last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements.

They're also highly customizable, putting you in the driver's seat to design your building exactly how you want it. From the paneling to the trim, you'll be able to customize almost every aspect of your new metal building to meet your exact needs.

Design and Customize Your New Building with Probuilt Steel Buildings!

No matter where you call home, you can guarantee that Probuilt Steel Buildings has you covered with a broad lineup of carports, metal buildings, and metal barn kits to suit any application. From small equipment sheds to enormous industrial buildings, we do it all!

With a history of delivering quality products and excellent customer service, Probuilt Steel Buildings aims to be your all-in-one metal building solution. If you’re looking to finance a structure for your new farm or office space, you’re in the right place! We have the best financing options in the industry, and we also have excellent rent-to-own options with no hard credit checks and same-day approvals!

So, if you’ve been thinking about a new structure for your storage and protection needs, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call at (877) 754-1818 and let our team of building specialists help you design, customize, and realize the dream barn for you and your family!

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