Why a Steel Building is a Great Father's Day Gift

by RainF 13. June 2014 05:05

Father’s Day is next week! Have you thought about getting your dad a gift that will really “wow” him and be used on a regular basis? We’re not talking about gifting him socks, ties or cufflinks. We’re thinking something a bit bigger, something along the lines of a steel garage or steel storage building. While this might raise some skepticism, let us explain how a simple steel building can be one of the best father’s day gifts you can get.
PBS Steel GarageRoom for His Toys

If your dad has a special car or boat that he just loves, but has no area or cover to store it a home. Then, a steel building will be able to provide protection from the harsh elements of Mother Nature and give him peace of mind that his beloved toys are secured under a building that can take some punishment and out of the eyes of unwanted vandals. In addition, this space will give him a special place to fix or tinker with his toys without bothering the rest of the family. If you know your dad likes to work on his toys, you can set up the steel building to have all his tools set up on the wall so it’s like his special workshop.
Fixing Hot Rod in Private GarageMovie Fanatic

If your dad loves the movie experience, then why don’t you give it to him at home! You can convert a small steel building into a home theater powerhouse. While it may take a few weeks to set it up, the end result will amaze him. You’ll want to make sure you insulate the room so the temperature doesn’t get too hot or cold depending on the season. In addition, it will also help reduce the movie theater sound from escaping beyond your building and bothering the neighbors.

Once that’s set up add a few large movie theater chairs, a big flat screen TV or projector and sound system. If you want to give him a true movie theater experience; creating a snack bar complete with a popcorn machine and mini fridge with soda will have him smiling from ear to ear.
Private Home Theater RoomGame Room

If your dad enjoys relaxing by playing video games or have fun playing bar games such as darts, billiards or foosball. He will enjoy having a steel building housing all of his favorite games and better he doesn’t have to leave home to enjoy them! Setting up a game room should focus on one to two games so there’s room for your dad to enjoy them! You can think of this as a variation of the home movie theater when setting up the TV and sound system, but move your emphasis on the games ones those items are set up.
Game Time With DadThese three steel building transformations involve more work on your part; however, it will be a Father’s Day gift to remember! Have more room ideas? Comment below and share your thoughts. 

Post Written by Rainier Fuclan
Photo Credit: ATOMIC Hot Links, Favaro JR & Matt Lowden via Compfight cc


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