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Dare to Think BIG with Steel Buildings, for There is No Limit!

4 years ago

Are you looking to make an investment in a large steel barn or commercial building and find yourself wondering…how big could a steel building be? Well, think even bigger. Did you know one of the largest buildings in the world isn’t a skyscraper? Nope, it’s a steel building.

The title of the biggest building on Earth— by volume— belongs to the Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant in Everett, WA. At an astonishing 472 million cubic feet, no other structure comes close to the size of the massive Everett Boeing Plant.

Located about 25 miles north of Seattle, WA, the Boeing factory saga began in the mid-1960s. Pan-American ruled the international flight market. They needed larger planes with greater passenger capacity to make international flights more economical. Pan-Am promised Boeing a contract for 25 aircraft— if they could develop a jumbo jet.

Boeing accepted the challenge and thus needed space to make it happen.

When completed in 1968, the Boeing Everett Plant was the largest steel building in the world. The structure covered 42.8 acres— 2.5 million square feet. The enormous behemoth contained 205.6 million cubic feet in volume.

An expansion of the original structure in 1978-1979 provided space for the production of the 767, the original Boeing Everett structure in 1978-1979, and brought the plant up to 3.6 million square feet. The renovation also added four gigantic aircraft doors. Each door measured 87’ x 300’.

A 1993 extension to the Everett Plant added another 1.9 million square feet, bringing the total size of the Boeing factory to 5.5 million square feet.

Steel Made It Possible

Constructing the largest building in the world would have been impossible without steel. Steel possesses the highest weight-to-strength ratio of any structural material. Only steel could frame so massive a structure and clear span to such incredible widths.

Build your next project with the same strength and durability as the largest building on Earth— build it with steel.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are surprisingly affordable. Whether you are looking for an aircraft hangar, an agricultural building, a warehouse, a restaurant, a store, an office building, a church, a storage building, or a home, build it to last. Build it with steel.

To find out more, contact one of ProBuilt Steel’s building professionals on (877) 754-1818.

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