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American Steel: A Building Material for Today, Tomorrow, and the Future

2 years ago

American Steel

Did you know that the United States is the world's third-largest producer of raw steel? This massive industry produces nearly 90 million metric tons each year. It's a gigantic industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people and affects the lives of millions of other US citizens.

But, in addition to being a part of America's backbone, it's also one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. It’s 100% recyclable, leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than other building materials, and loses no strength regardless of how many times the material is melted down and reused. This is just a part of why steel buildings have become so incredibly popular and why they’ll continue to be a go-to construction method far into the future.

6 Reasons Steel is One of the Most Widely Used Metals

While modern construction practices will continue to evolve throughout the years, steel still stands tall at the top for several reasons. Let's dive into what makes this building material a vital part of our past, present, and future.

1. Steel’s Strength

You'll be hard-pressed to find a stronger construction material than cold, hard steel. Unlike other raw building materials like lumber and concrete, steel naturally flexes when exposed to external forces. This makes them capable of withstanding high winds, heavy snowstorms, and even seismic events.

2. A Metal Made for Innovation

Modern steel is widely used in many different business sectors. You'll find its presence in construction projects, infrastructures such as bridges, automotive manufacturing businesses, and numerous others. Additionally, new techniques allow steel to be used and sculpted in many different ways.

3. Development and Improvement

Steel is a product that continuously undergoes advancements in terms of quality, strength, and abilities. With technological breakthroughs in 3D modeling, steel can be transformed into custom materials that save massive amounts of time and resources in construction.

4. Cost-Effective

While lumber prices continue to soar to new heights, steel materials remain competitive. As a result, metal buildings have become very popular for residential and commercial projects. Additionally, metal buildings require minimal maintenance and have a much longer lifespan than other construction types.

5. Easy on the Environment

As we've mentioned, steel products are 100% recyclable! This metal can quickly be melted down and used again and again without losing integrity. Additionally, construction projects using steel help minimize site waste.

6. An Enduring Material

Steel stands strong as one of the most popular building methods on the market. Thanks to its cost-efficiency and enduring strength, residents, commercial businesses, and industrial companies use steel products daily. And despite new and exciting construction materials appearing on the horizon, it doesn’t seem as if steel’s popularity will wane anytime soon.

Why Steel Buildings are the Future

Steel has been used widely for nearly two centuries. And by most accounts, that most likely won’t change in the future. As long as this building material is among the strongest and most cost-effective, it will continue to enjoy immense popularity. But let’s dive deeper into some of the reasons steel buildings have persisted all these years:

1. Global Warming

In recent years, the culmination of climate change has made property ownership a risky endeavor. Increasingly violent storms, flooding, forest fires, and more are genuine threats to our daily properties and lives.

2. Wood Costs

Lumber prices have risen tremendously, making wooden construction projects prohibitively expensive. However, steel buildings can be built in a fraction of the time and cost compared to stick-built structures.

3. Fire Protection

Forest fires have become a significant issue in more arid climates. Most wooden structures cannot withstand the high temperatures caused by these natural disasters. However, steel buildings can withstand temperatures upwards of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! And while no structure is genuinely fireproof, a steel structure will always be a safer bet than a wooden one!

4. Energy Efficiency

Steel structures are far more energy-efficient when compared to stick-built buildings. Since these building types are precisely machined, they tend to fit together like puzzle pieces. This tight construction reduces extra airflow that can lead to interior heat loss. Additionally, the exterior color of a steel structure can make a tremendous difference in terms of heating and cooling costs. Lighter colors reflect light, UV rays, and heat, while darker hues attract it.

Steel Buildings Offer Flexible Customization Options!

One of the features that sets metal buildings apart from the competition is their sheer customizability. These structures can be designed and customized to fit any need or application. For example, during the design process, you can quickly and easily add windows and doors, change paneling styles, update the roofing system to your liking, and much more.

Build Your Way into the Future with a Prefab Steel Building

You can count on Probuilt Steel Buildings to provide long-lasting metal structures at affordable prices no matter where you call home. These buildings come in a wide range of sizes and types to suit any need or job. They're incredibly strong and built to survive for decades with minimal need for repairs. So, if you've been thinking of purchasing a metal building, metal garage, carport, or any steel structure, you've come to the right place!

Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818 and let our team of dedicated building specialists help you design, customize, and build the structure of your dreams. Whether it’s a small equipment shed, a steel building kit, or an enormous industrial structure, Probuilt Steel Buildings is your all-in-one metal building solution!

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