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Home / Blog / 5 Reasons Large Metal Garages Have Become the Ideal Choice for Protecting Vehicles, Tools, and Valuables

5 Reasons Large Metal Garages Have Become the Ideal Choice for Protecting Vehicles, Tools, and Valuables

2 years ago

Whether you need a building to house your family vehicles or you have plans for that new workshop, space is a commodity we all want and need. Space for storage. Space for work. Space for hobbies. It’s such an inherent need that there are multi-billion-dollar industries built around self-storage! But why pay costly monthly fees for commercial storage when you can protect your things with a spacious metal garage?

These incredible structures are strong, long-lasting, fully customizable, and designed to be built to your specifications. So, if you're looking for space to house all your important things, you've come to the right place!

5 Reasons Large Metal Garages Have Become the Ideal Choice for Protecting Vehicles, Tools, and Valuables

We won't lie. There are plenty of reasons why metal buildings have become some of the most popular choices for residential and commercial construction. And custom metal garages are no different! But to save you time, we’ve narrowed it down to just five!

1. Durability

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a stronger construction type than steel. Metal garages are engineered to last for years with minimal maintenance requirements. They’re resistant to rust, mold, pests, and even fires! How’s that for durability? We’d like to see a wooden garage hold up under those pressures!

2. Ample and Expandable Storage Space

Sure, prefab metal garages are a great, cost-effective way to protect your vehicles. But they do so much more than just that! These structures are designed to offer room for tools, equipment, important heirlooms, and any other valuable you may own. And if you ever need to grow, metal buildings are easily expandable!

3. Property Value

Certified buildings are often included in appraisal values for real estate properties. Therefore, owning a custom metal garage or metal barn can significantly affect your overall property during valuation.

4. Highly Customizable

Unlike wooden alternatives, metal buildings are fully customizable! This gives you the ability to upgrade or alter almost every facet of your structure! Change the paneling, roofing styles, windows, trim, doors, and more to suit your exact needs!

5. Easy on the Wallet

Metal garages are some of the most cost-effective methods of protecting your things from the elements. With lumber prices soaring, steel is quickly becoming one of the most popular construction materials on the market. It is cheaper than wooden alternatives, but steel buildings will also save you in terms of repair and maintenance costs.

Ways to Use Your Spacious Metal Garage

Now that we've zeroed in on why metal garages are among the most popular building types, let's spend some time discussing exciting ways to use your building. As we've mentioned, steel structures are incredibly versatile and work well in a wide range of applications. They're excellent for:

1. Home Offices

If you find yourself conducting business from home, you probably already know what a mess it can be. That's precisely why it pays to separate your work and home life with a home office! Metal garages can be finished with insulation, utilities, and all the amenities needed for a fully-livable structure.

2. Storage Space

Whether you're storing tools, clothes, supplies, or Gam Gam's antique porcelain clown collection, a metal garage can keep everything warm, dry, and safe from pests.

3. Recreation Room

From man caves to she sheds and entertainment rooms, metal garages can serve many uses beyond storage. These buildings are a great, cost-efficient option for making home movie theaters, hang pads or game rooms.

4. Art Studio

Metal garages also offer a fantastic venue for creativity! These structures make excellent art studios, workshops, and photography studios, allowing you all the space you need for artistic expression.

5. Guest Accommodations

Did you know that fully finished metal garages make excellent living quarters? They're great for guest houses, apartments, full-sized homes, and even mother-in-law suites. So, whether family comes over for the weekend or the college student in your life has traveled home for break, you'll have the space needed for their and your comfort.

Popular Sizes for Prefab Metal Garages

While most metal garages, like those built by Probuilt Steel Buildings, come in a wide variety of sizes, there are several sizes that have proven to be popular with buyers. Let's look at some of the most popular metal garage sizes.

1. 24’x46’ Metal Garage

A 24'x46' metal garage provides over a thousand square feet of interior space- plenty of room to store several vehicles and still have space leftover! So if you're a car enthusiast who likes to maintain your vehicle year-round, this is a great option!

2. 30’x41’ Metal Garages

This prefab garage size offers even more space and is ideally suited for storing larger vehicles like SUVs and vans. It's also an excellent size for extra guest quarters!

3. 30’x51’ Metal Garages

If you're a trucker or the owner of several oversized vehicles, this 30'x51' garage might be right for you and your family! It's also a great choice for storing marine vehicles like boats, jet skis, and various watercraft.

4. 50’x51 Metal Garages

Coming in at over 2,500 square feet, a 50’x51’ metal building offers more space than most homes! And coincidentally, that's an amazing use for them! These buildings can be fully finished with electricity, plumbing, and all the interior features needed for a fully livable home!

Secure Your Metal Garage Today with Probuilt Steel Buildings!

From small equipment sheds and garage kits to enormous metal buildings, Probuilt Steel Buildings has the experience needed to deliver premium structures at affordable garage prices. Our structures are incredibly strong, durable, and built in a fraction of the time compared to wooden alternatives. They’re resistant to most elemental hazards and engineered to need minimal care and maintenance. What’s not to love about that? So, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a metal garage for your home or business, you’re in luck! Give us a call today at (877) 754-1818 and let our talented team of building designers create and customize a structure that’s right for you!

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