Bringing Steel Inside

by chelseab 12. September 2014 06:18

Here at ProBuilt Steel, when someone mentions steel our first thoughts are ultra durable garages and boat ports, but our appreciation for steel has infiltrated our homes as well. Industrial, neutral, and built to last, steel home decor is both aesthetically appealing and utilitarian. Plus, with a variety of finishes like high shine, brushed, even painted, interior steel can be customized to match any home.

Steel and kitchens go hand in hand. Stainless steel, in particular, is rust proof, easy to clean, and heat-resistant, making it the metal de jour for kitchen appliances. But steel is great for more than just refrigerators and ovens. One of our favorite trends embraces the clean lines and industrial charm of professional kitchens through steel countertops.  Plus, much like our steel structures, these counter tops are virtually indestructible. If new countertops aren’t quite in your budget, a simple steel addition like new cabinet hardware can make a big impact.

Steel Countertops Brighten a Modern Kitchen

Windows are another perfect opportunity to utilize steel. Today’s open concept homes lend themselves to big windows with even bigger impressions. But did you know that steel framed windows are a major trend? They offer terrific natural light, while offering a dramatic industrial look. Throw in some reclaimed wood furniture and your home is fit for a magazine spread.

Steel Framed Windows Make a Big Impact

Adding a little steel to your home doesn’t have to mean major renovations. Factory-inspired lighting can look great with everything from traditional to ultra contemporary designs.  Often times, they even double as art with sculptural elements.

Steel Lighting Looks Bright and Modern

Maybe it’s your dining room that could use a little masculine style? Steel dining tables, whether the steel is in the form of legs, a frame, or the entire piece, are stylish and durable. Steel legs are even strong enough to hold up heavier tabletop materials like marble. In our homes, the steel helps to break up the sea of wood furniture that always seems to occur.

We may be a little more excited about steel than the average person, but if you are looking forward a creative way to spice up your home décor, steel may be the way to go. Do you have any cool steel accents in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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