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The Most Popular Metal Building Dimensions in Florida

2 years ago

Understanding the Way Metal Buildings in Florida Are Designed

Steel buildings are a popular and cost-effective choice for people across the United States who are looking for business and commercial solutions. There are a number of metal buildings in Florida right now that have started a trend with those people that want something that will last for many years to come. As design capabilities move forward, so do the technologies that we have available to help, and at Probuilt Steel Buildings, we are lucky to have access to the most up-to-date tech so that your building can provide you with the best solutions.

Each of our steel building kits can be custom designed to suit your specific needs, all while sticking to any local certification or zoning requirements you need to adhere to. Each building comes with all the components you need to complete your build, including:

• Primary rigid frames • Wall girts • Roof purlins • Bracing • Accessories • And much more!

We have a team of experts who are ready to help you with your design! When you consider that metal buildings are used in a wide range of different industries and personal-use buildings, it’s clear to see that now is a great time for you to purchase yours!

The Most Popular Sizes for Steel Buildings in Florida

If you are looking at steel building kits and steel building prices in Florida, the best place to start is to find out which building sizes are the most popular so that you can get a sense of what you need. We've shared the most popular sizes that we supply to clients in Florida below:

• 10x10 – 30x40 Steel Buildings

A large number of the buildings at Probuilt Steel Buildings that are sold to customers are between 10x10 and 30x40 feet. From using them for garages to storage areas – these buildings offer the versatility you need. Many customers also want a building they can use for more than one purpose – for example, a storage space and workshop or a watercraft building with space to do repairs. The choice is endless, and you can be sure that a building this size will work for your specific needs.

• 30x40 Metal Buildings

Buildings that are 30x40 or as near to this size as possible are probably the most popularly requested by customers as it is large enough to fit everything you need without being so large that your ground prep costs a fortune. People tend to choose this size build as it fits even the largest vehicles and watercraft while leaving you with additional space. It’s also small enough to be offered with clear span construction, helping you to get the best outcome without having to install structural support columns too.

• 40x60 Steel Buildings and Bigger

If you have the need for an even larger building with the space to install it, then 40x60 buildings or bigger are a great choice. These tend to be chosen by clients who want to store large vehicles such as RVs and boats or agricultural machinery that they need to work their land with. Some of the other requests we've had for these builds include people that want them for a large workshop or art studio as well as agricultural needs such as animal storage, feed stores, and other farm needs. You may even choose this size building if you want to create a small number of offices for your business needs or a guest house for visitors.

Industries That Can Benefit from Installing Steel Buildings

Many different industries have enjoyed success when converting to metal buildings, especially because they offer a long-lasting, cost-effective solution that is safe and secure. Take a look at some of the key areas in which metal buildings could provide a great help:

• Aerospace and Aviation

From research bases to craft hangars and storage warehouses, the aerospace and aviation field is using more metal buildings than ever before. They are quick to install, can be added to, or even dismantled and moved to the site – giving industry leaders more options than ever before.

• Life Sciences

There is no doubt that the Life Science industry is desperate for real estate that works for them. Metal buildings can be used for lab space and research areas, and the option to add-on as the need grows makes it an affordable solution for all.

• Manufacturing

Factory space to manufacture goods is a very popular use for metal buildings as they are easy to keep at a specific temperature and can have customized accessories such as large doors that can fit vehicles in when it is time to move products.

• Information technology

More companies are branching out into remote storage and server solutions, and metal buildings are a popular choice in this area. They are safe, secure, and resist mold, pests, and fire so that clients can be certain that their information and data are at low risk of ever being compromised.

Choose Probuilt Steel Buildings for Your New Metal Building

When it comes to the best metal buildings and the best steel building prices, you can be certain that Probuilt Steel Buildings has you covered! Not only do we offer a number of steel building sizes to suit your needs, but we also offer a customization service that allows you to design the building you want to your exact specifications. Whether you want a solution for your personal needs or want something to help your business grow, you can be sure that we can help.

We are the leading manufacturer of metal buildings across the country and only ever use US steel so that you can be confident that the result will be as durable as you had hoped. We also offer several financing options so that you can get the best price whenever you are ready to buy. Call our team today at (877) 754-1818 and let us help you with a competitive quote.

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