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Home / Blog / Why Farmers, Horse Owners, and Ranchers in Florida Prefer Metal Barns

Why Farmers, Horse Owners, and Ranchers in Florida Prefer Metal Barns

3 years ago

Whether you are a farmer, equestrian, rancher, or simply need extra storage, you will likely need a barn. Much like other structures, barns come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

Many factors can influence your decision as a buyer on what type of barn to build. However, the metal barn becomes an obvious choice when you consider durability, value, safety, and ease of installation.

If You Are a Florida Native, a Metal Barn is a Must

The state of Florida is well-known for its natural disasters and inclement weather. Time and time again, Florida farmers have had to stand by while their barns were damaged or even destroyed. The brutal combination of hurricanes, heavy rains, and high winds can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

This is a major financial and emotional setback for farmers who must maintain steady profits to continue in their profession. Florida’s weather has led to a great increase in the number of Florida steel buildings

• Durability

This type of weather has led many farmers to turn to more weather-proof alternatives. Metal barns are much more durable than wooden barns. The rigid structure allows a metal barn to withstand much more serious weather. The choice comes down to how long you want your permanent outdoor structure to last. Florida weather can turn a ‘permanent’ wooden barn into a structure that needs yearly repairs.

• Equine Safety

As a farmer, the safety of your animals is among your primary concerns. If a barn sustains heavy damage from the weather, the livestock is in grave danger. However, the high winds can also lead to accidental fires. A metal barn may sustain damage from a fire, but it can destroy any other barn type. This would result in the total loss of all livestock in the barn when the fire occurs.

• Storage

You can build metal barns to be very spacious, give plenty of room to house livestock, and still have adequate space to store tools and farm equipment. This is simply not the case with wooden barns, as the structure is not as rigid and requires more support. A metal barn also greatly reduces the risk of theft by unwanted persons breaking into the barn.

• Value

It is a common misconception that a wooden barn is a cheaper alternative to a metal barn. The opposite is true. Metal barns are, in fact, less expensive, and you can build them much faster. They are also well worth the cost as they outlast other barns year after year. Further adding to the value is the fact that metal barns require much less maintenance than wooden barns.

A Metal Barn Can Serve Many Purposes

Unlike the more primitive wooden barn, a metal barn has many uses. This is largely attributed to the metal being non-porous and much easier to clean and make presentable. Also helpful is the ease of closing off sections of a metal barn to suit the following purposes:

• Modular House

A few simple modifications of a metal barn can add the immense value of serving as an attached modular house. This is a logical choice for farmers and horse owners alike, as it allows the same structure to serve two vital purposes.

• Small Office

Fairly common is the choice to add a small office within your metal barn. Regardless of your barn’s intended purpose, it is helpful to have files and a computer close by. This saves transit time and allows you to monitor barn activities simultaneously.

• Warehouse

As mentioned previously, metal barns make excellent storage. Whether you need that storage for parts, equipment, or tools, a metal barn offers ideal space and protection. Adding metal shelving within will easily transform a storage area into a warehouse.

• Maintenance Garage

Do you have regular maintenance to perform on vehicles or farming equipment? Section off part of your metal barn as a maintenance garage. This will give you the privacy and protection from the weather to complete your work in peace.

• Inventory Storage Shed

Another storage idea is to add a compartment to your metal barn to help store personal and/or business inventory. Again, this points straight back to the safety from theft that a metal barn offers, where other barn types often fall short.

• Parking Lot/Carport

Lastly, a common feature you will see outside many residences is covered carports. A metal barn can easily support an external carport, utilizing a lean-to design. Alternatively, for more protection, you can add a garage door to your barn to allow for the total enclosure for your vehicles.

Metal Barn Kits Offer Diverse Customization Options

A major selling point for metal barns is the freedom to customize your barn to fit your exact needs. Unlike other barns, prefabricated metal barns allow for easy customizations and additions, specific to the buyer’s wants and intended use.

• Size

The size of the barn is dependent upon the intended purpose. Various prefabricated options exist to meet your exact needs.

• Roof Style

There are variable roof styles based on need and preference. Options include a regular roof, continuous roof, vertical roof, or even a drop-down type.

• Colors

Purchasing a prefabricated metal barn allows for several color options to suit your vision for your barn’s appearance.

• Doors and Windows

There are various door and window configurations to ensure that each buyer has an option that fits their exact needs.

• Ventilation

Metal buildings retain more heat and condensation than their non-metal counterparts. This makes adequate ventilation necessary. Ventilation needs are determined by the size and shape of the barn.

• Insulation

The heat storage of metal buildings can lead to an unpleasantly warm interior if not properly insulated. Therefore, proper insulation is a must and can save you a lot of money for years to come.

Streamline Construction with a Metal Barn Kit

Farmers, ranchers, and horse owners alike will greatly benefit from the peace of mind that comes with a durable, prefab metal barn. The knowledge that your animals and equipment are safe will allow you to focus on what matters—maintaining your farm.

We know that farmers are mechanically inclined and have specific visions for their barns. Building your metal barn with a metal barn kit puts control of the project in your hands, as it allows you to see the installation yourself. You are guided, of course, by the prefabricated steel components a kit provides, ready to install.

We understand that barns are not a simple “one size fits all” type of building. Every customer is different, with different purposes and goals. Therefore, various possibilities exist regarding the configuration of the steel parts in our metal barn kits. This allows you to install a metal barn that meets your needs exactly.

Looking for a Metal Barn in Florida? Contact Probuilt Steel Buildings Today!

Here at Probuilt Steel Buildings, we understand the unique needs of our Florida customers. However, we also know that no two barns are alike when it comes to meeting a customer’s expectations and helping them achieve their dreams.

metal barn deliver the durability, safety, and value that other barns fall short of providing. The proof is all around us, as metal barns become more and more common throughout the country.

Our top-of-the-line metal barn kits and metal building kits take the guesswork out of the equation for you. Fully customizable and prefabricated kits will ensure you are getting exactly what you need, every time. So take the opportunity to help us help you, and contact Probuilt Steel Buildings today at (877) 754-1818!

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