Adding a Garage to Your Home

by Kevin 23. March 2015 10:50

With spring here and summer approaching, adding a garage is on the minds of many homeowners. Few investments offer both the lifestyle and financial benefits of adding a garage to an existing home. And, with the availability of custom steel construction, it’s more affordable and easier than ever to add these structures. If you’re considering a new garage, here are a few reasons to take the next step. 

Improve Your Home’s Value
A study by Florida State University found the presence of a garage increased home values by an average of 13 percent. That’s a substantial return-on-investment. Not only that, but for many home shoppers, the presence of a garage is a make-or-break feature. When it’s time for you to sell, serious buyers may immediately eliminate your house from contention without a garage.

Protect Your Vehicles
Leaving vehicles out in the elements is a surefire way for them to get damaged. Even the best paint job will give in to the sun’s rays after a few hot summers. And rain, snow, wind, pollen, animals and other environmental hazards don’t do your vehicles any favors either. Parking your car, truck, ATVs and other vehicles inside a garage extends their looks and their lives. You can even custom build your steel garage to accommodate an RV if you like.

Store Your Stuff
We all have extra stuff in our homes – even if we’re not always sure where it comes from. Stop tripping over boxes and fearing an avalanche each time you open a closet. Adding a garage immediately gives you tons of storage space for everything from tools and garden equipment to those endless boxes of Christmas decorations. Your belongings will be out from under foot, but still accessible when you need them. 

Adding a garage doesn’t have to be a big hassle or a big expense. With custom steel construction, you can have your new garage up and ready to use in just a few weeks – and for less than you may think. In fact, a 12’ x 21’ garage can be built on your property for around $2,000. 

If you have questions about custom steel building solutions, contact ProBuilt Steel Buildings today. We’re happy to talk you through the options and work with your budget to get what you need.



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