How To Setup A Mechanics Garage At Home

by RainF 25. July 2014 05:48

Garage Engine WorkshopA lot of the ProBuilt Steel staff love cars and enjoy working on them when they have free time available. I mean take a look at our blog and you can see how fanatic we are about cars! Anyway, we wanted to share some ideas on how to transform one of our steel garages into a mechanics haven for your vehicles.


You can’t have a proper garage without tools for your cars. You’ll need to ensure you have these items in your garage to keep you ready to handle anything that happens or want to change on your car.

  • Hydraulic jack (3 ton rated max weight capacity)
  • Jack stands (2-3 ton rated max weight capacity)
  • Complete mechanics tool set (wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, pliers, etc)
    • Craftsman or Snap-On are great companies for complete tool sets
    • Air compressor
    • Shop-Vac

We’ve included a great video that touches deeper on the essential tools for your home garage:


Without proper lighting, you won’t be able to safely work on your cars without potentially damaging the vehicle or yourself in the process. If you want to do lighting right, you’ll want to install shop style florescent lighting that provides enough light when the garage is close or it’s dark outside. For lighting under the car or inside the engine bay, we recommend using led flashlights that you can easily place on your wrist or head to keep your hands free while working.

We’ve included a quick video that shows the type of shop lights that are in most home garages and how to install them:


It’s inevitable that the floors of your garage will become dirty with oil and other car liquids or dirt. This is a pain if you have standard concrete floors that will absorb and stain after a while. Most people recommend adding an epoxy protectant on the floor to make it simple to clean up when you’re done working in the garage. This is a simple and cost effective solution to protect the floor of your garage, however, if you want to have a more professional feel in your garage. We recommend checking out floor tiles for your garage that will give you a unique style for your garage and it’s extremely simple to maintain and install.


Finally, to round out a nice mechanic’s garage you’ll want a spacious workbench with easy access to tools along the wall to fix any part you need to install on your cars. A quick solution would be to have a heavy duty table bolted onto the wall of the garage with a wall of tool mounts to have easy access to most used tools.

We’ve included a video of a simple workbench to give you an idea of how it should be:

If you follow some of our tips you may end up with a great garage space to be proud of. Here’s a quick video to show you a complete garage makeover into a mechanic’s dream shop:

Post Written by Rainier Fuclan
Photo Credit: ATOMIC Hot Links Compfight cc


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