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Metal Buildings: How High They Can Be

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15 Mar 2021

Steel Buildings

When you are considering custom metal buildings, then you may be wondering how high they can be. The good news is that there are no specific sizes that we have to adhere to and so each building can be manufactured to meet your needs. The reason for this is because metal buildings do not make use of floor plans because the structure of the build is totally self-supporting. Check out more about metal building height by reading our detailed guide below.

How to Measure Metal Building Height

metal building height Before you can decide the height of your new metal building, you need to know how to measure steel building height. Typically, the height of a building will be measured to the peak of the building. However, it is the eave height that gives metal buildings their height, and this is measured by taking the height from the top of your foundation up to where the sidewall joins the roof. This means that if your custom metal building is ordered to be 40x50x14, then the columns of your sidewall will be 14 feet in height.

It is important to note that in many areas, there are maximum height restrictions in place for buildings that you must adhere to when ordering your metal building kits. If you are unsure what the guidelines are for your area, then get in touch with your local zoning team before you place your order with us.

What Do I Need to Know About Door Heights?

It is essential that when you are picking the height for your metal building that you think about the door sizes you want to install. As a general rule, any door that is to be fitted needs to leave at least 2-foot of clearance between the top of the door and the eave.

For example, if you are installing a new steel building to house your RV and need an 18-foot door, then the height of your prefab building must be at least 20-foot at the eave.

Other Things That Need to Be Considered When Determining Steel Building Height When you are working out the height needed for your custom metal building, it takes more than just picking a height out of thin air. As previously mentioned, you will need to think about door clearance and know how to work out the right height for your needs. There are also two other significant considerations that you will need to take time to work out – leg height and eave height.

• Leg Height

Working out the leg height for your prefab metal building is not always as easy as you would expect, but if you follow our advice, you should find it easier to select the right size.

First, measure the size of the machinery, vehicles, or items that you want to store inside your building to get an idea of what height you need. Remember that buildings from Probuilt Steel Buildings are based on the height of the side leg, resulting in a 3/12 pitch. The center peak height will vary depending on the style of roof you choose as well as the width and leg height.

The team at Probuilt Steel Buildings would be happy to support you to work out the right leg height, but this does not mean that we are liable for any claims should the final build not provide the height you need. We offer a range of leg heights up to 20 feet and are ready to help you today.

• Eave Height

Working out the eave height is often overlooked by buyers, but it is an essential part of planning a new metal building. The eave area is the place where the walls and roof meet, and it is essential to calculate this height carefully to get the clearance you need for the items you want to store inside the finished building.

To get the right height, you must remember that the clearance you get will not be the same as the dimensions of the eave height. In fact, you can expect the clearance to be between 2ft and 6ft less! Many people think that if they wanted to build a two-story building with 7ft ceilings, then they would need a 14ft building, but this is not correct. In reality, they would need the eave height to be between 23 – 25ft so that elements like the beams, rafters, and ducts all have space to be accommodated.

It is also important to think about the future height requirements as you may want to repurpose the building or lease it out. Whatever you need the metal building to do, we would recommend that you never buy a building with less than 16ft of eave height. Our team is on hand and ready to help you choose the best height for your new metal building, so get in touch today at (877) 754-1818 and let us get to work for you.

Choose Probuilt Steel Buildings for Your Metal Building Kits

Whether you are in the market for a new metal building or just need some advice to help you begin planning your new build, Probuilt Steel Buildings is here to help. We started out as a small business with a mission to become the very best manufacturer in the United States, and we are now proud to supply our buildings to clients across the country.

All our buildings are 100% customizable, and with the best lead times, you can expect to get the delivery in next to no time at all! We offer free delivery and installation, but you can also choose to buy our metal building kits if you are keen to save a bit of cash and install your own building.

We are committed to ensuring that you are fully satisfied with our service and will always offer the very best service, pricing, and support so that your building will impress you for many years to come! Call our team today at (877) 754-1818 to design your new build – we can’t wait to work with you.

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