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Home / Case Studies / Pole Barns Are Out; Steel Is In: A Better Plan For Horse Barns

Pole Barns Are Out; Steel Is In: A Better Plan For Horse Barns

Lookout, Wood, There's a Better Way to Build

For generations, wooden pole barns have enjoyed a top spot in farming and residential circles due to their affordability and the availability of materials. However, if you fast forward to the present day, many of the benefits offered by these buildings aren’t quite as shiny as they once were.

Lumber has grown increasingly expensive, and finding reliable contractors can take years. Combine expensive construction costs with issues such as mold and decay, and it makes sense why folks turn to steel barns for their residential and farming needs.

In this blog, we'll cover exactly why pole barns are out, and steel horse barns are in and what makes these metal farm buildings some of the toughest, most adaptable structures on the market.

Steel Horse Barns Are In

From small loafing sheds to fully decked-out livestock shelters, steel horse barns have made a tremendous impact on agriculture over the last few decades. They're prized for their ability to stand up to the elements, adaptability, and longevity.

But above all, metal horse barns' customizability has made them one of the most popular choices for farming infrastructure. These buildings can be customized to fit any size, configuration, or aesthetic preference and can even be finished to make fully livable homes.

Utilize them for supply storage, food stocks, tractors, or anything you need to improve your farm's functionality. The only limits of a steel building are your budget and imagination.

Reasons Why Steel Barns Outclass Pole Barns

There are many reasons why you’d want to choose a metal barn over wooden alternatives, but let’s break down some of the biggest:

1. Design Flexibility

Metal barns offer unmatched design flexibility. They can be customized to suit your farm's needs, whether you're looking to build a spacious riding arena, a functional livestock shelter, or a grain storage facility. The versatility of steel allows farmers to design large clear-span spaces that require no support columns, making these structures perfect for accommodating tractors, livestock, or other agricultural equipment.

2. Efficient Construction

Time is of the essence in the world of agriculture and farming. Steel components are pre-engineered, and arrive on-site ready for assembly. This reduces construction time, lowering labor costs and minimizing disruptions to your daily farming operations.

3. Critter Proof

Pests and rodents can wreak havoc on your farm. Steel barns are critter-proof by design. Their seamless construction leaves no gaps or vulnerabilities for unwelcome visitors to exploit. And they provide no natural source of food or bedding. Wooden pole barns, on the other hand, are more susceptible to damage from pests, leading to costly repairs and damage to your stored crops and equipment.

4. Extensive Durability

Durability is a crucial factor in the longevity of your agriculture building. And steel barns excel in this department. Steel is highly resistant to pests, weathering, and rot. It won't warp, crack, or twist over time, ensuring your investment remains in excellent condition for decades.

5. Minimal Maintenance

Farmers have enough to do without adding extensive barn maintenance to their to-do lists. Steel barns require minimal maintenance compared to wooden pole barns. A periodic coat of paint to prevent corrosion is typically all that's needed to keep your structure in tip-top shape.

6. Strength and Structural Integrity

The strength of steel is legendary. Metal barns can withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy snow loads and high winds, making them the go-to choices for those who live in areas with violent weather events.

7. Expandability

Agricultural operations often grow over time, requiring additional space and flexibility. Steel barns can be easily expanded or modified to accommodate your evolving needs. Their modular design allows for cost-effective expansions without extensive engineering, demolition, and reconstruction. Wooden pole barns, however, are less adaptable and often require more significant renovation work to add space.

Custom Designing and DIY-ing Your Metal Barn

As we’ve mentioned, one of the aspects of metal barns that make them such a great option is their customizability. Unlike wooden alternatives that require the eyes of an architect to make structural changes, a metal building is designed in a facility where every component can be tailored to a certain need. This allows you to configure a structure that works for specific jobs and offers any aesthetic look you could desire.

You’ll have free rein to change the paneling, roofing style, windows, doors, trim, colors, and much more. Design a stable for your horses. Or build large-scale riding arenas– there are very few limits to what you can do with this level of strength and adaptability.

Count on Probuilt, and Enjoy Getting the Job Done

Whether you're augmenting the farm with modern infrastructure or designing agriculture buildings for dairy production or refrigerated storage, Probuilt Steel Buildings has you covered with a wide lineup of steel structures to meet any need. We use high-quality materials and provide long-lasting buildings that work in any environment. And we pride ourselves on our dedication to offering superior customer service that goes far beyond your purchase. And we pride ourselves on our dedication to offering superior customer service that goes far beyond your purchase.

We also proudly offer industry-standard warranties and craftmanship guarantees, so you know your building is up to snuff and ready to serve you well for years with minimal maintenance needs.

So, why not give your farm the strength and versatility it needs to excel? Contact Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818, and speak with our building experts about crafting the ideal structure for your next farming project. From beginning to end, we'll work with you every step of the way and deliver a building you can count on.

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