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Should You Build from Scratch or Expand Your Existing Metal Building?

To Build or Not to Build

If you’re a business owner, you already know that commercial enterprises aren’t static. They evolve, grow, and change over time. Keeping up with these changes can be challenging if you're unprepared.

So, what’s the best course of action? Do you expand your current infrastructure? Or do you build fresh? The choice between these two options can come with some significant cost differences. In this blog, we'll explore this question in greater detail and provide you with information that can help you make the right decision for your business.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Expanding or Building Fresh

Undertaking any construction project is a big job. It takes time, preparation, and ample planning for the best results. To complicate an already complicated matter, you're faced with whether to add on or start an entirely new build. What's the best choice for you? Let's narrow down some of the biggest factors you'll want to keep in mind when making this decision.

1. Location

Assess whether the existing location of your metal building suits your business strategy and whether expanding this site is feasible. Conversely, a new metal building may offer the opportunity to relocate to a more advantageous area, closer to suppliers or customers, or in an area with a more favorable business environment.

2. Land Size

Evaluate the size of your existing land and whether it can accommodate the expansion you envision. Moving to a larger plot may be essential for future growth if your current land size is limited. When considering a new metal building, carefully assess the available land to ensure it meets your expansion needs and allows for potential business developments.

3. Local Government Considerations

Navigating local government regulations is critical when making decisions about your metal building. Zoning laws may dictate the allowable uses of your property, affecting your ability to expand or build anew. Check if your current location complies with zoning regulations and whether a new site aligns with local ordinances. Additionally, be prepared to address permit requirements for construction or expansion, ensuring a smooth process without legal hurdles.

4. Unique Business Needs

Every business has unique operational requirements. Assess how well your current metal building caters to your business needs and whether expansion can sufficiently address those requirements. If your business demands specialized facilities or configurations, a new metal building might be the more adaptable solution, allowing you to design a space tailored to your needs.

Should You Decide to Expand

So, you’ve decided to take your existing structure and run with it. Let’s look at a few ways you can accomplish this:

1. Make Your Building Wider

Expanding the width of your metal building involves extending its sides to create more floor space. This can be an effective way to accommodate increased production or storage needs.

2. Make Your Building Taller

When vertical growth is more viable than expanding horizontally, making your metal building taller becomes a strategic option. This is particularly beneficial if your business requires additional vertical clearance for specialized equipment or increased storage capacity.

3. Make It Longer

Extending the length of your metal building is another option to consider. This expansion direction is suitable when your business needs more linear manufacturing, assembly lines, or storage space. Before initiating the extension, evaluate the available land to confirm that lengthening your building won't encroach on setbacks or violate local regulations.

Should You Decide to Start Fresh

Creating a new structure is a great way to realize your vision without being hampered by existing limitations. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when building anew with metal structures:

1. Layout

The layout of your metal building is the foundation for its functionality and efficiency. Whether you're designing a warehouse, workshop, or storage facility, thoughtful consideration of the layout is paramount. Clear span buildings, which boast uninterrupted open space without the need for supporting columns, offer maximum flexibility for arranging the interior space.

2. Functionality Needs

Understanding your functionality needs is crucial in determining the specifications required for your metal building. Consider factors such as the structure's height, the type of insulation needed, and the ventilation requirements to create a comfortable and conducive environment.

3. Access

Accessibility is a key factor that directly impacts the efficiency of steel structures. Efficient access points for loading and unloading materials, as well as ease of entry and exit for personnel, are great ways to streamline operations. When planning access points, consider the size and frequency of deliveries, the types of vehicles used, and any potential expansion plans.

4. Future Expansions

As we’ve mentioned, business needs change. The structure you have today might not fit the business you conduct ten years from now. Luckily, metal buildings can easily be expanded upon and changed as you grow, minimizing overhead and construction costs.

Need Help with Your Metal Building Project? Probuilt Steel Buildings is Only a Call Away!

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Are you running a manufacturing business? We can help! Or are you upgrading your retail storefront? We do that, too!

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