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40x40 Metal Buildings: Everything You Need to Know

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a year ago

Steel Buildings

40x40 Metal Buildings

Modern metal buildings are among the most popular construction types on the market. Thanks to unbeatable strength, flexibility, and affordability, these buildings are used in many residential and commercial settings.

One widely used custom metal building is the 40x40 model. It provides over 1,600 square feet of interior space and can be expanded with a wide range of customization options. No matter how you cut it, a building of this size can provide you with all the room you need for a garage, workshop, studio, or office.

And If you’ve considered investing in a larger metal building for vehicles or larger equipment storage, you’ll likely find the 40x40 metal building right up your alley. Today, we’ll dive deeper into this particular model, how they’re used, and why you want one for your next project.

Various Applications for 40x40 Metal Buildings

To give you an idea of how adaptable 40x40 metal buildings can be, we've put together a list of a few ways owners use them.

1. 40x40 Metal Garages

The tried-and-true use for a metal building is car maintenance. And with a 40x40 metal building, you’ll have plenty of room for protecting and repairing multiple vehicles. You can even customize them with larger roll-up garage doors!

2. 40x40 Storage Buildings

In this day and age, finding the room to house all your possessions is difficult and expensive. But instead of throwing away money on costly self-storage rentals, why not invest in a building that will last? A 40x40 building is large enough to handle just about any storage need. It doesn't matter whether you're housing expensive lawn equipment or protecting important antiques and collectibles; a 40x40 metal building has you covered!

3. 40x40 Agriculture Buildings

Farmers and growers have enjoyed the benefits of metal buildings for years. These rugged structures are a fantastic choice for many farming applications, from feed storage to protecting expensive tractors and equipment. They're also naturally resistant to mold, mildew, pests, and fires, making them practical for keeping crops and food supplies safe year-round!

4. 40x40 Steel Warehouses

If your plans include commercial warehousing, a 40x40 metal building is a great option that offers plenty of room for housing inventory, products, or supplies.

5. 40x40 Office Spaces

Believe it or not, metal buildings aren’t just backyard sheds anymore. In fact, with the right insulation and amenities, these structures can be transformed into fully livable buildings- perfect for larger offices and workspaces!

6. 40x40 Metal Building Homes

Like office buildings, 40x40 steel structures can be converted into beautiful homes. And with the many customization options, they can suit almost any style preference! Choose a fresh, modern home, or go with a traditional farmhouse- the choice is yours!

7. 40x40 Recreational Buildings

If you're considering opening a sports training center or recreational facility, a 40x40 metal building provides the necessary infrastructure. Trampoline parks, paintball arenas, kids' playgrounds, and more! The only limits here are your interests, budget, and imagination!

8. 40x40 Metal Building Kits

A metal building kit is the same as a standard metal structure, except you handle the installation process independently instead of with professional crews. It's a great way to save money on installation costs! However, it must be noted that a structure as large as a 40x40 metal building will require heavy equipment and a background in construction to complete.

Advantages of Choosing a 40x40 Metal Building

Let’s look at what these incredible structures can do to make your work or home life easier and more streamlined.

1. Open Space

Finding infrastructure with thousands of feet in open square footage is not easy. And it is not cheap! But with a 40x40 metal building, you can design and construct a building that's large enough to take on anything- without emptying your wallet in the process.

2. High Durability

Try as you might, you'll be hard-pressed to find a construction material that can beat out steel in terms of strength and affordability. When you invest in steel, you invest for life. These structures naturally resist moisture infiltration, oxidation, mold, mildew, pests, and even fire! Good luck finding that longevity and durability in any wooden structure!

3. Customizability

Another aspect that sets metal buildings apart from the competition is their customizability. From top to bottom, almost every facet of a metal building can be changed or customized to suit your wishes. Change the roofing panels. Upgrade the framing thickness. Choose between over 16 different color options to make your building stand out! It’s all up to you!

4. Cost-Effective

Lumber prices continue to rise, making the construction of any stick-built building incredibly expensive. But since the cost of steel has remained relatively low, a similar-sized structure can be built out of steel, in some cases, up to 40% cheaper.

5. Earthquake Resistant

Steel buildings are also one of your safest options if you live in a region that regularly experiences seismic activity. Thanks to steel's natural flexibility when met with external forces, your building can handle earthquakes and storms far better than brittle wooden or concrete structures.

6. Minimal Upkeep

Since metal buildings won’t easily rust or deteriorate, you’ll spend very little time performing regular maintenance or repairs. Simply keep them clean and perform routine structural checks, and your building will serve you for a lifetime!

How Much Does a 40x40 Metal Building Cost?

In most cases, you can expect a 40x40 metal building to range between $25,000 and $40,000, depending on complexity and customizations. However, determining the exact price of metal buildings can be difficult due to many factors. For example, current steel prices, your choice of custom additions, and the manufacturing cost in your region can influence the overall cost of your metal building.

You'll want to work closely with your chosen provider to get a direct price quote on a particular metal building. These building experts will be able to help you determine the total cost of your structure and assist you with arranging a down payment.

Looking for a 40x40 Metal Building? Probuilt Steel Buildings Can Help!

Whether you’re planning to build a large 40x40 custom metal building or seeking affordable metal building kits, Probuilt Steel Buildings has you covered- literally! For years we've provided customers across the US with long-lasting, affordable steel structures that are engineered to take on just about anything. From residential applications to huge industrial projects, Probuilt Steel Buildings has the experience to deliver!

We’re also dedicated to offering low prices and fantastic, flexible payment plans that put the power of ownership in your hands!

So, give Probuilt Steel Buildings a call today at (877) 754-1818. What are you waiting for? Let our skilled building experts help you design and customize a 40x40 metal building for your next residential, commercial, or agricultural project!

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