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Bay Spacing in Metal Buildings: Why is it Important?

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19 Feb 2021

Steel Buildings

While the DIY home building is undoubtedly trending right now, rushing into it without knowing the basics is ill-advised. Too many people are all gung-ho to get started without doing the necessary preparation. We understand your excitement, but rushing into any kind of construction is probably not ideal.

In anticipation of this, Probuilt Steel Buildings thought it'd be handy to walk you through some of the basics of a pre-engineered metal building. Just handy details that you can get a grasp on before rushing in. We hope to address some of the standard questions we get asked by newbies who could really use a little know-how.

One area we've found customers to be ill-informed about is the importance of bay spacing in metal buildings. You may have heard the term, but what exactly is it, and why is it vital?

Defining Bay Spacing

Pre-engineered metal buildings are manufactured with a primary steel framing made of strong steel and rafter beams. The rafters connect the two steel columns, creating a frame. It's helpful to think of the frame as the skeleton of your building. A bay is an interval between two bones of your structure.

In essence, each frame supports half of the bays in between the two areas.

Okay, But Why Is It So Important?

For one thing, bay spacing directly affects pricing. Most metal buildings are pre-engineered with bays every 20 to 25 feet, but you can customize them for longer and shorter spacing depending on your needs.

If you need a large door opening on one side of the building, for instance, the building is designed as such, so a frame doesn't meet the location of the opening.

The further apart your bay spacing, the heavier steel columns you'll need, which drives up the price of the building. Shorter spacing can also increase the price, as it may require more steel columns.

Typically, the industry standard of 20 to 25 feet in most metal buildings is the most cost-effective way to use spacing. From there, the price starts to change; however, you can ask for a quote to know just how much you'll have to pay.

The Design Advantage

No matter what your spacing decisions are, there's a breakthrough in software design technology that has made a striking difference in the future of steel buildings at an affordable price. This revolutionary integrated 3D design tool has helped builders, designers, and customers figure out just how to build affordably.

This new high-tech development has been hailed as a breakthrough in modern engineering. With the latest technology, Probuilt Steel Buildings can determine how to create the most vital metal building possible while using only as much steel as needed.

If you've ever worked with wood, you know the problems inherent in the material. Its tensile strength often varies unpredictably, and it's vulnerable to termites and rodents. Beyond that, it's important to remember, wood rots! That's going to mean pricey repairs and maintenance.

You'll never get the same kind of durable, reliable strength you do with steel, not unless you're dropping some serious coin.

Every piece of steel Probuilt Steel Building uses is up to the national standards it's required to meet, and they're always of a consistent, high-quality gauge. Those standards mean we know exactly how much tension the steel can handle, and other factors that may affect your steel's strength have been taken into account.

In other words, the prefabricated metal buildings we deliver are always about maximum strength and efficiency at minimum prices.

Probuilt Steel Buildings Knows Bay Spacing!

As you can see, bay spacing may make the difference between a building you can afford and one slightly out of your price range. With Probuilt Steel Buildings, we'll see to it that your building is up to every national standard while still being affordable. We only work with the finest design software to help us arrive at the appropriate price.

As we hope this blog has shown you, our qualified and trained experts really know their steel. It's our responsibility, and we're pleased to carry it, to deliver excellent steel at an affordable price.

Our free and fast delivery goes a long way in ensuring customer-satisfaction, something Probuilt Steel Buildings has been proud to do in our years as a leader in the steel industry. So call Probuilt Steel Buildings at (877) 754-1818 to get your own metal building with spacious bays today!

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