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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Building Kits

3 years ago

Metal building kits offer an affordable way to add a structure to your property. These structures often increase the value of the property and add useful space for the owners.

A fantastic feature of these buildings is that they are prefabricated, meaning they arrive with all the parts you need for assembling the building on-site by adding a few pieces together.

When evaluating prefab metal building kits, you have many types and options to choose from. You can get one of these kits for a carport, garage, RV shelter, barn, and much more. Each type of metal building kit comes with options for sizes and features to help customers get the most out of their building.

Options for Metal Building Kits

You have many options when it comes to metal building kits. Some things to think about are how weather-proofed you want the space to be and what kind of appearance you’re looking for.

Metal building kits are manufactured and assembled in a factory. And then, they are delivered to your location, and the installation takes place. Before the manufacturing team can get started, they need to know your specifications as steel building kits are built to meet your needs.

As you build your custom building, you'll see the metal building kits prices adapt to your preferences. Here's a look at some of the options you can select for your metal building kit.

Regular Roof

You can select to have a regular roof on your building. This is a simple and cost-effective option if you don't have any special needs for the building. A regular roof will serve you well for a carport. It will safely house your car or RV and provide protection from the elements.

A-frame or Boxed Eave Roof

An A-frame or boxed eave roof adds further security for the contents of your metal building. In this style, you’ll enjoy how the A-frame blends in with the design of your home because most homes are also built in this style. Using this roofing option, you can also adjust the height and size of your metal building to meet your needs. Additionally, this roof type has the potential to better protect your vehicle and therefore prolong its life and usefulness.

Vertical Roof

For areas that undergo severe weather, a vertical roof is highly recommended. This roof style helps rain, snow, sleet, and ice fall down the vertical panel to the ground instead of collecting or causing damage. Not only are these roofs are practical for areas with extreme weather, but they are also very attractive. They have a nice trim around the edge and clean lines that are pleasing to the eye.

Prefab Metal Building Kits Specifications

When it comes to prefab metal building kits, there are many specifications and options. Here, we have outlined the main options for carports, RV shelters, garages, and metal buildings to give you an idea of size, styles, and use.

Metal Carports

  • Choose between a 12 or 14 gauge frame that is either engineer certified or non-certified.
  • Select from a variety of colors for your carport, including the front, trim, side, roof, and back.
  • As described above, you can select a roof option that works best for you. This includes choosing from regular, A-frame/boxed-eave, or vertical.
  • Choose from a single, double, or triple carport. The basic dimensions of these carports are listed below.
  • Single: 12’ wide and 7’ high.
  • Double: 18’ wide and 7’ high.
  • Triple: 26’ wide and 8’ high. Or extend this to 30’ wide and 10’ high.

RV Covers

  • Choose from 12 or 14 gauge steel panels and 26 or 29 gauge roof panels for your metal RV covers. These buildings anchor to the ground.
  • Select the color of your roof and side panel. We offer a huge variety of different colors to customize your prefab metal building kits.
  • Comes in three different roof styles – regular, A-frame/boxed-eave, or vertical
  • Choose between two convenient sizes.
  • Option 1: 12’ wide by 36’ long and 8’ high.
  • Option 2: 30’ wide by 41’ long and 13’ high.

Metal Garages

  • Start by selecting a galvanized steel gauge frame of 12 or 14.
  • From the 17 color options, customize your steel garage to meet your style preferences.
  • Select the size of your garage. Sizes can be selected in the following ranges: 12’-40’ wide by 36’-60’ long, and 12’-13’ high.

Metal Barns

  • Horizontal or vertical roof panels and ridge orientation.
  • 12 or 14 galvanized steel gauge frame.
  • 26 or 29 gauge roof panel.
  • Choose from 17 colors to match your property’s style and landscape.
  • Customize the size of your metal barn in these ranges: 36’-54’ wide by 21’-31’ long and 12’ high.

Metal Building Kit Prices

Your metal building kit prices will vary based on the selections you make to customize your building. Most buildings range in price from $1,000 to $10,000 based on your selections and customizations.

Here’s a look at the main factors affecting your metal building kits cost.

  • Size: as you go up in size, the price of your metal building will increase.
  • Roof Styles: a regular roof is considered standard but if you choose to upgrade to an A-frame or vertical roof, the price of your metal building will increase.
  • Color Options: while we have 17 colors for you to choose from to customize your metal building, some colors might cost more than others.
  • Gauges: the thicker the gauge of the building you choose, the more protection it will provide, but it will also increase in price.
  • Anchors: adding anchors to your building will also increase the price.
  • Doors and Windows: adding doors and windows to your metal building can make it more functional and attractive. Just know that this can also increase the price of your metal building.
  • Certifications: a certified metal building means it has been fully evaluated and checked by a team of experienced professionals. This added layer of quality can cost extra.
  • And More: we can work with you to design the perfect metal building to meet your needs. Just reach out to us on (877) 754-1818 for a custom quote.

Ordering Steel Building Kits from Probuilt Steel Buildings

Steel building kits offer you added functional space on your property at an affordable cost. And because they’re so simple to customize, they can adapt to meet your unique needs.

Probuilt Steel Buildings is the go-to manufacturer of steel buildings and metal building kits in the United States. We provide only the best quality metal buildings with free delivery and installation. We also guarantee customer satisfaction and provide fair, affordable prices for your steel building. Our lead times are unbeatable in the industry! Order your custom steel building kits today. Call us on (877) 754-1818.

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