Home Gadget Highlights from CES 2015

by RainF 13. January 2015 11:15

At Probuilt Steel, we’re dedicated to improving your homes with our custom steel building creations. However, we’re always excited about the new items that come out of the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. This year was no different.

Jan 6-9 was a great start to the 2015 year. Companies from around the world revealed their best new consumer technologies expected to come out during the year. Last year we wrote about a few of the latest home technologies. This year it seems that 2015 might be the year of the smart home. With almost every vendor showcasing a home device to make your life easier, from automating the simplest of tasks to connecting everything to your smartphone, it’s just a matter of time until we see our homes transforming into something out of The Jetsons.

Below are our favorite takeaways from CES 2015:

Home Automation

The idea of controlling your home from one central device has been a dream of many since our imaginations were sparked during the opening scene of Back To The Future. The major players to look towards in the coming months are Samsung and Apple.

Samsung’s SmartThings - “The SmartThings app and Hub will connect various compatible devices in your home by providing you with home security, simplicity and endless automation ideas.”

SmartThings, a home automation solution for the average home consumer, is incredibly simple to use and has a solid partner relationship with home product manufacturers. From Kwikset door locks to SmartSense Home Security kits, you’ll be able to control your security from the touch of your mobile device. Coupled with the announcement of their home-monitoring service, it’s looking like a strong competitor in the market. SmartThings is available now starting at $99 for the Hub.

Apple HomeKit - “HomeKit is a framework introduced in iOS 8 to connect home devices and control them from a central area.”

HomeKit will help connect Apple devices with your home, everything from monitoring your thermostat, to locking your front door and setting the alarm, all from your Apple device. The big unveil at this year’s CES were the number of HomeKit partner vendors that showed off their toys. The grand reveal from Apple was that the Apple TV will become a hub for remote Siri control when you’re away. HomeKit is available on most current iOS 8 devices (iPhone or iPad) and will be able to control HomeKit developed home devices with Siri voice commands. A few notable devices we saw that integrate with HomeKit’s Siri commands are Schlage’s Sense smartlock and the iDevices Switch. With these devices, you’ll be able to tell Siri to open or lock doors that have smartlock attached or remotely control any electronic device plugged into the iDevices Outlet.

Smart Appliances

There’s no greater joy in today’s society than finding WiFi enabled home appliances, right? Being WiFi connected can only go so far in terms of practicality. Our favorite technologies incorporated smart ways to reinvent tried and true appliances.

LG’s Twin Wash washing machines - WiFi connectivity helps you keep track of your laundry while you're running around the house and alerts you when you need to move it to the dryer. But the best feature is the ability to wash two loads of laundry at the same time with the main washer on top and a secondary one in the bottom that slides out for a second load. No more waiting to do separate loads of whites and darks. You can do them at the same time without worrying about bleeding colors.

However, there’s one question that has crossed many individual’s minds. What do you do when have to dry both loads with one standard dryer? Hopefully LG has a twin drying system coming soon to complement this washing machine.

Anova Precision Cooker - Sous vide cooking has been around for many years and is predominantly seen in high-end gastronomy style restaurants. Anova brings that same high-end style of cooking into your home. Using the specially created app, you will be able to call up recipes and Anova will start and track the cooking process of your meal.

This sous vide device is available now for $179.

There are a ton of amazing innovations that came out of CES 2015. These were the fun gadgets our staff liked the most. If you’re interested in learning more about what happened at CES you can check out their site - http://www.cesweb.org


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