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Home / Blog / Choosing the Right Overhead Door for Your Metal Building

Choosing the Right Overhead Door for Your Metal Building

3 years ago

A metal building doesn't serve much of a purpose without a way to get inside it. Whatever purpose you use your facility for, an overhead door provides the security, safety, and convenience you require.

But choosing the right overhead door for your metal building is just as important as the building itself; you're not going to get much use out of a building that's difficult to access or has an opening too small for its intended use. Thankfully, Probuilt Steel Buildings is here to walk you through the ins and outs of overhead door selection.

Size Matters

When choosing an overhead door, you must take into account what will be moving through it, or what will in the future. If you're storing your vehicles, measure them out to know just how much space you'll require. Don't forget; you'll need some walking room to navigate, and you'll want to be sure you didn't leave out the space required for any rearview windows.

It's not just the overall width you need to be concerned with; RVs and boats also require added height – but you always want to make room for any additions such as antennas that you don't want to be broken when you drive in.

Finally, you'll want to consider the things you'll purchase in the future. If you don't have an RV now, are you planning to buy one in the future? If you want to repurpose your building over time as a work or storage space, do you have a structure that can accommodate that? These questions are the kinds of things you should be asking before installing a building or choosing an overhead door.

What is the Function of Your Metal Building?

Overhead doors come in two styles – light- and heavy-duty. Residential areas are typically equipped with light-duty metal overhead doors, as they are secure and effective enough to protect storage structures and home garages.

If, however, you are using your metal building as a workshop, auto repair shop, or manufacturing factory, a more heavy-duty door is recommended.

Where Will Your Overhead Door Be Placed?

You've probably seen the term "factory located" somewhere in the literature about metal buildings, but you never really bothered to find out what it meant. If an overhead door is factory located, that means they are positioned on the building for optimum strength.

Many businesses prefer their overhead doors be placed on opposite ends of the building, as they're much more convenient for visiting customers. The overhead doors from Probuilt Steel Buildings can be placed on end or sidewalls, with end walls being more cost-efficient.

The Different Types of Overhead Doors

Now that you have a general sense of what you need to know before choosing an overhead door, here are some popular types on the market.

Roll-up Doors

Otherwise known as coiling or drum doors, you've probably seen them at storage facilities and warehouses. The corrugated steel sheet rolls up into a nest above the opening. This is one of the less expensive options, and one of the most durable as well.

Sectional Doors

This style consists of two horizontal panels hinged and mounted on two tracks on either side of the door. You can then lift these sections later.

Vertical or Horizontal Bifold Doors

Like sectional doors, however, the panels are much larger. You can open these manually, but usually, hydraulics are used to open them.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors may be mounted on either an internal or external track at the top. Some heavier versions of sliding doors depend on support by both the track system and wheels or lower guard rail mounts as well.

Walk Doors/Man Doors

The most common main entrance doors on most metal buildings.

A Few Factors to Take Into Account

Once you've chosen the ideal overhead door for your building, it's time to talk to Probuilt Steel Buildings. Our qualified and trained design consultants can walk you through the finer points, but first, here are some factors you might want to consider before any final decisions are made.

Door Opening Size

You must allow an ample amount of space and ensure there will be no obstructions when your door is completely open. Even minor obstacles can cause unforeseen issues later, and it's incredibly awkward if your building is being used commercially.

Door System Weight

Weigh the entire door system. This includes any mounts, rails, and tracks, as well as any panels, framing, and trims that you need to operate them. It's important to know how heavy it is, as specific design considerations must be made.


When your door is completely open, its clearances vertically and horizontally should not get in the way of trims or your building's exterior.

Installation Clearances

You must have a minimum understanding of interior building clear heights before any installation takes place. If you're using roll-up doors, be sure to account for drum clearances as well.

Framing Materials

Make certain the surfaces of your framing materials can be properly attached to door tracks. This goes for mountain hardware and mechanical operators if your door is so equipped.


If you've required any additional bracing to keep your door square, be sure it's well in place. You should also evaluate any other support for your doors.

Verify Manufacturer Requirements

Talk with Probuilt Steel Buildings. We'll direct you on the building materials and ensure that your overhead door will work properly once installed.

Get Your Overhead Door Today!

There are many options when it comes to what kind of overhead door best suits your metal building, each just as durable as the last, but ultimately, it's up to you and what best meets your needs. We're just thrilled to be working alongside you on your quest for the perfect building/door combination, and you can be thrilled that Probuilt Steel Buildings offers free delivery and installation.

Don't look at your plans for a building and just wonder what could be, so call Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818! We pride ourselves on being able to serve your needs now and will proudly be here for you as you grow into the future.

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