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A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Metal Building Kits

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30 Sep 2022

Steel Buildings

In recent years, metal buildings have risen to the forefront of modern construction. Gone are the days of using inferior wooden components that rot and decay with time. Steel structures are incredibly strong, cost-effective, and built to last for decades with proper maintenance. As such, custom metal buildings are now one of the most popular construction choices on the market.

And metal building kits are a massive part of that popularity. These kits come with everything you’d expect in a traditional metal building, except that you complete the installation yourself. For those with a background in construction, this option can save you time, money, and a ton of hassle.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into different types of metal building kits, their benefits, and how much you can expect to pay for yours.

Types of Metal Buildings Kits

Due to metal buildings coming in such a wide range of sizes, styles, and footprints, there are several types of metal building kits to choose from. To give you a greater understanding of the differences, we've listed a few of them below:

1. Metal Barn Kits

Metal barn kits are structures specifically designed for farm and agricultural applications. From livestock shelters to feed storage, these buildings do it all. You can find metal barn kits in many size options, allowing you to custom-tailor one to your specific needs.

2. Metal Carport Kits

A metal carport kit is a fantastic option if you own several vehicles and want to keep them in pristine condition. These kits contain everything you need to erect an open vehicle cover to protect your cars and trucks from UV rays, wind, rain, dust, and snow.

3. Metal Garage Kits

If you prefer to store and maintain your vehicles in an enclosed setting, a metal garage kit might be for you! These structures are very similar in design to metal carports, except they come with enclosed walls, doors, and windows.

4. Custom Metal Building Kits

Since custom steel buildings are among the most versatile construction options on the market, they can be used for just about any purpose under the sun. From backyard sheds to mancaves and everything in between, the only limits are your budget and your imagination.

Advantages of Choosing Metal Building Kits

There’s a reason so many people choose metal building kits over standard steel structures. A big part of this comes down to the benefits they offer. These can include:

1. Cost-Efficiency

With lumber prices steadily increasing, steel buildings are now one of the most affordable ways to build. And combined with the minimal maintenance needs, you'll save money before, during, and long after your purchase.

2. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that metal buildings are some of the most energy-efficient building types? When properly insulated, these structures can maintain a more even internal temperature and save you tons on heating and cooling costs.

3. Quick Assembly

Since metal buildings are designed in a manufacturing plant, their components can be placed together much like a large jigsaw puzzle. This easy assembly allows these building types to be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build similar-sized wooden buildings.

4. Resiliency

Few things are stronger than cold, hard steel. As a result, you can expect your building to be able to stand up to high winds, heavy snow accumulation, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit!

5. Advanced Protection

Since your structure is built to handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw your way, your vehicles, equipment, and valuables will remain safe, dry, and in working order. Few building designs can offer this level of security.

Metal Building Kit Planning

When you first break ground on your new structure, there are several things you’ll need to know. These include:

1. Planning

a. Need

How will you use your structure? Will it work for a residential purpose such as a garden outbuilding? Or will you use it for agricultural purposes? The answers to these questions will provide you with tons of information on how to plan out your build properly.

b. Size

How large of a structure will you need? A comprehensive grasp of the square footage required is a massive part of choosing the right building kits for your needs. As such, you'll want to carefully determine how large you'll need your structure to be.

c. Style

There are a wide variety of different building styles out there, and you’ll want to pick the right one for your specific needs. This will require you to choose roof systems, reinforcements, and custom design features that tailor your structure to a particular need.

2. Customizations

An aspect that sets metal buildings apart is their customizability. When you design yours, you'll have free range to customize almost every facet, from the roofing panels to the windows, doors, and even wainscoting.

3. Location

Where will you place your metal building? You'll want to choose a location that's fully cleared, graded, and rests above natural water runoff. By taking the time to handle these considerations, you'll significantly reduce the possibility of damage from natural weather events.

4. Permits

Most localities will require you to secure a building permit for any permanent structure. Therefore, you’ll want to work closely with your local building inspector to determine the permits you’ll require. Failure to do so can result in significant fines and penalties.

5. Clear Your Build Site

As we’ve mentioned previously, you’ll want to ensure that your building site is level, graded, and clear of any natural debris or vegetation. You’ll also need to ensure that your building has easy access!

The Installation Process

So, you’ve chosen your building design and placed the order. That’s great! Now all that remains is completing the installation process. However, buildings of these types often do not come with detailed assembly instructions, and you’ll want to perform the necessary due diligence to ensure you’re up to the task of construction. Below, we’ve put together a few important tips.

1. Foundation

All buildings need a foundation. And you’ll be able to choose between dirt, asphalt, and concrete block foundations.

2. Anchor Types

The anchor systems used for your building will coincide with the type of foundation you've chosen. Dirt foundations will use auger-like anchors. Asphalt will use spiked anchors. And concrete pads will use specialized bolts driven directly into the pad.

3. Framing

You’ll want to bolt and assemble your primary framing. These components will already be fastened, welded, and ready to go. All you’ll need to do is bolt them down.

4. Secondary Framing

Once you've erected the outer frame, you'll need to assemble the trusses that cross the roof of your building. For most applications, you will need heavy equipment to lift these trusses into place.

5. Roof and Walls

Once you’ve completed the frame of your building, the next step will be to attach the roof and wall paneling.

6. Accessories

With the skeleton of your building in place, you can now move to the add-ons and accessories. From window and door frame-outs to installing ventilation and wainscoting, this part of the process is where the true fun begins!

Metal Building Kits Are an Affordable Way to Build the Structure of Your Dreams If you have a background in construction, a metal building kit provides you with all the tools and equipment to construct the building of your dreams without breaking the bank in the process. Most metal building manufacturers will provide major discounts for foregoing professional installation. Sometimes, up to 40% off your metal building kit’s cost!

By completing the installation process on your own, you'll save tons of money in installation costs and tons of time waiting around for the crews to arrive.

Get Your Metal Building Kit from Probuilt Steel Buildings! Probuilt Steel Buildings is proud to offer a wide lineup of metal building kits for any need or purpose. These structures are incredibly strong, durable, and built to last for a lifetime. From metal garage kits to full-sized industrial structures, we do it all!

So, if you've been thinking about purchasing a metal building but don't want the hassle of dealing with installation crews, we can help! Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818 and let our team of building experts help you design a metal building kit for your needs!

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