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Home / Blog / Classic Metal or Utility Carports: Which is Best for You?

Classic Metal or Utility Carports: Which is Best for You?

3 years ago

The term carport can be a bit misleading. People often use metal carports to protect cars. However, they can be customized and utilized for so much more.

People also use metal carports to protect heavy machinery, boats, RVs and motorhomes, farm animals, and plenty of other uses. You can completely customize them in size and shape to protect from rain, snow, hail, or other falling debris. They also provide shade and sun protection, which can be damaging to your vehicle’s paint job.

Carports come in many sizes, ranging from 12’x26’ up to 40’x65’ and larger, and can be open-air, two-sided, three-sided, and more. Whatever storage needs you have, there is a metal carport to meet that need.

Utility Carports vs. Classic Metal Carports: What are the Differences?

Utility carports are the most customizable carports. Not only do they provide excellent protection from the weather, but they also have storage spaces incorporated into the design. The uses for utility carports are endless; vehicle protection, barns, hay and grain storage, hobby rooms, and more - they provide an excellent combination of storage and security.

Classic metal carports are the more economical storage option. They consist of a simple steel frame, and provide clearance for higher-profile vehicles.

Classic carports are a simple design that makes installation quick and easy. Ease of installation, however, does not mean classic metal carports won’t last. They are made of 100% US-made steel, are incredibly durable, resistant to bad weather, heat, and fire, and aren’t susceptible to termites and other insects like wooden structures.

Choosing Between a Steel Utility Carport and a Classic Carport

Utility and Classic carports have many overlapping features such as steel framing, customization, and sizing options. However, there are differences in available features so that you can find the option that will best meet your needs.

● Wider Potential

Utility carports offer a distinct advantage over classic steel carports with the attached and enclosed storage room. This storage area can be secured and used for many purposes, including as an office, storage area, tack room, craft area, and more.

● Building Configuration Integration

Classic and utility carports can be attached to existing structures such as homes, providing sheltered access when going from the carport to the home. An additional benefit to utility carports is when a storage room is placed next to the home, creating an air buffer to prevent heat or cooling loss upon entry.

● Security

Both classic and utility carports offer similar levels of security, considering they are open-air structures. You can add security cameras to either; however, utility carports offer the added benefit of an enclosed room that can be locked. This can be beneficial for the secure storage of valuable items.

● Maintenance

Steel carports have a distinct advantage over structures made of other materials such as wood because of the nature of steel. It is fireproof and not susceptible to insects the way wood is. Both utility and classic steel carports require little to no maintenance and provide the added benefit of US-made steel, which has no match in strength.

● Choices for Every Need

Utility and Classic carports provide a customized option for every need and budget. However, utility steel carports offer more customization options. If the only storage requirement is for covering a vehicle, a classic carport will probably work. But if customized storage and configuration is the goal, utility steel carports are the best option.

Why Should I Choose a Metal Carport?

Steel carports have a distinct advantage over other materials, including durability, versatility, and safety. While wood may result in a nice-looking structure, it does not come close to the safety, capability, or ease of installation as US-made steel.

● Durability and Longevity

Nothing compares with durable US-made steel. Steel can withstand the elements and protect your assets, including cars, RVs, boats, and more. If you are looking for a storage structure to withstand the test of time, steel is second to none.

● Eco-Friendly

Steel is solid, which means you will not need to maintain it with expensive chemicals. It does not contribute to deforestation as some wood products can. In addition, steel can be recycled and reused, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials to use in construction.

● Cost-Effective

Current prices for wood building materials are through the roof. Due to such a high demand for wood in the home and office construction industry, costs have risen to an unaffordable level. Steel structures are the most cost-effective to build because they aren’t a limited natural resource like wood. Metal carport kits give you the most value for your money and will last longer than any other building material available.

● Storage Capability

It is difficult to find a more capable storage building than metal utility carports. Due to the customizable nature of steel carports, you can have them created to meet your needs. If you are looking for something to protect equipment ranging from large construction heavy machinery or a simple lawnmower, metal carports will meet those needs.

● Secure Storage

If you are looking for the perfect combination of protection and storage for vehicles and smaller, more valuable items, steel utility carports are the perfect fit for you. Not only do they protect your significant investments, but they can also provide secure and locked storage for smaller valuables. The storage abilities of steel carports are second to none.

● Versatile Storage

No two people are the same, and no two storage needs are the same. Each section of land is as unique as the items needing to be stored, and nothing is more versatile than steel carport storage. Structure size, shape, and features can be changed as is necessary to adjust to your changing needs.

● Convenience

Metal carports can be built in nearly any area. In addition, they can be installed quickly and can be adapted to accommodate existing structures without compromising stability. There is no need for elaborate blueprints - steel structures are quick and straightforward to build.

● Weatherproof

Steel is one of the strongest construction materials available, and it is resistant to all types of weather, from rain to hail and more. It is also fire resistant, unlike wooden structures, and is not susceptible to mold. Constant exposure to harsh weather will not decrease the stability of a steel carport; it provides the stable and continuous protection you need.

● Safety

Not only will steel utility carports protect your vehicles and other investments, they can provide safety for you as well. If you are exiting your vehicle in a storm, it can protect you as you make your way into your home. Hail, falling tree branches, and more are no match for the strength of steel construction.

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They can help you choose the customization that will meet your needs, and offer competitive and economical pricing. Financing options are also available, making getting the perfect metal carport easier and more affordable than ever! Contact Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818 to begin!

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