Sun Damage - The Bane of Summer

by RainF 30. May 2014 10:09

Summer is a great time to run around outside with that warm life giving sun shining down on us. As your day progresses, that soothing sun will start to feel more like an unpleasant fireball beating down on you. Most of us tend to hide for shelter inside our homes to escape the sun’s rays. Fortunate for us, but our vehicles tend to get neglected and take the harmful sun’s rays like champions. If your vehicles have constant exposure to the sun on a daily basis, this will lead to sun damage on your car’s exterior. The best way to avoid sun damage on your vehicle is to keep it out of the sun. We recommend a steel carport or steel garage to keep your vehicle’s exterior nice and healthy.

Classic Car - Perfect Condition

If getting a carport or garage is not an option for you, then there are other steps you can do to help prevent sun damage on your vehicle.

Washing and waxing your car will help prolong the effects of sun damage on your vehicle. Washing will help remove any grime and dirt from the exterior of your car, which will help stop those foreign objects from eating away at the paint. With a clean exterior you can now apply wax which will provide a shine and protective layer to reflect the damaging sun’s rays.

Washing and waxing are preventative measures to help maintain your vehicle’s exterior, however it’s not going to make your car immune to sun damage forever. Below are additional tips on how to protect your car from the summer weather:

Photo Credit: Hugo90 via Compfight cc


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